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Harmony between Heart and Mind | Heart-Brain Communication |2023

Heart-Brain Communication | Heart Intelligence |2023

About – Harmony between Heart and Mind | Heart-Brain Communication |2023

In the previous article, we read about the definition of spirituality. Also, there was a little introduction to other mystics of the universe.

Today we will read how to harmonize our hearts and minds to awaken our infinite potential as per our demands.

In support of this, we will see two real-life heart transplant incidents revealing this intuitive intelligence of human hearts.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
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Before starting let me introduce you to this category of My blind bird. I have been in this field for more than a year now.

After watching more than nearly 500 videos, I realized it’s very important to know about our infinite potential.

The Universe we will live in has infinite potential and we humans are referred to as infinite beings.

We truly have great powers and throughout this series, I will be sharing all the knowledge I came across and find worth knowing.

This category will contain concepts like the Big Bang model, Quantum Prayers, the Dynamic power of spoken words, Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Power of visualization, the Universe and Math, and much more.

I will also provide references to people in the end, from whom I learned about spirituality and the gameplay of heart and mind with the universe.

Let’s begin.

Introduction to heart-brain communication

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The mysterious fusion of historic DNA sets humans apart from all other life.  The answer to what made that fusion happen cannot be scientifically verified until now.

Because of the very particular timing of that extraordinary fusion, we have skills to evoke our countless capabilities.

We can use our extraordinary skills when we need them as in step with our demand.

Nature simply gives us the things that we want while we need them.

In other words, nature only gives us the potential to warm our bodies when we have cooler temperatures.

Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913), the scientist and scholar who contributed to the theory of human evolution, wrote in his book in 1870,

Nature never over-endows a species beyond the needs of everyday existence.

Alfred Russell Wallace

That’s where the trouble is. The problem is we all are over-endowed as a species.

When we showed up 200,000 years ago, we already had advanced capabilities that set us apart from other species.

When we showed up, we had a brain that was 50% larger than our nearest primate relatives.

heart-brain communication 2021
Newsroom, “Evolution of Humans”

We had developed speech. We had advanced characteristics of thumbs and fingers that allowed us to do all kinds of work.

And we had what is called an EXTENDED and ADVANCED NEURAL NETWORK. No other form of life we know today on earth has these capabilities.

Our society has been doing heart transplants from one human to another since the 1960s. They have been relatively successful and they don’t happen necessarily every day.

But an average of maybe 5,000 heart transplants per year in the world.

A discovery took place exceedingly past due in 1991 which involved the human coronary heart.

It opened the door to an entirely new realm of possibilities of being fully completely human.

heart-brain communication
Medium, “A neural network in our brain”

The discovery is that scientists recognize we have approximately 40,000 specialized cells within our hearts. The arrangement is in a very precise manner.

These specialized cells are called SENSORY NEURONS. Neurons are present in the brain, right? They are responsible for storing and maintaining our reminiscence.

These specialized cells are similar to brain-like cells but not in the brain. They are present in our hearts.

These cells are referred to as the LITTLE BRAIN in our hearts. This isn’t a metaphor.

These cells experience, learn, and think independently of neurons in our brains.

Hence, we can take this as a shape of intelligence in our hearts that can perform and feature unbiased to our minds.

The amazing thing about these is they can be harmonized with the neurons in our brain to evoke our top-notch powers.

Before getting more deeper into this let me show you 2 incidents of how real these cells are.

Harmony between Heart and Mind | 2023

Incident – 1 on heart-brain communication

It’s very common for medical doctors to meet and share their research and experiences with other doctors at conferences.

It was also common for stories to arise where the successful recipient of a heart would begin to assume and feel different personalities and characteristics of the way they thought about themselves after the transplant.

So, one of the stories is of a woman who successfully got a heart transplant and received the heart of a male.

Usually, the donor information is not shared with the patient. Mostly it is sealed in the court. It can be discovered but usually, it’s not done.

So, after the transplant doctor asked the patient how she was feeling. She said it was all good. She said she was feeling hungry.

So, the doctor said he would ask the hospital to bring some food. She recoiled saying she doesn’t want hospital food.

heart-brain communication 2021

She had very specific kinds of cravings that she was asking for.

The fascinating thing was she was asking for types of food she had never eaten in her entire life before she received this heart. She wanted to have KFC fast food and she was pure vegetarian.

After getting released from the hospital, she wanted to find out whose heart she had received.

She did little investigative work as the records were sealed in court. She was able to do it and she found that the heart she had received was from a man who had died in a motorcycle accident.

And through his family, after having some conversation, she came to know that this man’s favorite diet was KFC.

Doctors, after finding these things take it as a coincidence and move to another heart transplant. Well, this happened time and time again.

But once a particular story changed everything.

Here’s that story.

You can read this book – The Wisdom Codes: Ancient Words to Rewire Our Brains and Heal Our Hearts by Gregg Braden, The best author, and my inspiration. It’s guaranteed you will learn much much more about our life and the gap between Science and Spirituality.

Incident – 2 on heart-brain communication

This story is of an 8-year-old girl in a small town in the Midwest. She received the heart of another little 10-year-old girl. Doctors usually try transplants within the same age range. So, the transplant went successfully.

Some strange things happened immediately. She started having a bad reoccurring dream kind of a nightmare. It was over and over again. It wasn’t every single night. But it was multiple times a week.

By that time it was common enough for doctors to recognize something odd was going on.  So, the doctor set her up with a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist recognized it was a typical dream that had the characteristics of memory.

The question was whose memory this little girl is having so frequently?

Genetic Literacy Project

So, they called a forensic artist so that the girl could detail her dream. The little girl began explaining her dream and the artist started sketching it.

She said the dream always begins at night. She finds herself in some forested area running very fast as someone is chasing her.

A big hairy man was chasing her and she tripped and fell down. The man then catches her, assaults her, and looking straight into her eyes he said very specific words.

The girl remembers it very correctly. And then the man killed her and took her life.

So, the artist now has the scenario designed and the words the man was speaking as he was taking this girl’s life.

This information was put out to the authorities and police in this small town. It wasn’t long before they found the man that matched the description.

They took him under their force and after questioning he broke down to all truth. He admitted that he had actually killed the girl in a forest area.

Here’s the fascinating thing. When the questioners were asking him the complete details, he recounted the very words to them that the girl had shared with the artist.

It was based on this evidence that the man was accused and convicted sentenced and now serving time in jail.

This was only feasible because the memory of a girl who was killed was preserved in the cells of her heart that are now in the body of another girl. 

The neurons in the heart preserve this information.

From these stories it clear how actual is the memory in our hearts is. It’s the literal storage of impressions of recollections we all have.

But the heart has its own language. It speaks to us in a language different than our minds.

So, we now recognize that these unique cells in the heart perform three functions. They learn, they remember and they think independently of the cells in our brain.

They can also be tuned and harmonized to function together with the brain.

my blind bird

Think about this! Two separate organs a heart and a mind share an extended neural network that was made possible by the genetic fusion that happened 200,000 years ago.

We usually tend to ignore the intuition that comes from our hearts.

There are cultures such as Kogi (in South America), where when the children are born, they emphasize on developing the thinking and memory in the heart first.

Then they are allowed to merge into the world with all other physical activities to engage their thinking mind.

They learn the mind through the world of their mind whereas we are conditioned to learn the heart through the world of our mind.

So, what does it mean to have this kind of potential in our life?

When we harmonize our heart and mind collectively it gives us our super abilities as a human. This is where the miracles begin.

We can think and remedy problems virtually in no time.

This harmonizing the heart and the mind opens the door to our subconscious mind which has super-computing power and memory.

We don’t need to head under hypnosis or be in an altered state. That’s why are also called “Self-healers”.

Harmonize heart and brain
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You may assume why we need to get entry into our subconscious mind, right?

Here’s the answer.

Right from the moment you are in your mom’s womb, you begin to absorb information in your mind like a sponge.

Till the age of six, all the patterns of nature enter into your subconscious mind. This is called a brain state. And it’s the natural way of preparing us to deal with the outer world.

We absorb these patterns unconsciously so that we learn how to respond.

Now suppose we aren’t born into a rich family, we will be dealing with patterns in our relationships with lovers, friends, siblings, parents, and our own bodies all linking back to these subconscious patterns.

This may not be the healthiest pattern and it’s through the access of the subconscious that we can change this.

We can set new healthy vibrant patterns where we affirm life by access to the subconscious. Harmonizing the brain and heart gives us access to extraordinary deep intuition ON DEMAND.

How many times did you think of calling someone and the next moment you received their call?

This ought to have come about in plenty of different situations too, right?

This is one of the forms of intuition our heart gives also called Heart Intelligence. It is spontaneous. You don’t plan this. This is deep intuition.

They happen when they happen and we can just increase and make them happen on our demand by harmonizing heart and brain.

Harmonize the Heart and Mind

Now the next question that arises is how can we trigger these intuitions? How to harmonize the heart and mind? Let’s get into it.

Your body interprets heart-brain harmony as healing, as love and this is how we love our bodies in a language our bodies recognize.

On harmonizing, we set up a conversation between heart and mind and this conversation triggers over 1300 positive biochemical reactions, anti-aging hormones kick into overdrive, powerful immune response kicks into overdrive. Just from this heart-brain communication.

Most ancient spiritual traditions know about this Heart Intelligence and they integrate it in their daily life.

They don’t use or need science to explain it. So, everything we are talking about is neurons in our hearts.  

These neurons begin to connect with other neurons and form the network between the heart and the brain.

So, each time you are attempting to learn something new you can go through the motion “fake it till you make it.

Say them phonetically time and again. The growth of neurons doesn’t happen in an hour or in a day.

What scientists have found out is that it takes 72 hours to construct a brand-new neural community.

It takes 3 days to permit us to embody new things that we have asked for. In this way, we create our own life on our own will and that too consciously which no other form of life can do.

heart and brain

Hard times do lead to the transformation of heart and mind. People become more sensitive to the outer world. Easily get trapped in their emotions. However, this is not true for everyone.

When I was in depression my mind was continuously in search of ways to overcome it. Hence, I landed up in Spirituality.

What we must keep in mind is that everything is temporary. Time changes are the only constant rule of the entire cosmos. It doesn’t wait for anyone.

Also, we are here to live life to the fullest. It also includes negative experiences. We must go through everything to taste life.

Endnote for heart-brain communication

I hope this article has given you insights into heart-brain communication.

In our next article, we will read about the actual techniques that need to be done physically and mentally to awaken these potentials of super learning, and deep intuition in our life.

There are three steps to follow to achieve Heart Intelligence. Till then share in the comment section any intuition that ever turned out to be true.

Also, tell me what kind of powers you think we can get after achieving this harmony. In case, you are new here, you can read my first article on my journey towards spirituality and the definition of spirituality.

You can contact us here in case of any suggestions. To know more about such topics go through My Blind Bird.

Thank you.

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