January 23, 2020

How I began my journey towards spirituality at the age of 22

I think we can all agree that having goals in life is very important, right? And the process also seems simple enough.

Target a goal, make a plan, stick to it, be disciplined towards it, and then eventually it will all work out.

There’s something called spirituality and spirituality definition with its true inner meaning answers the ways to achieve our goals.

I bet you will agree with me that, it is easier said than done.

How many times you made a full-fledged master plan and felt that now no one can stop you from achieving it? In my case, the answer is “countless!”

I have set many goals in my life and I failed many times. Till then, I had literally mastered failing.

Statistics say that only around 9-10% of people who set new year’s resolution actually follow them. And out of this 10% of people, around 80% of people fail at getting success.

Quite scary, isn’t it?

In the journey of finding the reason behind this continuous pattern of failure, I came across the world of Spirituality.

What is Spirituality definition

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In brief, it is a feeling of connection between ourselves and something bigger than us (the Universe). Spirituality definition the true inner meaning mostly involves finding the purpose of life.

I came across this stuff in my 5th semester of engineering. I have been practicing and exploring this field for 15+ months now.

After watching more than 500 videos and reading more than 50-60 articles approximately, I got a quiet deep insight into spirituality definition.

Insights that brought peace in my life, insights which added meaning to my life.

The universe is said to have infinite potential and we, humans, are referred to as INFINITE BEING

For many decades, a lot of experiments have been performed to understand the working of this universe.

There are many well-documented pieces of research and experiments performed which reveals the SECRET of the UNIVERSE.

Many indigenous traditions, Egyptian traditions, etc are teaching us spirituality for ages. The purpose of life is to live it and experience it the utmost.

The spiritual beliefs are not only limited to practicing yoga, inner peace or meditation. It is much more than that. It is not limited to any religion instead, it is above it.

In coming articles, we will also see the idea of spirituality vs religion and how it affects our life.

We have neurosciences and cultural anthropology which tells us that we remember the things we can picture.

Our mind doesn’t hold on to data or words. We need stories and when we create those stories, those experiences get manifest in our life.

Our mind can grasp visual things quickly and can retain it for a longer period of time. Hence, visualization is used as one of the tools to manifest your dreams.

There’s a famous quote from Einstein, “Logic can take you from A to B. But imagination can take you anywhere”.

Albert Einstein and his friend also contributed a lot in understanding the working of this universe. I will share all of their fascinating theories in upcoming posts.

spirituality vs religion

A great yogi once said, “Be realistic and believe in miracles.” This is also the tagline of this website.

Magic has the ability to inspire wonder, to bring out that five-year-old in everyone.

It’s about questioning your reality, about shared experiences, about transcending barriers of age, race, religion, etc.

Magic is about people, emotions, it’s about experiencing moments of genuine human connection. Spirituality makes us believe in magic and miracles.

The area between the possible and impossible is where the magic of the universe exists.

If every word you said were a wish to the universe, would you still say the same thing that you did yesterday?

Your thoughts echo throughout the universe. Make sure to put out only the one which you want back. It is well said that in life, you don’t get what you want, instead, you get what you are.

And what are you?

You are a complete reflection of your thoughts, your beliefs, your feelings, and your attitude.

If you understand this completely and understand this equation of thoughts and reality about how it works, you can’t afford to have wrong belief systems.

Consider this example. When a small child learns to walk and when he trips against a chair or any other object, he starts crying.

At that time if we did not teach him that there was a mistake in his walking and instead to make him stop crying, we console that child.

We will hit the chair and say that it was the chair’s fault and not yours. We blame that object so that the child feels better.

This might be a small thing but this is what he learns and he learned it at that very moment itself.

From next time whenever the child fell down, he will surely think that it wasn’t his fault.

Do you think he will learn to walk with this belief?

Originally kids are very pure. They don’t know about fear, anger or jealousy. They don’t know about competition or comparisons.

Who taught them all this? Before the child goes to playschool, we teach them that there is competition, you have to score more than others, get ahead of everyone else, etc.

This belief system gets transmitted to them from us. We never teach them that their own performance matters. It is always compared with others.

This reminds me of a very famous saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap.

Now how can you make out that your belief system is right or wrong?

And if it is wrong how to correct it?

I will be sharing all these questions and answers which I have learned and experienced, in this one year.

Trust me once you understand this, you will be much more at peace and I believe the world needs more of peace, more of love.

You can’t change the world alone but you can change yourself and it will definitely contribute to make a world a better place to live.

My Blind bird

Throughout this article, you might have felt that many different things are introduced in different paragraphs.

The concept of spirituality is very diversified. Many things like the law of vibration, attraction, law of the universe, and originated from this.

I will share with you all the scientific proofs and experiences about this Magical Universe in this series.

Comment down whether you believe in Spirituality or not. In case you have any queries, you can contact us.

Thank you

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