November 26, 2021

Wondering Why Is Coding So Hard? Read This Article

Why Is Coding So Hard USA UK

Topic – Why Is Coding So Hard? | READ – Expert’s Advice On How Long Does It Take To Learn Coding | 2022

The simplest answer to this question is the same reason as to why Math is hard.

Consider the below code,

void main() 
cout<< “hello all”; 

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This simple code above might baffle a newbie in computer programming. But what’s even more important is that the same person will not understand anything further if he/she doesn’t understand this simple code.

Why Is Coding So Hard

Importance Of Coding

Why Is Coding So Hard 2022 USA UK

Before you dive into complicated computer coding what’s necessary is that you understand the importance of coding.

The very reason why you are even able to read this article is that the developer of this website was able to code it in such a way that reading and writing articles using this application is possible.

Almost everything that we use in recent times is because of the brains behind it. So, you can put it in this way, you are making the computer do things according to your wishes.

Want your calculator to give you the grand total of your grocery list? Then either you should code your calculator accordingly or else buy one which has already been properly coded. Now that’s your choice. But surely the former will be cooler.

And the worst part in coding is that the precision should be 100%. There’s no way your computer will know what to do if you make a slight mistake in the syntax of the code. Computers are dumb, remember that. They need masters like you to work, let alone efficiently.

Oops! Why Isn’t My Programme Working?

What’s the first thing that you should take into account while coding?

Obviously, the first thing that you should be knowing is the different aspects of coding. Meaning, keep your coding application aside and open your textbooks.

You should be thorough with all the library functions. Only if you get to know those will you be able to create user-defined functions.

For example, if you are using C++, which is considered to be the toughest amongst all coding languages, you should clearly know when to use get() and when not to use gets(). Yes! That extra ‘s’ in gets() does make a lot of difference.

Then you should know the difference between the different types of variables. Like there’s a huge difference between string and character variables. A character variable can only accept a single alphabet or special character but a string variable can assign an entire word.

At the same time, you should remember that while assigning a string variable, you should assign a size for it. If the size is 7, then it cannot accept more than 6 characters. Because one extra character is for the terminator.

Then comes the importance of semicolons. In an entire code of 120000 lines, if you forget one semicolon, which is often misused in literature, the program won’t budge. Yes! Computers are stubborn and you should realize that.
But the worst part is that you can’t do anything but improve your coding skills.

By now, you might have decided to stop the entire business. But halt! Once you know how to fly across these obstacles and realize the beauty of coding, I assure you that you will be addicted to this. Coding is a drug. A drug that makes you sharper.

Different Aspects Of Coding

Now before you start to code there are plenty of things that you ought to consider.

  1. Different kinds of functions.
  2. How memory allocation takes place
  3. What syntax means and the importance of the same
  4. How to write a code in the shortest way possible
  5. How to write a code so that it will work effectively, meaning in the shortest time possible.

The first point has already been discussed. When you fail to understand and thoroughly grasp the first point, it will be difficult to move forward. But once you cross that part, move on to the second one.

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That is memory allocation:

Let’s begin by taking an example. Arrays! The most widely used variable for effective memory allocation. If you aren’t aware of what’s the importance of size in an array, you might allocate the wrong size, and hence your program won’t work in the way you want it to work.

It would be worthy enough to be mocked if you type in your entire name but won’t take in the last two letters just because you haven’t allocated the size properly (imagine your name being Shitton and the application not accepting the last three alphabets!)

Then comes the importance of syntax. Firstly, what does syntax even mean? By definition, it means the arrangement of words and symbols so that it brings proper meaning to the language.

It’s just the equivalence of the usage of a full stop, comma, semi-colon, asterisk in the English language. But the sad reality is that even if you miss those in the English language, fellow humans can interpret it properly but your computer wouldn’t because syntax tells your computer how to read the code.

The fourth point is what displays your smartness and maybe your amateurishness too. Just like in Math, you can make the computer solve a particular problem in plenty of ways. Let me demonstrate with an example.
Suppose you want to find the square root of a number.

void main() 
{ clrscr(); 
float n; 
cout<< ”\n enter the number whose square root you want to find”; 
cout<<”\n square root of the desired number is \t \t”<< sqrt(n); 

Now the below code is how a very smart but not so efficient programmer would code.

void main() 
float n, temp, sqr; 
cout<< ”\n enter the number whose square root you want to find”; 
{ temp=sqr; 
cout<<”\n square root of the number is”<<”\t\t”<<sqr; 

You might be able to prove your brains to your boss but surely you might not impress him because the latter code is much slower than the former and this is where the importance of effective coding comes into place.

In order to effectively code, use the following tricks:

  1. Use the library functions.
  2. Make your own pre-defined functions, if one doesn’t exist beforehand. So that next time you want a job to get done quickly, you may just use these functions that you have already created.
  3. Use proper loops and iterations whereever possible instead of using countless numbers of variables because you definitely wouldn’t want your code to be brimming with unnecessary variables. Sometimes they might even hinder your program from functioning effectively.

The fifth point is just a continuation of the fourth point. Because just making your code shorter shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal should be that even after your code looks shorter, it should be able to complete all the tasks that it should be doing otherwise as well as it should be faster. After all, all that matters is whether an application works fine using your code.

How to productively choose a coding language?

You might wonder why it’s necessary to spend time choosing a programming language. Let me illustrate with a few examples.

Python is a widely-used programming language. But it is optimum to use for developing artificial intelligence and machine learning. Developing artificial intelligence itself is cumbersome, so on top of that, if you use an even more strenuous C or C++ language, things might topple down.

JavaScript is used for developing a rich interactive web. So, if your plan is to create a web that’s jaw-dropping, it’s important that you either use JavaScript because they contain features necessary for web development that Python or C++ lack.

Now if your task is to create a server that would enable an uncountable number of people to use a particular application, you should go for Golang.

And if you are a data scientist, R programming language would be a good pick.

Now if you don’t pick the right programming language, things might still work fine but issues that you might face are:

  1. The program might run slower
  2. The program might lag a lot during the execution
  3. The code that you must type in might go longer and herculean
  4. And if the code is long, finding an error might take even longer

If coding is hard, how to improve your skills then?

Some people are born with acute logical skills, some aren’t. You shall categorize yourself in one among the two.
If you belong to the first category, you are lucky. You wouldn’t need to practice much. You might just have to study the rules of coding and you will be all ready to start coding your dream project (for example Mark Zuckerberg).

Now, if you belong to the second one, there’s nothing to be sad about. You too can creep your way into the first one just with a bit of hard and smart work. Surely, you will have to practice a bit more but still, you can surpass those in category one if you really work for it.

The reason why most find difficulty in coding is because of a lack of resources. If you don’t have a quintessential mentor who can guide you on the right path, you might not be engrossed in the subject.

Similarly, you need proper study materials. A good textbook would do the job. But if your book isn’t enough for you or if you find it too hard to digest what’s given in it, do visit myblindbird, programming projects, & Programming magazine.

End Note On Why Is Coding So Hard 2022

Coding is a beautiful creation of the human mind. It’s one of those ideas that point to human supremacy. Acing in one of the toughest tasks in the world is surely something that you can take pride in. With this, we conclude the topic of Why Is Coding So Hard 2022.

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