My Blind bird

There’s a philosophy of life that I strongly believe in. And through My Blind Bird I would like to share it with others. Sometimes life can take anything away from you, your family, your friends, or probably even parts of you. But one thing that it can’t take away is your passion towards life, towards your dreams.

Hi! Thanks for joining my team!

My name is Vijay Soni, the founder of ‘My Blind Bird’.

Before telling you why I started this website and how it can help you, let me narrate my story. Because I believe it’s necessary that you know my intention of starting this website and why I even got into this arena when there were million other ideas out there.

I am an engineer by profession, but a blogger by passion. I did my engineering at college in Navi Mumbai.

I know you might be wondering why I left that and got into this ‘vague’ business, as people call it.

But wait for it, you are in for a surprise

In the third year of engineering, when everyone else was excited about their college works and projects, I had a setback.

Though there were hundreds of people around me, I felt alone.

At one point I even thought I was living inside a dark cave, sealed shut by an enormous rock of depression. It was then that I encountered a YouTube video. I, myself couldn’t believe how a social media platform could help me so much.

When people out there were going insecure because of the overuse of social media, I was here recovering from my bad mental state.

Got the ball rolling..

I stumbled upon a few videos that talked about spirituality and the law of attraction. I started to binge-watch all of those videos to get an insight on how to attain a good mental state and lead a happier life.

Those aureate videos also taught me what my passion is and how to follow it. Taking bits of advice from all those videos, I eventually followed meditation and spirituality and was able to unlock the never before found treasures within me.

Why I Launched My Blind Bird

I always had this vision of sharing the knowledge that I have and helping others. After all, we are social beings and we are all dependent on each other.

I had kin of mine who was roughly in the same state as I was in. I knew he would slip into depression any second, so I decided to enlighten him with my visions of spirituality and meditation that I acquired from YouTube videos.

And surprise, as it might sound to you, he was able to crawl out of his bad mental state! Tada! See how you can help one another if you just spend a little bit of your time for people in need.

And this is the very reason, why I thought of beginning a website and including spirituality in it.


Along with spiritual content, I have also included programming content too, so that I can help engineering students who might be struggling with coding and various other areas of programming.

On top of my visions of spirituality, I have also included some amazing videos of Sadhguru and Gregg Braden- two amazing souls to which the world owes a lot.

Trust me, the world is far more beautiful than you think.

Feel free to contact me. Your views and opinions are always appreciated. Thanking you again for visiting this website. Smile!

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