April 25, 2021

Data Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet | Beginner to Advanced |2022

TopicData Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet | Machine learning algorithms for beginners

Starting your journey in Data Science and Machine Learning is indeed a big step!

But are you the one who believes in smart work than hard work?

Then this article is for you!

Data Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet 2022

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is an exponentially evolving subject, and it is of no doubt, that there is a rapid advancement in AI technology, every single day!

So, there is an uncountable number of algorithms, concepts, and software packages rolling up the AI tech! As a beginner, it is hard to grasp all algorithms at once, and also not a good practice.

But, certainly, there are some basic concepts, and algorithms that are mandatory to get a grip of, if you want to pursue a career in Data Science or AI domains later.

What is a cheat sheet, and how does it help?

data science cheat sheet

Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms deal with training structured data, in a machine-understandable form, and then explicitly program those algorithms designed to make predictions from the learned data.

There are hundreds of algorithms there, each serving a specific purpose. And, as a beginner, you won’t be experienced enough to remember all at a time, and use them as and when required.

Here comes the role of cheat sheet, which contains necessary information about all important topics jotted down in one place, for anytime help!

Keeping a handy cheat sheet with you will help you a lot while determining the necessary algorithm to chose before coding it for your specific problem!

Tips, Tricks, and Guidelines to follow while using the Cheat Sheets-

Tips and Tricks

  • Always keep the cheat sheet available with you, when you need to revise things fast, for example- some hours before an interview, or maybe a viva, or exam.
  • Try to gather at least 2 to 3 cheat sheets on the same topic from different sources and concatenate them, so you won’t miss out on anything.
  • Practice looking through cheat sheets rather than spending time on making handwritten notes- smart work buddy!
  • Try to paste cheat sheets on your workspace, so that whenever your eyes click them, you will revise a certain thing!


  • Don’t use cheat sheets as a method for “cheating”. Try to learn things quickly, but be honest to yourself, or you will land yourself in failure.
  • Don’t try to limit yourself to cheat sheets. The cheat sheet contains formulas, and algorithms, which you can only understand once you have a good knowledge of the theory.
  • Don’t confuse yourself by using too many cheat sheets for a single topic. Make your understanding precise and clear.

Data Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet [Latest] 2022


The best Data Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet, according to the latest algorithms, are given below! Make sure to click on them and download the data science cheat sheet pdf!

  1. Cheat Sheet 1 – Data Analysis Cheat Sheet
  2. Cheat Sheet 2 – Data Science Cheat Sheet
  3. Cheat Sheet 3 – Machine Learning (Formulas)
  4. Cheat Sheet 4 – Machine Learning (full cheat sheet on machine learning algorithms in python and r pdf)
  5. Cheat Sheet 5 – Machine Learning (Sci kit Learn)
  6. Cheat Sheet 6 – Data Cleaning
  7. Cheat Sheet 7 – Data Mining
  8. Cheat Sheet 8 – Hadoop
  9. Cheat Sheet 9 – Microsoft Azure ML Algorithms

These 9 Data Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet can play a huge role in shaping your career to become a Data Scientist, ML engineer, Data Analyst, and much more!

Use them in the correct way, and see how far you succeed!


There are lots of cheat sheets out on the internet. They compose of varying quality.

Some cover vastly different topics which are all considered to be under the “data science” buzzword. Some are great, some are good, many are not worth your time. 

So, we have chosen these 9 best cheat sheets,designed for beginner to advanced level!

You will never feel out of track with these awesome cheat-sheets!

This concludes the topic Data Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet.

Give your opinions about this Data Science Algorithms Cheat Sheet in the comment section. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us!

Happy Learning!

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