April 28, 2021

7 Ways On How To Find Yourself When You Are Lost In Life

About – How to find yourself when you are lost in life | 2022

You have to lose yourself to find yourself

Are you feeling lost? Don’t know how to find yourself you are lost?

Well, we are here to help you understand it in a better way.

Life can sometimes be excruciatingly painful, but our experiences good or bad often shape up into stronger, kinder, and wiser individuals. In the loss, failure, and suffering, there’s always an opportunity to find a greater version of yourself.

 How to find yourself when you are lost in life
Find yourself when you are lost in life.

Within you, various locked doors conceal the amazing potential you have to reach incredible heights, find your purpose, fulfill your dreams and find love.

And people around us help to unlock those doors but not everything stays the same forever. When the same people that you assume would remain on your journey for life leave you, you feel heartbroken.

But you always have to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.

When people leave you, they open the doors for self-love, being self-dependent, strength, and many other things.

And then these things pave the way for new opportunities.

Because trusting in the bigger picture helps you paint a bigger ending.

We always think that life is breaking us down. But really, it makes you realize that you are whole. Always believe and trust your struggle.

Accepting that everything happens for our highest good, and then placing a priority on self-love will do wonders for you. When you genuinely understand how to love yourself, you raise your vibration and naturally manifest things.

Those who love themselves develop a higher sense of self-worth. And that invites people who are worth their energy.

Sometimes, something greater than us is looking out for us, but we ignore those signs because we aren’t looking out for ourselves and that is something you should totally avoid doing when you feel lost.

Some more thoughts on how to find yourself when you are lost in life

 How to find yourself when you are lost in life

Some things in our life don’t go as per our plan, and instead of focusing on solutions, we replay scenarios in our heads and overthink the situations. Overthinking will never help us to find the answers; it just builds anxiety within us.

We have gone from bad to worse, and the more we let it stay in our mind, the duller it gets.

When we overthink, we aren’t facing problems to fix them; we are rerunning events to see if there was a way to avoid the problem. However, no amount of energy devoted to something that drains you out can bring a change physically.

Overthinking hinders faith- it just makes us fear the future and doubt what’s to come. You can’t move forward if something is holding you back. Either shift your focus by living in the present moment or by placing your attention on the solutions.

You’ve broken down a million times and still put yourself back together again. Think about how amazing and how powerful that is.

As someone very wisely quoted that,

Do not take life’s experiences too seriously. Above all, do not let them hurt you, for, in reality, they are nothing but dream experiences. Play your part in life, but never forget it is only a role. If circumstances are bad and you have to bear them, do not make them a part of yourself. What you lose in the world will not be a loss to your soul.

For instance, if you are fired from your job you will feel a range of emotions like fear, shame, embarrassment and much more. If you are fired for no reason, your uncertainty escalates.

You feel lost and rightfully so. But it isn’t possible to let yourself feel that each day. You have to bounce back. Take some time to accept the news and come to terms with that.

Example to understand it better..

Introspect what you have lost and what you will have to do in order to gain some. Learn new things, update your resume and start preparing for your future.

Because believe it or not there is always hope. Hope to start new, a hope to find yourself, and a hope that you will lift yourself above everything else no matter what.

And you’ve landed on the right page because we have carefully selected a list of ways to cope-up when you feel lost in life.

7 ways to know how to find yourself when you are lost-

#7: Acceptance

Acceptance - accept you life and feel gratitude for it

Well, acceptance can never be easy. Because when you try to accept you feel like you’ve let down yourself, you feel like you are losing instead of winning but that’s the point you can’t always win. No one ever does and no one ever will. Accepting the hard truths of your life also means that you’re ready to let go of that.

And when you let go off of something you feel free. You feel like you broke the wall and crushed it into pieces and that’s where acceptance helps you.

#6: Talk it out

talk it out

It always feels liberating when you try to talk about your feelings with someone. Be it a close friend or family or sometimes strangers, you feel light when you share what you are going through.

It’s not necessary that you need a solution from them but just the fact that they are listening to you and that they are there.

In any case, you observe symptoms of anxiety or depression, you should always seek professional help.

#5: Journaling

3rd Way On How to find yourself when you are lost in life

Writing is a great way of expression too. Writing down your feelings will give you a different approach to your problems. Revisiting can help you track your progress or make you realize how far you have come. So write it down when you feel too overwhelmed.

#4: Take a break

take a break and make your life easy
(Most effective way to find yourself when you are lost in life.)

You always have to remember the fact that you can’t do everything. You will always leave out something or other. So taking a break from something or someone when you feel too overworked or overwhelmed can give you a fresh perspective.

Do your favorite things, take up a hobby, do something that you once left because all of this will help you detach and also at the same time helps you to evaluate what is your priority and where you need to push that extra mile.

#3: Think of a bigger picture

think of a bigger picture

When you are facing tough times ask yourself questions like will it even matter in 10 years and if the answer is no you don’t need to waste even your 10 seconds on it.

Or, as Graham defines it, “seeing the big picture means seeing the whole. The ability to comprehend the context of the matter. The system that is at work.” Thinking of a bigger picture can help you envision your goals or dreams.

#2: Stay positive

How to find yourself when you are lost in life. in 2021
Stay Positive

You will always find something positive in a situation if you search enough for it. Everything is a lesson learned. It will teach you so much about yourself so always try to focus on the positives. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible as well.

Be grateful for what you have each day as it will help you remain grounded. If you remain positive your brain will divert more towards optimism and thus attracting only what’s best for you.

#1: Self-love

self love in life 2021
Ultimate way to find yourself when you are lost in life

I can’t stress this enough that loving yourself should always be your number 1 priority in life. You gotta love yourself. It will boost your confidence and having faith in yourself is so important because if you don’t nobody ever will.

Stand up for yourself, learn to say NO when you don’t feel right about something, take a stand for yourself as there is nothing amazing than taking care of your own self.

Final thoughts

You can’t change your past, but you can choose to make your future a lighter place. Commit yourself to see the change in you.

Take things day by day and nourish yourself- physically, mentally, and spiritually. It never goes to waste, so don’t give up on yourself. Only you can change your life rest are just spectators.

I hope this would have answered the question How to find yourself when you are lost in life.

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