Where is Technology Bringing Us?

From Bill Gates drinking sewage water, to devices that use the tongue as “eyes”, and even cell phones that are saving the rain forest, you’ll be sure to find something amazing in this selection of articles about the innovations that are moving our society forward. Technology news section will contain articles on latest emerging technologies and news related to existing technologies all over the world. The aim is to explain the latest technology in most simplest manner,therefore focusing on simplifying technologies.

[Price Drops] Cheap Snowboards for Beginners USA UK

LIST of Cheap Snowboards for Beginners USA UK | Learn More | +20589 SALES Do you know what is uncommon between the cartoon characters Bart Simpson and Dennis the Menace? Both characters are not good at snowboarding. This fact makes them a part of the same world. Do you want to be cooler than them? […]

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7 Best Sewing Machines Under $200 USA 2021 [Price Drops]

1000+ SALES | Now is not the time where sewing machines are larger and slower. Let’s look at the best sewing machines under $200 | USA UK 2021 Sewing is a practice that originated in the ancient period. However, the method changes with time. Now instead of thread and needle, people use sewing machines. In […]

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