November 16, 2021

Guide on How To Find A Spiritual Mentor USA UK 2022

How To Find A Spiritual Mentor USA UK

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The idea you come up with after reading this article could surprise you.

At some points along the path of living and growing in our actual purpose, passion, and power, we all need the help of a mature healer or spiritual guide. Life inevitably leads us through tough passages into a dark night of the soul; moments of seemingly insurmountable sorrows, disorientation, betrayal, and absolute personal hopelessness.

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The death of a loved one, a spouse’s change of heart, a “fatal disease,” a terrible accident, perplexity and crisis, deep spiritual longing: these are the most difficult and perilous times of our life. They’re also a summons to fundamental knowledge of Self that, if we’re blessed in our search, brings the human spirit to life in the beauty of our holy mission and artistry of completeness.

Seeking spiritual help when we are experiencing significant pain, perplexity, or “dead-end” paralysis is an essential first step toward healing and enlightenment. Asking is a powerful and implicit expression of dedication and courage to the universe and your inner waiting Self!

“If you ask for anything, it will be granted to you.”

Asking is an invocation of intention that brings you closer to the mystery trip we are all supposed to take: the path of living our lives to the fullest extent possible.

In our e-commerce-crazed age, how can we locate a spiritual mentor, healer, or guide? How are you to recognize who is significant and who is just a good claims marketer with thousands of new websites hitting the world wide web every day to monitor the claims or practices of what anyone can start as a firm and hang up as their virtual shingle?

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This is true of any service or commodity acquired via the Internet nowadays, but when one is suffering and seeks authentic spiritual direction and solid, trusted healing tools, the problem becomes even more personal.

With thousands of people claiming to be spiritual healers, life coaches, and mentors, as well as a bewildering number of methodologies, claims, and promises, it can rapidly become both overwhelming and disempowering. It might be difficult to tell who and what is genuine from others that use artfully pumped-up marketing hype to make insubstantial promises. 

As you search for a spiritual healer, mentor, or teacher, Here are a few recommendations for you to take gradual steps-

KEY 1 – How To Find A Spiritual Mentor

How To Find A Spiritual Mentor

When you feel the need for spiritual aid to help jump-start your life again, the first and most important step is to look within yourself to identify where you are looking for that life coach, healer, or spiritual teacher. Even in the face of turmoil and catastrophe, try to locate that inner faith in your Soul’s inherent understanding. It feels like an impulse that goes beyond what your intellect thinks you know.

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Most people don’t truly “check-in” to their motives when choosing someone to work with, and as a result, they’re unknowingly looking for a solution from the outside rather than from within. Because we may have to evolve through a process of spending a lot of time and money on a variety of products and services until we mature to a true inner readiness for self-responsible healing and empowered self-realization if we are unaware that we are looking for an outside fix to our life’s problems.

This is a common path taken by those seeking an external repair and placing blame on the practitioner’s power.

It’s often tough to go past this approach. We are raised to support it in our present medical and pharmaceutical model, where we expect physicians and pills to take care of and treat the consequences of our lifestyle, hurts, and beliefs. Notice how the energy is distributed in this scenario? Someone (doctor/medicine doctor) should do it to or for you, not you! This cedes your power to an external authority and weakens your inner character, which are the precise elements you need in your medicine bag to achieve profound healing change and self-realization. True self-healing and spiritual development is a process of change and an inner journey.

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Easy? No way! That is why the majority of people continue to hunt for an answer in the form of a drug, a therapy, or a system. Working with a genuine spiritual mentor, teacher, and healer is the most soul-searching and potentially liberating experience you’ll ever have. It takes a brave act of vulnerability to face your own demons and hard battles head-on in order to discover the gift of your true nature and dazzling presence of being inside the wisely-guided process of the quest!

Giving up the patriarchal authoritative and external way to getting a fix and instead starting the genuine work of inner awareness and the healing power that is uniquely yours takes incredible courage and character! The attributes that most significantly enable healing and self-realization are courageous openness, responsible readiness, and a commitment to self-awareness.

If you can tap into this inner sense of “adventure” for forging your own spiritual path, you’ll have already discovered the first secret gateway to healing and self-realization: inner-directed self-presence!

KEY 2 – How To Find A Spiritual Mentor

Listen from a point beyond your mind when reading a spiritual healer’s or teacher’s website, publications, teachings, and marketing materials and evaluating their claims. As you read and consider these things, pay attention to how it feels inside your body (literally!). What do you get a sense of?

If you feel a sense of “fuzzy exhilaration” or a sense of “yeah, I seem to already know what he/she is talking about,” or if it feels strangely familiar, these are signals of truth in your own being. When you learn to listen to this voice over the voice of egoic fear and mental training, you will realize that truth is truth, and your own God-consciousness will know. Something real is stirring or being identified by your inner physician if what you’ve read comes back up in your thoughts a few days later.

You can (and most likely will) continue to have mental concerns, questions, and uncertainties. Many times, your anxieties are trying to throw up yet another roadblock from its bag of tricks (your own repeated programming – and precisely what you’re trying to break through)!

So, if you can attune and train yourself to listen from your inner body (also known as your gut instinct), you’ll have discovered the second secret doorway to healing and self-realization: an inner knowing that is far more intelligent and true than the thoughts created and overlaid by a conditioned mind!

KEY 3 – How To Find A Spiritual Mentor

Engage the person with whom you are considering collaborating. Watch or listen to a video, read the testimonials, and share your findings with others to see how they react. What are their attitudes toward you, their students, and their clients? Do they consider themselves to be the “power” behind their students’ pleasant experiences or do they come from a place of superior knowledge? Do they claim personal credit as the healer/teacher and place themselves on a “guru pedestal” that you can only reach by waving your hand? Or do they help you shed a light on your own truth with graciousness, humility, and a sense of immense delight and inspiration?

A true spiritual mentor or healer has depth based on genuine life experience; he or she has clearly gone through life’s challenges and does not disguise them. A true teacher has paid such close attention to his or her own inner healing and understanding of truth that he or she becomes the “wounded healer” — someone who has walked the dark paths of despair and can thus guide you through yours. A true healer’s gift is light; the light that shines on and reveals your own!

If you’ve gone through gates one and two and prayed for the perfect guiding light to reveal you’re true face, you’ll naturally find yourself at the third secret gateway to healing and self-realization: “When the student is genuinely ready, the teacher appears!” In other words, if you maintain an adventurous and reverent attunement to your own inner hearing, synergy and “coincidence” will manifest in the form of the perfect person to work with and the correct ways to follow!


A highly mature healer or spiritual guide can only assist YOU in removing the obstacles that are preventing you from sensing and learning about the shining light of well-being that is already waiting for your return. You are a healer, wise one, and guide; you’ve simply lost your way, as we all do and have.

Within you is the wisdom of healing, completeness, and your deepest truth. Your scars are the keys to the shrine that houses all of your actual creativity of Being. This is revealed when open-hearted seeking, vulnerable courage, personal accountability, and a never-ending commitment to awareness are applied to your difficulties and struggles. This is the genuine gift and rightful promise that lies beneath each of our terrible life trials and tribulations. It’s how we look for things and how specific we are in our requests that determines what we get.

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When we come to understand our lives as holy artwork, the road of waking to our real nature is recovered from our challenging life experiences. There is no more looking or seeking once you enter doorway number four. There is no longer a pit of self-absorption versus longing (God). Only the holy complete adventure of living your life as an artisan, fully awake to the evolutionary and revolutionary alchemy of being totally awake in relationship to life as it unfolds moment-by-moment, remains.

Concluding How To Find A Spiritual Mentor USA UK

Everything in life has the potential to disclose profound spiritual awakening to the honest and receptive heart. To recognize this — to begin to consider the world (and each interaction in it) as a teacher — is to sow the seed of Life on fruitful ground. It sends an intended prayer for the mystic out into the big universe, where all prayers reverberate and have to reflect.

Seeking in this manner is saying, “I’m here, and I’m ready to listen.” And to listen in this way necessitates the highest level of personal awareness and responsibility for bringing one’s own inner wisdom forward in relation to Life. Because it is a living prayer, it enlivens the soul. True living prayer, on the other hand, is always heard. With this, we conclude the topic of How To Find A Spiritual Mentor USA UK 2022.

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