September 5, 2021

9 Free Apps To Learn Programming in 2021

9 Free Apps To Learn Programming in 2021

Have you always wanted to learn to program but didn’t know where to start? Have you always wanted to learn to program but did not find time to learn? Maybe you were looking for the best apps to learn programming?

Are you looking for apps that can help your child learn to code? Or are you worried about losing money and not enjoying the course? Regardless of the reason, we are there for you. We will give you a list of the nine best free apps to learn programming.

 Let’s get started then.

List of Best Free Apps to learn programming for Beginners in 2021

If you are a beginner and want to learn to program, here are some apps you can use.

#1 Apps to learn programming –

The Code.Org platform believes in offering computer education among school students across all countries. They provide different courses for all age groups of people. It is one of the best apps to learn programming.

Catering to several people, they aim to make their courses comprehensive. Code.Org is an education app where you can sign in to create your account to explore different tutorials.

Some courses offered by Code.Org are:

  • Hour of Code: Specially created for people who can devote one hour a day to learn to code and find it difficult to spare time for a full-time course. There is no age limitation for this course. Also, the application is available on mobiles, laptops, tablets and computers.
  • Designing apps and games: Students from classes five onwards can learn design for apps and games using drag and drop blocks. Instructions offered to students help them to complete the course. Fundamentals of designing will help foster a child’s interest in programming robots and devices. 
  • Computer Art: Students use coding languages to create art and drawing pieces. Young learners are encouraged to pursue artistic fields such as graphic design once they are proficient in Javascript. 
  • Website Creation: This is a skill that offers courses for children in middle and high school. Students can use coding languages to learn the basics of website design using drag and drop blocks. 
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript Languages: Tutorials on these three languages are available to students across all age groups. Students can experiment with their codes on The App Lab, The Game Lab and Web Lab. 

This application is ideal for students studying in school, as it helps to polish their basics and prepares them to learn higher computer languages such as Python and PHP. 


#2 Apps to learn programming -Enki

This app is for beginners who want to become adept in Javascript, Python, SQL. The instructors of the course develop and provide structured lessons with practice lessons and quizzes. They offer short tutorials which are available on iOS and Android. 

Some courses offered by Enki are:

  • Python: A course created for beginners. It offers tutorials on how to read and write python codes. Also, it uses five-minute instructions followed by a game that helps to apply the knowledge taught before. After learning the Python programming language, you can start your journey of creating interesting python projects.
  • SQL: This is a course that teaches query language. It helps beginner programmers to assess data and learn other programming languages.
  • HTML and CSS: These languages are taught to students to enable them to design websites independently.

Enki is the right choice for people who have a busy schedule and have little time to spare for improving their coding skills. 


#3 Apps to learn programming – Encode

It is an application available on both iOS and Android with a limited number of free lessons. Advanced courses charge a stipulated fee. However, the basics class on web development is free and is easy to access.

Students learn languages such as Javascript, Python, HTML, and CSS that helps to code and optimize websites. After gaining experience, one can develop their blogs, websites and do python projects using source code.

Encode has an interactive style of teaching where it gives students in-depth knowledge in its short tutorials. It offers a list of assignments that are pertinent to the study. The short classes enable better retention among children that allows them to track their progress.

Another unique feature of Encode is that it allows feedback after the completion of tutorials. It helps a student to review and understand personal fallacies for error rectification. 


#4 Apps to learn programming – Solo Learn

Solo Learn is for people who love to take up new challenges and enjoy participating in community competitions. This application offers a quiz-based practice lesson for students. Open forums allow the users to interact via chat. Through this forum, students can discuss solutions to the challenges given to students at each level.

However, the free application displays ads frequently and denies access to courses.

The courses offered by Solo Learn are:

  • Programming Languages: Python, C++, Java, CSS, HTML, Javascript, SQL, PHP, jQuery, and more.
  • Responsive Web Design: This course offers information on web design and teaches students how to publish a personal and professional website.

Data Science: This course focuses on developing programming skills, mathematical and statistical knowledge of students. Are you still wondering why data science is an important skill? Click here

Apps To Learn Programming For School Students:

#5 Apps to learn programming – Grasshopper

This application imparts skills for critical thinking, media literacy, and coding to kids from classes 6th onwards to 12th. Grasshopper focuses on individual learning over collaborative learning and hence has created individual student progress monitors. This platform is unique as it offers children original Javascript block challenges to solve.

Grasshopper specializes in offering courses in Javascript. After completing the programming course, it is easy to learn other languages. 

#6 Apps to learn programming – Daisy the Dinosaur

This application is open for children of all ages. It offers skill-building lessons to strengthen the fundamentals of programming among children. This platform uses simple commands to operate the code.

It consists of loop challenges that engage children and foster their interest in computer programming. Due to its simplicity in use, Daisy the dinosaur is one of the best free coding apps for kids.

The courses offered are cost-free with no locked levels. Hopscotch technologies are the developer of this application on iOS. 

#7 Apps to learn programming – Progate

Progate is an innovative and student-friendly platform that teaches students the basics of programming. This platform offers slideshows and comprehensive knowledge on the concepts of programming.

The learning modules on the app are free of charge for beginners. A free version will offer lessons on Python and Javascript basics.

For learning advanced programming classes, there are charges. Moreover, Progate gives certificates to students in India who complete courses on their platform.

The programming languages taught by Progate are Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. 

Apps to learn programming for advance learners:

Here are some apps for advance learns who want to further their knowledge.

#8 Apps to learn programming – Udemy

Udemy is an app that offers a variety of courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. It aims to for education to students across all age groups and encourages them to develop new skills. Presently, Udemy offers over 800 courses that are free of cost. These courses come with a shareable certificate which a student earns on completion of the class. 

The courses offered by Udemy are:

Python programming, Javascript for Web development, Fundamentals of Programming, Programming for Entrepreneurs – HTML and CSS, Mobile programming, Object-oriented programming, and more. If these areas of learning interest you, then Udemy is one of the best free apps to learn programming.  

#9 Apps to learn programming – Khan Academy

This platform offers a variety of courses for programming. Videos on various topics are present on the application. The application helps younger students to rewind, pause and restart the videos to revise the topics covered. It has easy navigation and is user-friendly.

The app helps children to keep tabs on the lessons they have completed. An overview of the course curriculum aids users. Students who enroll in the class know the topics they will learn in a course.

Khan Academy offers courses such as Hour of Code, Computer Science basics for College Students, HTML/CSS webpage-making courses, and more. 

In all, here are the top 9 best free apps to learn programming. 

If you are determined to learn and aspire to start creating your programming projects, the above apps are your starting line.

So why are you waiting? Download your free programming app today!                                

Happy Learning!

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