July 19, 2021

Tips on how to increase energy and motivation 2021

Tips on how to increase energy and motivation | 2021

Have you watched Netflix? Check. Have you drained your coffee cup in the sink? Check. Have you face-timed your friends and family? Check. Then, what is the following item to tick off your list? Improving your mood and increasing your productivity? Did you look up google on ‘How to increase energy and motivation?’ If not, we have got you covered.

Motivation and energy are a result of balancing three basic needs- physical, emotional, and intellectual. Keeping these in mind, here are 10 tips on how you can increase energy and motivation in 2021.

10 tips on how to increase energy and motivation in 2021

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Tips on how to increase energy and motivation

#1 – Physical

1. Eat Healthily

Have you ever wondered what causes a lack of energy and motivation? Anyone who was under lockdown in the past year would have. Often, our dietary preferences are vital in determining the efficiency of our minds. We are all guilty of indulging in chocolates and packaged food.

However, we do not realize that it makes us weary.

So, we should consume energy-boosting supplements such as Ashwagandha to help to fight mental fatigue. Iron found in kale, orange, spinach helps in better transportation of oxygen. B12 supplements found in low-fat milk, cheese helps to generate energy for the body.

Consuming these foods is sure to drive away laziness and tiredness.

2. Meditate before you start your day

Many of us wonder questions like, ‘How can I boost my energy fast?’ A quick fix to this is meditation. Meditation helps to restore our exhausted energies and relieves our minds of daily stressors.

We feel exhausted despite not having done anything because we are not mindful of where we expend our energy.

Thus, meditating helps to orient the mind, equipping it to revitalize our energies.

3. Take enough rest the night before

Are you aware of the essential ingredient that increases energy and motivation? I am sure you have already guessed it. It is sleeping. Having a peaceful, eight-hour-long rest without disturbance helps to improve mood.

It helps to reduce stress caused due to work at home employment. A relaxing sleep at night also aids in rational thinking and improving work efficiency.

These were the first 3 tips on 10 tips on how to increase energy and motivation.

#2 -Intellectual

1. Organise a schedule for yourself

Are you troubled about what causes you to lack motivation during the day? Making a daily to-do list will solve this problem. Commit yourself to a convenient routine where your breaks and work hours are pre-decided. This strategy will help you to prevent last-minute workload and stress about submissions.

Also, ticking items off your list is a cathartic exercise that will motivate you and improve your energy levels.

2. Limit your screen time on your mobile phone and laptops

Binge-watching sitcoms for relaxation, yet you find yourself asking, why is my energy so low? This is because watching sitcoms makes us think harder about the plot rather than allowing us to relax. Are we not always waiting for the next plot twist to smack us on the face?

Such persistent thinking does not help to generate energy. Then, again have you noticed yourself walking towards your gadget every time you hear it ping? Be it a like on Instagram or a marketing advertisement asking for your attention. Such frequent shifts of attention deplete our energy. A solution to this problem is that one should pick their phones only during specific intervals.

3. Change your perspective

Using the same method and expecting a different result is what causes a lack of motivation. However, a change in perspective can help to solve our problems. Being able to look at the same problem from different angles allows a comprehensive understanding of the problem.

Creative thinking and critical thinking are skills that can be developed by learning to change perspectives. These skills thus aid to find a cohesive solution for persisting problems.

You can start reading some positive affirmations to heal life. The consistent use of daily positive affirmations will help to reshape your beliefs and assumptions about yourself and the world around you. Daily affirmations will help you realign your thoughts with the purpose of your life

These were the next 3 tips on 10 tips on how to increase energy and motivation w.r.t intellectual health.

Lets jump on next tips on how you can increase energy and motivation.

#3 -Emotional

1. Find your reasons

Do you remember why you started doing the work you are doing right now? or are you looking
for ways to increase your motivation when you are depressed? The key here
is to realize why your work is meaningful to you. Find the unique purpose behind the task you
are doing and what meaning it holds for you. Understanding the ‘why’ behind our actions
energizes and motivates us to work harder towards our goals.

2. Push past your past

We often live in the past and wallow in the grief of our past failures and rejections. Thus the choices we made before prevent us from living in the present. So, to achieve our goals and objectives, we must leave the past. We must take our missteps and mistakes in life as lessons and make amends in the present for a brighter future.

Are you feeling lost? I will strongly suggest you read 7 Ways On How to find yourself when you are lost in life.

3. Reconnect with your goals and visions

The pandemic has forced us to change the way we regulate our lives. The first instinct when the
lockdown commenced was that we wanted to survive through the chaos the virus had infused in
our lives. Later, when the lockdown was prolonged, people found it hard to do mundane tasks. One
might think, what causes a lack of energy and motivation? The simple answer is that when
we are unable to envision our future, we stop pursuing it. So, for a better 2021, we must all
reconcile with our goals and remain hopeful for the future.

4. Be your best friend

Falling into ruts of negative self-talk is damaging for your self-esteem. A person with low self-esteem is likely to find it harder to have aspirations for the future. Hence, being kind to ourselves and allowing ourselves to feel sad is vital. Yet, we must not let the negativity in our external environment strip us of our mental well-being. So, be kind to yourself and those around you.

Concluding – Tips on how you can increase energy and motivation

There you go. These were the top 10 tips on how you can increase energy and motivation in 2021. Try them out as per your situation. You can also refer to Harvard’s post on the topic – 9 tips to boost your energy naturally.

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