Heart and brain connection

The secret of heart and brain connection nobody wants to tell

Learn to Open Your Heart and mind to the infinite wonder that exists for you ...
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Heart and mind

HEART INTELLIGENCE – Harmony between Heart and Mind (Gregg Braden)

In the previous article, we read about the definition of spirituality. Also, there was a ...
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WhatsApp Ads status

Why Facebook halted the idea of WhatsApp ads?

Does WhatsApp have ads? You must have wondered sometimes like what can be the monetization ...
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Python project code

Mouse control with hand gestures using python

Hey there, welcome back guys, we are back with another cool python project with source ...
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sophia robot

Meet Sophia: The Human-like Robot

Who is Sophia? Sophia robot is the mastermind of Dr. David Hanson, Hongkong from Hanson ...
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what spirituality means

What spirituality means in detail?

In our previous article, we saw a basic introduction to spirituality and the journey towards ...
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