January 24, 2020

Definition of Spirituality (2023) with the true inner meaning! (From my experience)

In our previous article, we saw a basic introduction to spirituality and the journey toward it.

In this article, we see in detail what spirituality means and how can one get into this in the right direction.

Before starting let me tell you in short about this category. Basically, I have been exploring this field for more than a year.

In this journey, I have seen an amazing transformation in my life.

So, I decided to share this knowledge with others.

This category will contain information about all the things related to the mystery of the universe like the concept of the Matrix, the Big Bang, the Quantum world, virtual reality, and many others.

One by one I will be posting articles related to them along with their proofs wherever possible. let’s begin.

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What Spirituality means

Spirituality is to experience the domain of awareness which is universal. It is also a sense of connection with the creative power of the universe.

The mystery, that we refer to as Divine and by having a sense of connection to that divine power we gain self-esteem and have the ability to create.

Because we align ourselves with the elements and forces of this universe.

We begin to realize that the universe is creative, that it’s conscious, that it’s evolving and our personal evolution is somehow linked to the evolution of the mystery that we call God.

See, you know who you are only because of the memory contained in you right? So, what you call “myself” is a product of a huge amount of memory.

Although memory allows you to do many things in the world, at the same time it is also the boundary.

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It let you logically distinguish yourself from others.

It’s the memory that decides what is mine and that is not mine, right?

But there is an intelligence within you beyond memory. If and only if you dive into that dimension of intelligence, in your experience all boundaries will disappear.

This is what spirituality gives us.

You experience everything as a part of yourself just like you feel ten fingers of your hand as your part.

Probably, this is where humanity comes into the picture. There will be nothing like morality, equality, fraternity, and values like that.

Spiritual experience means you begin to experience something beyond your physical nature.

And why spirituality is necessary because physical nature can only happen within defined boundaries.

By defined boundaries, it means that you distinguish yourself from others with these physical parameters.

Spirituality is not a belief like other beliefs we have related to our values. Our values are made by us. We inhale what trees exhale and trees inhale what we exhale, right?

Can we think of this as half of our lungs are actually located outside in nature? When everyone realizes this, I bet there will be nothing like deforestation.

None of the natural things will be harmed by us as we find everything connected to us already.

If you are a better human being and if you are happy by yourself, then is there really any room for spirituality?

Before answering this read this quote,

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever thought of so they can see that it’s not the answer

Jim Carrey
My Blind bird

Everybody wants to become a successful person, beloved, become powerful, rich, etc. These all are MISGUIDED spiritual processes.

Spiritual process“, because you think of them as your purpose in life that will bring happiness to you.

This is unconsciously conducting a spiritual process.

Getting started with it

While exploring this dimension of the world, I also used to read comment sections of that particular video or article.

One of the most common questions was, “How do you get started with spirituality?”. You can only start from where you are mentally and emotionally.

No need to think about past events and try to figure out the things that happened and sort them out.

Everything that happened was your own manifestation of your beliefs. So, the best place to start spirituality if from your current state.

And to be quite clear, you can’t start it. It’s already been started. The process was initiated long ago right from the age you started doing things consciously.

Now, you can just hasten it that’s all. So, what’s next?

Just become more and more conscious and aware.

As your consciousness increases it will find its way naturally. To be aware is completely different than being mentally alert. If right now you know that you are reading this then you are aware.

This is awareness. No complicated definition at all.

Sadh Guru says,

If you heightened your awareness continuously, a point will come where it’s no more about survival. Something that is not needed for your survival will also come into your awareness. And when this dimension comes to your awareness which is bound to be beyond the physical, means you are on a correct spiritual path.

For example, relate it with this.  Consider your awareness as a voltage to the light (solutions to your problems).

If your voltage is high, your light will be bright and you can see many things. But if your voltage is low, your light will be dim and you can see fewer things.

You can see my journey towards spirituality in my first article. Click Journey towards the Spiritual Path to read it.

There are many numbers of people who have understood spirituality’s meaning and come to spiritual experiences by different means.

Either by being in touch with some people or by visiting monks.

Even some experiences can deliver you completely different dimensions of life. Exposure to spirituality can happen in many different ways.

But for most of the people who experience this spiritual thing either by contact or something else, they are unable to sustain it.

They go up and then they collapse and everything is worse than before.

If you have not seen an up there, then your current reality is okay. When you didn’t know anything better it was okay but after knowing better when you come back, it’s terrible.

Many of them become broken in their mind and depressed. Nothing wrong has happened to them. It is just that they saw a different level of life and they are fallen.

Imagine you are living a very ordinary life and suddenly you get a lottery of $100 million. One year lived the best life and then you lose it somehow.

Now this is bad, isn’t it? If you haven’t got that lottery it was fine.

But getting suddenly up there and then down here is somewhat disgusting, right?

That’s what happens to those people who directly jump to big experiences. So, it’s better to build a staircase and climb. In this case, there is no falling down as you are just growing by practice.

Every day you keep doing those kriyas and slowly it will build you up. I will share the actual ways to do this in upcoming articles.

Without preparing your body if you try to take it at a high energy level, something can break.

It’s always best to prepare the system before implementing it. This is the fundamentality of spirituality, preparing the body.

Question for today!

Would you like considering Spirituality as a best Lifestyle Pratice? Why?

Spiritual challenges we might face during middle adulthood

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Middle age or adulthood is the age between 40 to 65. The human body responds rapidly during this age. It’s very sensitive to the outer world as well.

Physical changes like aging, gray hair/hair loss, wrinkles, and, vision and hearing loss, appear at this age.

In such conditions, Spiritual stress may result in feelings of depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, anger, etc.

At this age, one can follow the “Four Rs for the Spirit

They are –

  • Remembering – Go to the flashback. Take time to reflect on life. What were your achievements, goals, pending works, etc.?
  • Re-assessing – See your life as a whole. You can question who you really were. Feel free to discuss it with others.
  • Reconciling – Try staying at peace. Stay calm, happy, joyful. Don’t take the stress off anything. Stay relaxed. Forgive those who disappoint you. Free them and yourself of anger.
  • Reuniting – Try to be at peace with people you love. Stay with family. Say what you feel.

I shared my knowledge about what spirituality means which I gained from various sources in this post.

If there’s anything confusing or contradicting statement feel free to comment on it below.

Definitely, if you are new to this field there must be plenty of questions in your mind. Some may not even agree with this. Write down if you have any questions.

In the next article, I will share about heart intelligence and how to synchronize your heart with a brain which is where the magic begins. To know more about such topics go through MY Blind Bird.

You can contact us here in case of any suggestions.

Thank you.

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