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From My Blind Bird, there’s a philosophy of life that I strongly believe in. Sometimes it can take anything away from you, your family, your friends, or probably even parts of you. But one thing that it can’t take away is your passion towards life, towards your dreams.


I am Mr. Vijay Soni, the founder of My Blind Bird.

I am Engineer by profession. But blogger by passion.

I started this blog during college days, after realizing the beauty of Spirituality. Being a Computer Engineer, I have technical skills and as a hobby, I like studying about Power of the subconscious mind and Spirituality. Hence, after doing a little bit of research on existing similar websites, I decided to drive My Blind Bird on the following path:


This section of My Blind Bird will contain articles on latest emerging technologies and technology news all over the world. The aim is to explain the latest technology in most simplest manner, focusing on simplifying technologies.

2) Mini Projects

This part will contain Mini Projects in Python, C and Java, with complete explanation of each line of code. You can download the report of the project too. Hence, best efforts will be taken to make you understand in simplest way.

This part is under construction as I am trying to present something worthy and useful for all the students in Computer Engineering field.


Having a deep interest in the spiritual world and human thinking power, I decided to add this category to my website and share my experience. It will contain information related to the Laws of the Universe and what role our thoughts play in our life. The basic aim is to get more and more people aware of the techniques of the spiritual world.

Why you should listen to me?

As I mentioned in the beginning, I started this blog in my college days, the primary motive was to share the spiritual knowledge as much as possible.

There was a time I was hit badly by life and fortunately ended up getting into Spirituality. It was this topic that has shaped me the way I am today. It was because of this, that today I see things with a different perspective.

This was exactly how my journey towards Spirituality got started.

Somewhere I think, not all everybody come out of depression with positive mindset. They all need a shoulder to cry, ears to listen, and a friend to advice.

Taking this website as a platform, I will try to become that friend you will try to show you the spiritual path and advice you. I also share the content of Sadhguru and Gregg Braden after watching their videos. Trust me, life is far more beautiful than we think. The Universe always has our back.

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Stay positive, Stay healthy.