April 19, 2021

What Are Some Positive Affirmations To Heal Life in 2022

Topic – What Are Some Positive Affirmations | 2022

Life is from the inside out. When you shift on the inside, life shifts on the outside.


There comes a time in everyone’s life sometimes too often where we start questioning ourselves. We feel powerless and constantly think about how can I change my life?

But we don’t find those answers. Maybe because we are looking at the wrong place or maybe we just don’t know where to look.

We blame people, situations, God but too many times it’s us who are on the wrong side of the spectrum.

While it’s completely okay to feel lost, it’s not okay to feel that every day. We must take charge of our actions and our life.

Because who will if you don’t? No one can save you from you than yourself.

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The day you decide to change how you feel, what you feel, and most importantly try to understand why you feel, the game of life changes.

Many things can be done but the best way to start is by turning your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This is where affirmations come into play.

Are you wondering what the hype about affirmations is? Let’s find out.

What are affirmations

Affirmations are statements declaring the truth. Creating a positive outlook can inspire change. You can heal your life by turning a new page that will impact massively on your life.

How to use affirmations to change your life?

The consistent use of daily positive affirmations will help to reshape your beliefs and assumptions about yourself and the world around you. Daily affirmations will help you realign your thoughts with the purpose of your life

It will reconnect you with your inner self. This also helps you to practice gratitude in your daily life and will keep you grounded when things turn upside down.

Where do you put affirmations?

You need to make affirmations a part of your daily routine. The best way to do that is by reading or writing them in the morning or before you sleep at night.

How long does it take for affirmations to work?

how long does it take for affirmations to work What Are Some Positive Affirmations 2022

It depends on many factors like why are you doing them or how consistent you are.

Usually, if you stay consistent for 22 days with no breaks in between you can feel slight changes within yourself like mood swings and motivation.

But the studies have shown that 66 days or longer can show a significant impact on your mindset and whatever you are trying to achieve. Thus consistency is the key.

Why are affirmations so powerful?

what are some positive affirmations in life in 2021

Affirmations can be exceptionally beneficial for your mental well-being. They help you shed off the negativity, worry, fear, and anxiety.

When you speak well, your thoughts start to change for the better. When your thoughts change your actions change too.

What are some positive affirmations

Below are top 51 positive affirmations that changed my life-


I am the architect of my life. I am the creator of my reality.


I accept and love myself just the way I am.


I am supported and loved by God (or: the Creator/Universe/etc.)


I am surrounded by abundance.

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 I am healthy, energetic, and optimistic.


I am overflowing with happiness, joy, and satisfaction.


I experience happiness and joy every day.


I can achieve greatness.


Everything happens for a reason. Everything leads to something positive.


I can conquer all the challenges I am confronted with.


I am becoming more confident and stronger each day.

What are some positive affirmations


My potential to succeed is infinite.


 I am becoming more knowledgeable and wiser with each day.


I am creative and bursting with brilliant ideas.


 I am courageous and overcome my fears by confronting them.


 All is well in my world, I feel safe


 I let go of any limiting thoughts and beliefs


 My life flows with ease and grace.


I am grateful for the wonders in my life.


The universe supports me in every possible way.


Today I lay the foundation for a wonderful future.


I speak kindly of others.


I love myself and feel great about myself.


I accept myself unconditionally.


I see problems as interesting challenges.


I radiate confidence.


Challenges bring out the best in me.


 I am assertive and able to express myself clearly.


I allow into my mind only good and happy thoughts.


 I am attracting into my life loving and supporting people.


 I get along very well with everyone.


 I have confidence in my abilities and skills.


I make sound decisions.


I am bold and courageous.


 I face difficulty with courage.


I am worthy of happiness and love.

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 I already have everything I need to create the life I love.


 I permit myself to thrive.


Prosperity flows to me, effortlessly.


 I am at peace with my past.

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Abundance flows through my life, freely.


I am not my mistake.


I will face hard times with courage.


This is my time to shine.


Everything I seek can be found within.


 I see myself and the spark of divinity in others


I can find positivity in every situation.


I can find optimistic ways of dealing with difficulties.


There is good to be found in every situation, even if I may not see it at the moment.


My heart is open to new blessings and opportunities.


I am significant. I contribute to the advancement of humankind.

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Concluding What Are Some Positive Affirmations 2022

To sum it up, I’d like to know of this wonderful truth of speaking and feeling positive. I assure you that these affirmations can transform your life. You will experience wonderful blessings in your life once you start practicing this.

As there is a huge difference between promoting positivity and practicing positivity.

A wise man once quoted that,

There is no glory in practice but without practice, there is no glory.’

I will also suggest you go through these Affirmations for Success and Prosperity. Keep on reading this, again and again, to print them on the subconscious mind.

This concludes the topic of What are some positive affirmations.

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