May 3, 2021

List of 9 Best Statistics Book for Data Science USA UK 2022

Topic – Best Statistics Book for Data Science | USA UK | 2022

Is Data Science all about coding?

Certainly, it’s a NO!

Data Science is not only the most rapidly emerging field in technology, but also, one of the technologies that will become more challenging day by day!

To stay as a good fit in the competition, you not only need to have great coding and problem-solving skills but also need to be a master in Statistics and Probability Theories.

What are the Best Statistics Book for Data Science?

This subject not only consists of computations and programming. Getting an idea of what you will program, and what result you desire requires a lot of mathematics.

So, in this article, we will discuss the 9 best Statistics books for Data Science that can help you reach heights in this domain.

Always remember one thing before setting yourself up to learn anything –

Technology is just a mere implementation of big theories.

So, let’s introduce you to the List of 9 Best Statistics Books for Data Science USA UK 2022.

1. Naked Statistics

List of 9 Best Statistics Book for Data Science
Naked Statistics

It’s an apt title. Charles Wheelan strips away the superfluous outer garments and exposes the underlying beauty of the subject in a way that everyone can appreciate. —Hal Varian, chief economist at Google

This book perfectly entangles with its title. Revealing and unleashing the secrets of statistics in a simplistic approach, will never bore you.

The author explains all the concepts of statistics – basic and advanced with real-life examples.

2. The Data Science Handbook

The Data Science Handbook in 2021 best datascience books for beginners
The Data Science Handbook

If you are a newcomer in Statistics, or even an advanced guy doing probabilistic computations, this book is for anyone and everyone!

It contains information in the form of questions and answers from various leading data scientists. This helps you in learning useful things quickly and effectively!

The Best part?

This book builds upon python basics – ipython, using Jupyter, numpy, pandas, and matplotlib.

The icing on the cake is the machine learning part at the end, where the author discusses some important ML models.

(One of the Best Statistics Book for Data Science)

3. Head First Statistics: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Head First Statistics A Brain Friendly Guide best data sciecnce books for beginners
Head First Statistics A Brain Friendly

The book is like the others of the Head First series: easy to read, clear, and with lots of examples. The author makes sure to make Statistics your best friend, rather than an enemy!

The book is a great start to refresh everything you have already learned in a detailed manner. It covers all the concepts for first-level Statistics till the most advanced topics.

If you are looking for a Theory made easy book, this is the best one to try. 

4. Practical Statistics for Data Scientists

Practical Statistics for Data Scientists in 2021 book
Practical Statistics for Data Scientists

This book is for anyone who is stepping into the field of ‘Data Science’ as a professional and needs to brush up on their skills in elementary statistics.

This book covers all the topics that are needed for data science. It is a quick and easy reference.

If you are a beginner, this is not the book for you. But if you already know the concepts and need a refresher, this is exactly what you are looking for.

Very crisp explanations. Up to the point!

5. Think Stats

List of 9 Best Statistics Book for Data Science in 2021 usa

This book is about turning knowledge into data

….and it does a very good job of introducing statistical concepts through practical implementations of data analysis.

If you are a person who looks for theory along with implementations- you will find lots of fun in the book!

It is a must-have book for all data science enthusiasts, as it covers all essential topics in a clear way!

Think Stats, is completely written in python, which makes the model understandable to programmers. If you are new to programming you might take a python course before starting this book.

6. Statistics in Plain English

Statistics in Plain English in 2021
Statistics in Plain English

This is a straightforward and yet comprehensive treatment of Statistics.

This book gives students a basic understanding of statistics without bogging them down with too many equations and complex examples.

It has exactly the right recipes and information needed to understand statistical concepts from both a

and practical perspective.

The author’s style of writing is extremely engaging and helpful as he balances his explanations of theory and analyses with many real-world examples.

7. Bayesian Methods for Hackers

Bayesian Methods for Hackers: Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Inference

If you are the one who is looking for a book dealing with the uncertainty of mathematics- Probability Theory, this is a goldmine for you!

Bayesian methods can be quite difficult to understand.

This book is aimed firmly at programmers (so some Python is a prerequisite), explains Bayesian methods from a programmer’s perspective.

 It not only covers theories of Bayesian methods but also examples that readers can run on their own computers.

Experimenting and reading is key for grasping major principles!

8. Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers

Applied Statistics Book for enginners in 2021

This book is very much useful for those who want to improve their statistics knowledge. The author has given so many real-life problems!

The easy-to-understand approach will definitely become a better choice for you if you are a self-learner!

 Teaching you everything you want to know about statistics through engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking material, this book will be worth your time!

9. Statistics without Tears: An Introduction for Non-Mathematicians

(Last book in the List of 9 Best Statistics Book for Data Science)

Statistics without Tears: An Introduction for Non-Mathematicians ds book india

 This book is for those who have never studied statistics before or are finding it difficult to understand the basic concepts. The best thing is unlike other books this is short and precise yet brings clarity on the topic. 


The only prerequisite to studying this book is common sense and an eagerness to learn.

If you are planning to study statistics, you may start with this one. As mentioned in the title, it’s a non-mathematical introduction to all the basic concepts of statistics.

Concluding Best Statistics Book for Data Science

There are hundreds of Best Statistics Book for Data Science. Don’t be confused with the huge chunk of books. Pick one, and get your hands dirty with every page of that book!

We can assure you that with these 9 books we selected for you, you will certainly become a skilled data scientist if you learn wholeheartedly!

This concludes the topic List of 9 Best Statistics Book for Data Science USA UK 2021.

Hope you found this article useful! In case of any queries feel free to contact us.

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Happy Learning!

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