September 16, 2021

Top 4 Linear Programming Books 2023

Top 4 linear programming books 2021

Topic – Here are the best linear programming books for understanding the application of linear programming.

What do you mean by linear programming? Many of you might be aware of the term linear programming. However, not many will understand and be aware of the applications. Linear programming books can help you to learn and get more intrigued by the discipline.

In simple terms, linear programming uses a mathematical model to achieve the optimal result for the solutions. It uses a linear relationship to derive the conclusion for measuring the performance and problems of the activities.

If you are thinking about why linear programming is important? Well, the answer to the question is it helps in finding the optimum resource utilization. It suffices as the solution for much functional analysis in operational analysis.

For a critical assessment and learning of linear programming, there is a need for guidance. Books are the best-guiding knowledge one can immerse and try revealing the potential of the written words. 

You may be a beginner and have an interest in linear programming. You want to explore the world of linear programming. However, you might find it confusing to choose the best book for guidance in linear programming.

Before we facilitate the best linear programming books option. Let’s look at and serve more basic details of linear programming.

What is linear programming used for?

Linear programming is the method for providing the optimal solutions for problems within the specified limitations. Maximization and Minimization are the main functions of linear programming.

The real-life problems turn into a mathematical model for analyzing the situation. The application of linear programming plays a crucial role in many fields of industries. 

Some industries that use linear programming include engineering, food and agriculture, transportation optimization, military application, production management, marketing management, financial management, efficient manufacturing, and the energy industry.

It critically rationalizes the facts of the industries. With the provided constraints, linear programming gives data utilization and emphasizes the efficiencies and effectiveness of the resources.

Advantages of Linear Programming

  • The primary function of linear programming is the optimization of the utility of the resources. However, that is certainly not the only advantage of linear programming.
  • Linear programming not only facilitates the solution of the business. It also grasps the problems that enterprises are facing in their operational activities.
  • It facilitates solutions for multi-dimensional problems. Many problems in the business industry hinder and cross-cut the efficiencies of other business processes too.
  • Linear programming vitally focuses on this multitude of problems to come up with one solution. 
  • Business and Industrial activities revolve around a dynamic environment. One of the highlighted advantages of linear programming is the availability of alternation with dynamicity.
  • Linear programming calculates the cost and profit of the occurrences to find the best possible solution for the optimization. It aids in developing some of the best modules for the business and industries.
  • As we already come across the details and advantages of linear programming, you might have taken the gist of it. If your interest is in linear programming, you need books for better understanding and using linear programming.

Let’s look at the four best books you can opt for learning linear programming.

4 Best Linear Programming Books

Books are the creation of a path. With every word, you read you take one step forward to a better route. 

Linear Programming is a practical stream in subjective matter. However, the basic theoretical knowledge creates the base of an understanding and application of the method.

To formulate the best piece of theoretical knowledge about linear programming, here are the best books comprehending the peculiar details of linear programming teachings. 

1. Linear Programming: Methods and Applications

Linear Programming: Methods and Applications is a book penned by Dr. Saul I. Gass. According to the American Book Association Journal, it is one of the best introductory books on linear programming.

The author Dr. Saul I. Gass has been a leading contributor in the field of operation research. The book penned by him comprises the most basic to advanced methodology and practical aspects of linear programming. 

It consists of complete sets of types of problems that can be solved by applying linear programming. The book is preferable for the mathematically inclined mindset and the references in other specializations.

Linear Programming: Methods and Applications

Features of the Books

  • High consideration on the list of linear programming, computer networks, and mathematics.
  • Useful for both as a reference and as a text.
  • Comprises numerical examples and exercises with selected answers appear in every section.

2. An Illustrated Guide to Linear Programming

Another credulous book contributed by Dr. Saul I. Gass in the field of linear programming. The writing style is quite humorous and full of witty lines that certainly draw the attention of the reader.

It visualizes how linear programming can become a methodical solution for various business and industrial problems. Chapter One discusses the concept and its relationship with mathematical modules.

Chapter two further emphasizes the formulation of linear programming problems. Chapter Three comprehends the solution techniques and introduces the graphical approach. The final chapter consists of the formulation of crucial applications. 

The books end with an appendix showcasing the precise definitions, theorems, and subjective matters of linear programming. The appendix also facilitates the additional computational procedures.

 An Illustrated Guide to Linear Programming

Features of the Books

  • Comprehends 190 pages
  • An easy read for beginners
  • Provides over 70 excellent illustrations
  • Beginner level

3. Understanding and Using Linear Programming (Universitext)

Understanding and Using Linear is a book penned by co-authors Jiri Matousek and Bernd Gärtner. It is an introductory textbook for people who are still in their learning phase. 

The tagline of the book is – what every theoretical computer scientist should know about linear programming. The books focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of linear programming.

It comprehends concise text with balanced detail and complete facts of the method. The primary goal of the book is to see the ‘behind the scenes’ characteristics of linear programming.

The book is easily understandable even for those who do not have a background in optimization techniques.

Understanding and Using Linear Programming (Universitext) best linear programming books

Features of the book

  • Comprises 234 pages
  • Easy to read
  • Books for students
  • Only a basic understanding of algebra is required.
  • Numerous examples and Illustrations
  • Best Linear Programming Books 2023-24

4. Linear Programming and Economic Analysis

Robert Dorfman, Paul Samuelson, and Robert M. Solow together write the Linear Programming and Economic Analysis. 

The book primarily serves the economists as the audience. With a concise text, the book magnificently defines the relationship between economics and linear programming. 

Linear Programming and Economic Analysis was the first book that facilitated a comprehensive study of the relationship of linear programming to traditional economic theory.

The book consists of various economic theories influenced by the linear programming method. 

It also provides an introduction to the Leontief theory of input-output. It accents the practical problems and stipulates the vital application.

linear programming books

Features of the book

  • Consists of 544 pages
  • Primarily for economists
  • Consists of topics such as growth theory and welfare economics 

Verdict – Best Linear programming books

Linear programming is a crucial mathematical methodology for optimizing solutions. For learning the basic theory, one must opt for the best book to facilitate a strong base of the discipline. 

Out of a very linear programming book on the list, you are a beginner going for ‘An Illustrative Guide of Linear Programming’ by Dr. Saul I. Gass. It comprises the basic nature of the method and enriches the text with illustrations. To know more about such topics go through My Blind Bird.

This concludes the topic of best linear programming books in 2023-24.

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