August 2, 2020

The secret (2021) of heart and brain connection nobody wants to tell!

Learn to Open Your Heart and mind to the infinite wonder that exists for you in life – Steven Redhead


…It’s like direct knowing when something is true for us and when it’s not……..If you create a feeling of 0.1 Hz then it is going to harmonize your heart and brain connection…..The following are the techniques……Also after we achieve this it’s a natural anti-depressant people are happier and calmer in this state…

When your heart is speaking to you it speaks briefly, concisely usually in a phrase or a single sentence.

Rarely your heart began to tell you a story and try to justify the answer it gives to you.

In contrast, your brain will remind you of incidents that happened in the past that feel the need to justify your answer. This is all about the heart and brain connection.

Heart and brain connection
Heart-brain Connection

Hey Guys! In the last article, we talked about the chemistry between our hearts and mind. So that we can awaken our infinite potential as per our demand.

Today, we will read about the actual techniques that need to be done physically and mentally to awaken these potentials of super learning, deep intuition in our life.

Our brain releases many chemicals into our body for healing, rejuvenation, and for hormonal balance.

But it also gets many instructions from our hearts.

We are the ones who evoke these feelings. As we know that our heart has the ability to remember things and think and feel. So now the question is,

Does the heart control the brain?

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What researches say that most of the conversation comes from our heart towards the brain. Very less if sent from brain to heart. The brain doesn’t say much. The heart has a lot to say.

This heart-brain connection are completely related to our intuition. It’s like direct knowing when something is true for us and when it’s not. We just have to be very clear whether the information is coming from the heart or fear or subconscious.

Scientist says when we meet a new person we know within three seconds we like someone or not 😯 . Your intuition, your heart will know. In today’s generation, we may think we are judgemental about them and it’s true.

Your heart has picked up something in a vibratory energetic field about another person. It’s something that MAY not be a good fit.

There’s a reason why we have this. Let me know in the comment section if you wanna know it.

The heart-brain communication is all about realizing what our intuition is saying to us. One of the ways to do this is to go into our hearts and listen to them.

You all must have these experiences.

when something happens in your life and there’s no one to ask. Because no one knows the answer and everyone you do ask is going to give you a different answer.

Take the example of someone having a health crisis. The doctor wants them to do one thing and they’ve got a million friends suggesting them alternative ways to heal naturally, herbally and their head literally starts to spin.

Also, this makes a lot of sense because when we ask our brain any question is goes through a lot of loops of the fear, the logic, ego all of these things.

That’s why it is slow. when you ask heart a question is gives us within seconds.

Our indigenous ancestors knew this power of the heart. It doesn’t judge right or wrong. True or false. This empowers you in different situations.

Do you know how do the brain and heart work together?

we can measure the conversation between the heart and brain. It is a very low electrical and magnetic frequency. The electrical part is a very low frequency of 0.1Hz.

we can’t even hear this. whales use this frequency to communicate in oceans so it is universal frequency.

It means if you create a feeling of 0.1 Hz then it is going to harmonize your heart and brain. 

Institute of heartMath have defined these techniques in the laboratory in very simple steps that make them accessible in our everyday life.

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Techniques to tap these potentials in your life.

Following are the techniques to achieve heart-brain connection –

(there are 3 steps)

  1. Shift your awareness from your mind to your heart. To do so, gently touch your heart center physically in a way comfortable to you..either by joining hands or as per other traditions [you awareness will always go-to place where you feel sensation ]
  2. Slow down your breath. Typical slower than maybe 5 sec inhale 5 and 5 sec exhale. The reason behind this is because the only time you will breathe in this way is when you feel safe and you are not threatened. So you are telling your body you are in a place of safety.
  3. This is the most important. Begin to feel that feeling. The feeling that set’s up the coherence between your heart and brain.
Institute of heartMath has found 3 ways that work almost 100% of the time for everyone.
  • Feeling of appreciation for anything or anyone.
  • Feeling of gratitude for anything or anyone.
  • A feeling of care and compassion.

If you can feel one or some combination of above 4 feelings in your heart while you breathing, you are setting 0.1hz frequency. This triggers those neurons to reach out and find other neurons which strengthen this connection.

Only 3 min of doing this will set into motion a cascade of biochemical events within your body and will last as long as six hours. you can do it any time of the day before sleep after wakeup etc.

It takes about 72 hrs to build these networks so the more you do the stronger it becomes. Try this.

You can read this book – The Wisdom Codes: Ancient Words to Rewire Our Brains and Heal Our Hearts by Gregg Braden, The best author, and my inspiration. It’s guaranteed you will learn much much more about our life and gap between Science and Spirituality.

This was the secret of heart and brain connection. Isn’t it one of the important things to know? In ancient India, these were the things people used to study. This was taught in schools.

With British education systems, it’s no more a part of our syllabus. In upcoming articles, we will discuss more this mystery of the human mind and hearts.

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Thank you. 🙂 

(A follower of Greg Braden and Sadhguru)

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