July 30, 2021

23 Cool Things You Can Do With Coding 2022 | MUST TRY | [Updated]

Cool things you can do with coding | 2021

Cool things you can do with coding | 2022 | Read Now

About – 23 Cool things you can do with coding | Coding Project Ideas | 2022 (Thanks for making Spam Email Detection using ML VIRAL)

Coding. It is the one proficient skill that employers are looking for in employees. So, what makes coding so valuable?

Can you get rich by coding? Maybe.

If not this, then what motivates coders to code day and night?

The answer is that coders code because they enjoy the process. Every day they aspire to create something no one has seen before.

If you are fueled with the same passion for coding, here are 23 cool things you can do with coding.

List of 18 cool things you can do with coding –

1. Animate the Galaxy:

“Don’t Panic”, quoting from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is the moral motto of every coder. Nothing is as hard as it seems. Even a beginner can code to create simple animations. Animation of the earth’s rotation and the sun’s revolution around the Milky Way is one of the fun things to code as a beginner. At an advanced level, the animation estimates the velocity and speed of rotation. Steadily a coder can perfect their codes.

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2. Create a chatbot using python: (Trending)

One of the most amazing python projects where coders can code using source codes is by making a chatbot. A chatbot is an interactive interface. It is often used by service providers so that their websites can assist the user in navigation.

The user’s experience is better as the user finds their desired product faster. Customization of data and trial checks with the chatbot will make the chatbot more proficient. Then, the chatbot will be ready to assist you with your other projects.

3. Mouse control with hand gestures: (Trending)

It would be so cool to control your mouse with your hand gestures. Image using your mouse pointer without touching the mouse. Someone might think you as a magician you can look cool in front of your friends. This is possible by using some image processing concepts, computer vision, and python. Click below to read more about an Interesting python project (2022) Mouse control with hand gestures.

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4. Image caption generation:

Ever wondered if you can find the best caption for your Instagram page. It seems that coding can generate multiple captions for you. Once you have fed the code with the vocabulary used for most images, the code will then find captions.

This way social media photos will never run out of captions!

5. Make an art piece:

Yes, you can indeed create your masterpiece by coding the artwork. Isn’t it astonishing, to conjure something as nuanced as a painting without lifting a paintbrush? It is all thanks to coding. You can code your way to becoming an artist and create digital copies to sell later on.

So, without artistic skills, you can make art. How cool is that, now.

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6. Code a Rock, Paper, Scissors game:

Nope, you don’t need the kid in the alley to play rock, paper, and scissors games with you anymore. You can develop your own game and play it when you like. Coding such a game will teach you how to construct logic for both the game and the robot. So, when you play, you will know the robot’s logic when you win against it. Such an exercise will boost your experience in your journey of learning to code. Also, you can make your own unique game by adding your preferred graphics and themes.

This is one of the most cool things you can do with coding

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7. Spam Email Detection: (Trending)

This ultimate source of gathering information worldwide has also got some unethical sides. To spell it more precisely, it is Internet Spam.

Internet Spam is a collection of irrelevant texts sent in the form of messages or email, with the motive of promoting stuff, advertisements of websites that support online dating, pornography, and also phishing and spreading viruses. Click below to read more about Spam Email Detection using Machine Learning Projects for Beginners in Python (2022)

8. Make your calculator:

You don’t have to look for the calculator that lies in your drawer when you can code one, right? However, making a code for a calculator is challenging. It is an intricate code that once accomplished will help you in developing the skills of a coder. Thus, this project is ideal for coders who want to pursue coding professionally. What’s interesting is that one can code a calculator using both python and HTML.

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9. Make your own chess game:

 Are you still thinking about what can be made with coding? Here is the most classic strategic game, the game of Chess. You can code the entire game by listing out the rules and regulations of the game as a code. It requires complex calculations and analysis. But it is rewarding as it gives the coder experience in altering variables for the game.

10. Your multi-responsive page:

A multi-responsive page is one that adaptable to various devices. As information access increases, the role of a multi-responsive page increases as well. Developers can code websites in a way so that users can access them on their laptops as well as their mobiles. Such responsiveness assists the customer in choosing the product of their choice.

11. Weight conversion website or app:

Coders who want to challenge themselves can build a weight conversion application. This application aims to utilize the structure or layout so that logic can be attested to the input. This input will then generate an output using the database fed by a coder. This project encourages exploration as the coder can code the application preferentially.

12. Social Media Website: (Trending)

Remember how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites came into existence? Coding. Yes, it’s a bonus if you’ve been practicing PHP scripting language. You can get started on your website by storing your user’s account information in a database. Then, you can keep adding changes to customize your page and add user-friendly optimization. 

13. Digital Clock using python: 

Another one of many amazing python projects that you can do is make a digital clock using python. It is a clock that you can tailor in terms of text, font, and background preferences. You can use a python script to decide whether you want to create a 24-hour clock or a 12-hour clock. 

14. Eye colour detection:

How is the eye color detection project not in the cool things you can do with the coding list? It is a python script project where you can upload a dataset of the eye color detection clues. Then you can create a code that will instruct the computer to match its input against the dataset. Doesn’t it sound like a detective’s job? Well, now you can do it too.

15. Fake News detection: (Trending)

If there is one thing that travels faster than the speed of lightning, then that’s fake news. But what if you could create a code that could distinguish fake news from real news? You can use python script programming for creating such an application. So now, when you come across some suspicious piece of information, you will know what to do.

16. Random Number Generator:

Another amazing python coding project which beginners enjoy is making a random number generator. The user asks for a random number. The coder makes a code using his knowledge of integers and random function systems to create a code. This code meets the user’s requirement for creating a random number.

17. To do list for your day:

It’s hard to keep track of the various tasks you have to do throughout the day. So, here is your personalized to-do list that will help you achieve your daily goals by reminding you. You can use javascript programming to code the preferences and essentials for your to-do list. 

18. Tic Tac Toe Game:

A game of Tic Tac Toe is perfect for a coder to get started with their training in coding. This game will require you to find insights into the rules of the game. After analysis, you can code these rules and create your custom-made Tic Tac Toe game. 

19. Live Color Detector: (Trending)

Are you a designer? Do you use Adobe or Corel applications very often? You might be very particular about the color you use or what you want in your design.

Do you try to use the Colors you observe while traveling, shopping, etc? It is hard to recollect the exact shade which you had seen earlier?

Well, this Live Color Detector in Python comes to your rescue. Click below to read more about this Live Color Detection Python Project with Source Code 2022

20. Calendar Customisation:

One of the many fun things to code for beginners is calendar customization. Coding a calendar can help you create a substitute for google calendar. You will now be able to create a timetable and use it at your convenience. A calendar can help to remind you of your tasks before you miss the deadline. It can have additional features such as to-do lists and event flags to remind you of occasions around the year.

21. Stock Prediction:

A stock prediction project uses python script. The code which you will build will help to predicate future outcomes at the stock market. You can forecast stock data by using the Dash framework. Such a coding will predict the stock prices for a given date input given by the user. This method of stock prediction can become the new crystal ball in the business of the stock exchange. 

22. Home Automation (5 devices) using IoT: (Trending)

Finally, I worked on my childhood dream of having my own JARVIS to bring it true!!! This is my contribution to the upcoming lifestyle trend of IoT-enabled smart homes. The title Home Automation using IoT – Arduino project with code sounds cool, right? In this article, I will be giving a summary of how I made this project using IoT and Arduino. You can find this IoT project in my GitHub repository as well. Continue reading by clicking on below button

23. Audio Book Generator with python: (Trending)

Are you the one who wants to read but finds it too slow and boring?

How would you like it if someone reads the book for you?

Well, this python project with source code will recite any book you want. Provided you have the E-book version of the book i.e. PDF. Click below to read more about Audio Book Generator with python

Concluding Cool Things you can do with coding USA UK 2022

There you go with the list of 23 cool things you can do with coding. Now, get started! This concludes the topic of cool things you can do with coding. Check out programming Magazine for some amazing blogs.

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