August 26, 2021

On Brain – Benefits Of Prayer And Meditation – 2021

On Brain - Benefits Of Prayer And Meditation - 2021

Topic – Benefits Of Prayer And Meditation | Human Brain | Try this | 2021

Are you busy at almost all times during the day? Is the massive workload causing you a lot of stress and agitation?

We are all aware of the health risks stress can welcome. The real question is how do you reduce that stress and find peace in this fast-paced life?

Well, Payer and Meditation are the spiritual tools that can help you achieve that serene and stable mindset amidst all your tensions and worries.

There are several benefits of prayer and meditation. Many Scientific Studies show that the people who inculcated these disciplines in their lives developed an improved sense of well-being, lesser stress levels, and increased lifespan.

Let us take you through the path of attaining mental peace with the help of the pious practices of prayer and meditation. 

Prayer and Meditation – The Relationship with the Soul

The traditional concept of praying dates back to probably millions of years in the past. The ancestors used the method of prayer to call for natural phenomena like the rain, or simply something that was beyond human control.

Things changed, The lifestyle became more and more complex and so did the praying styles but the basic idea behind dedicating a prayer still remains the same.

Prayer is often described as Man’s effort to know God, hence prayer can be considered rooted in the belief that there is a power greater than oneself.

However, prayer can also prove to be a good method of understanding and interacting with your own soul.

When you pray or meditate, you remain calm and silent and introspect with your inner self to know what it desires or what it wants to alter in itself. It will certainly deepen your relationship with your subconscious self for better communication between the two.

Do prayers even work?

The short answer to that question would be Yes and No!

Research has consistently shown that prayers can be a solid source of self-comfort when one is experiencing some sort of pain, or coping up with some loss, or dealing with trauma.

Prayers can also be a proven source of achieving motivation for personal goals. However, things change when it comes to prayer as a form of asking for something from a divine deity.

There is no empirical evidence to state that this kind of prayer works. It is often credited with the concept of faith and belief or even coincidence that can make these types of prayers work.

What are the benefits of Prayer and Meditation?

There are several benefits of prayer and meditation that can help you to lead a better lifestyle.

From everyday benefits to different psychological effects, both Prayer and Meditation go a long way to help you in different aspects.

1. Reduce Stress

the benefits of Prayer and Meditation - Reduce Stress

Be it your office stress or daily home routines stress, meditation and prayer can help to reduce the stress levels in all forms.

One of the benefits of praying every day is that it helps you to learn how to get away from all the worries that pluck into your peaceful state of mind.

How can I reduce stress with meditation and prayer? Simple! Just spend 15 minutes a day reciting a prayer whole-heartedly and you’ll reap the benefits.

Those 15 minutes daily can make a huge difference to your classical way of dealing with different things.

Practicing meditation or praying daily can make a huge difference by bringing peace and relaxation in order to put the mind and body at peace.

2. Better Health

the benefits of Prayer and Meditation - Better Health

There are ample health benefits of meditating and praying daily:

  • Studies show that It can help you maintain your physical looks for a longer time hence reducing the aging process.

One of the main reasons behind this is the lower stress levels that arise as a result of meditating and praying.

  • Greater Energy! Greater Efficiency! – Yes! Meditation clears one’s mind and enhances energy levels. It stimulates various nerve cells that promote positive emotions. Efficiency eventually increases with clarity of mind.
  • On a physical level, Meditation, and Prayer lowers high blood pressure levels, reduces stress-related pain like headache, muscle pain, etc. Moreover, it improves the immune system and sleep cycles.
  • A 2011 Study found that prayer and meditation reduce anger and aggression in a person. Praying or Meditating can make a person look at situations in a ‘different light

and from various perspectives. This can lead to less frequent anger storm-offs.

3. More control over your thoughts 

More control over your thoughts - benefits of prayer

Negative thoughts often pave their way into someone’s mind and cause a great deal of turmoil. 

Of Course, having negative thoughts is a part of being human but it is normal until it becomes dominant on you.

Many people who suffer from depression or anxiety, or other mental issues state that the negative thoughts become so dominant that they start feeling to lose control over their own thoughts.

However, by bringing Meditation and prayer into your life it becomes easier to have control over your mind and even stop those negative vibes as soon as possible.

4. Improve Focus and Attention 

Prayer improve Focus and Attention

Meditation improves concentration and helps one to keep their mind at the present. Most of the time people are always occupied with thinking either about past mistakes or future worries.

Meditation thus helps to keep your concern at the present moment. As soon as that is achieved, Focus and Attention increase eventually. 

Both the practices of prayer and meditation can also help to improve the gray matter in the brain. This can lead to higher intelligence and sharp memory.

5. Happiness

Increases Happiness

Obviously, everyone is seeking one thing – Happiness in life

The construct of happiness can be considered Relative and it can be different for different sets of people.

Some of you may equate it to Money and professional achievements while others may have a different idea about it.

With Meditation and Prayer, you are able to find peace of mind but indirectly you are also welcoming happiness in your life.

By spending more time in personal reflection, you’ll be able to have a better idea of your own personal goals in life and appreciate what you have- both good and bad.

Therefore, you’ll gain a better perspective of what happiness means to you so that you can take the right actions to attain your own happiness.

These were the top 5 Benefits Of Prayer And Meditation.

Meditation Vs Prayer – The Differences

Prayer and Meditation have a lot in common and appear as interchangeable terms as both help in attaining a sound mind and body. 

However, it is not the case. Prayer and Meditation are systematically different. Some of the key differences include:

  • Prayer involves working through various thoughts and desires while Meditation, on the other hand, focuses on clearing the mind.
  • Prayer involves the context of connecting with a Divine or Superior Being whereas, Meditation is more of a solitary journey with the inner self.
  • While praying, one can move the hand, legs, etc but meditation requires stillness in mind and on the physical level. Hence, Meditation and Prayer are different physically.

The Takeaway – Benefits of Prayer and Meditation

Although Prayer and Meditation can lead to peace in your life, it can be hard to make the time at first. 

But it’s easier than you think! Reaping the Benefits of Prayer and Meditation is not hard at all!

Simply find a quiet place in your home and allow yourself to relax and feel at peace for at least 10-15 minutes and see the results for yourself!

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Feel free to contact us in case of any queries. Thank You! This concludes the topic of Benefits Of Prayer And Meditation

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