October 31, 2021

Top 6 Car Insurance For International Drivers in USA UK 2022

Top 6 Car Insurance For International Drivers in USA UK

Are you someone who is confused about purchasing car insurance? Do you not want to regret it after purchasing insurance? Well, I got you covered. Stay with me till the end to find out car insurance for international drivers in USA UK.

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Look, the first step is to convince your mind that ‘why‘ you need car insurance. Answering a ‘why’ is necessary before taking any small or big steps.

Why is car insurance needed?

You have purchased your car. Repeating it, you have purchased your DREAM car that you wanted forever. It is so stylish and hot that anyone can get jealous of your car. Proud moment for you, right?

But here comes an incident that you have never anticipated.

You gave your car to your friend for a ride (boys ride!). He is a good driver but suddenly started driving recklessly. And after a moment, it got hit by another car………

Now, what???

Nothing happened to you or your friend, but what about the car?

The hot car got scratches all over the body. Now you are sitting with a grumpy face, not knowing what to do now!

Who will be responsible for this now? You or your friend or the other car? 

Let me be honest. At this time you won’t think about anything other than your car. ‘How will I cover up the damage?’ This question is surely going to haunt you.

This is why you NEED car insurance. If your car is insured, you don’t have to worry about its coverage costs during any damage. 

According to 2018 reports of Statista, there were approx 5 million car crashes,1.8 million injuries, and 34 thousand deaths, only in the U.S. 

Still, searching for reasons to purchase? Stop and convince your mind to buy it. That’s the only motivation you need right now.

For most states in the US, it is mandatory to have auto insurance. So it’s better to keep yourself, your family, and your car safe during any unexpected situation.

What are the types of car insurance? 

If you are looking for car insurance for international drivers in USA UK, then you have overall four options or you may say four types of insurances:

  • Liability coverage car insurance for international drivers in usa UK:

What do you mean by ‘liability’? Generally, liability means something that you need to pay off. Here the same happens. Confused? Let me illustrate.

For instance, if you hit a car and it caused great damage to the other car or the other people, then who is responsible? You, right? 

In this case, liability coverage car insurance will cover the damage, medical expenses of the other party (and not yours). Hence, your liability will not stay yours anymore. 

  •  Comprehensive coverage car insurance for international drivers in usa UK:

Let’s say, someone stole your car today. But if you have comprehensive coverage car insurance, then you can chill because they will cover the car cost-efficiently.

Not only theft, but it also covers other risk factors like floods, weather damage, fire.

Remember the incident I narrated at the start of the article. In this case, they won’t cover you or your car during a collision.

  • Collision coverage car insurance for international drivers in usa UK:

Let’s recall the first incident again. As I said, your sexy car is now damaged completely. What will you do now?

Don’t you worry! If you have collision coverage then they will cover up the cost of the damaged car. In simple words, collision coverage covers the car at the time of the collision.

Now you may get confused about the different types of insurance. For you, I have prepared key takeaways points that will make the topic easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. 

Key takeaways

  • Liability coverage covers damage caused to the third party for which you were held responsible.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers your car where the damage was caused by fire, theft, flood, or vandalism.
  • Collision coverage covers your car during a collision.

Till now, you have understood the types of car insurance for international drivers in USA UK. 

Let’s get started with the car insurance for international drivers in USA UK

List of Car Insurance For International Drivers in USA UK –

1. State Farm

Being the leading car insurance company in the U.S, State Farm has been providing insurance for the last 100 years straight. The best thing is that it offers various kinds of car insurance. If you are a teen, you can opt for auto insurance for teen drivers.

Same way, you can choose insurance for rental cars or insurance for sports cars and many others. Wanna know something amazing? They are the LARGEST car insurance for international drivers in USA UK. 

Anyway, now let’s look at the coverage options. These are: 

  • Collision insurance: They will cover your car during any collision or accident.
  • Rental insurance: If you drive a rental car then this insurance is going to be worth it for you. Your rental car can also be covered, in case of any unexpected circumstances. 
  • Comprehensive insurance: They also provide comprehensive insurance. Meaning, they will cover your damage that is caused by theft, wind, flood, or fire.
  • Rideshare insurance: Many people use their personal cars in ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft. If you are among those, they will cover your losses too through their rideshare insurance. 
Bonus: You will get a lot of exciting discounts if you wish to choose State Farm insurance. I bet you don’t want to miss this. Here you go! Check the website

2. Aviva

As a resident of the UK, having ‘third party’ car insurance is an essential part of life. Aviva, offering multi-car cover, is considered to be one of the best car insurance for international drivers in uk. It offers more than the ‘basic level’ car insurance. Also, you can get many insurance options like home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and of course car insurance. 

Let’s take a look at the coverages

It has a comprehensive coverage plan. Inside the plan, you can get top-notch options like:

  • Uninsured driver promise: After any collision, they will pay the amount to the car that is not insured.
  • The car placed safely after a collision: If you feel that the car is not safe to drive after a mini or major accident, they will safely place the car in your home or at the repair shop. 
  • Guarantee on repairs: After repairing from their trusted repairs, you will get constant 3 years of guarantee from them. 

Tip: The insurance starts from as low as £196. You won’t get any cheap and cool offer ever. Don’ think. Apply it on their website


With almost 85 years of working, GEICO is considered to be the ‘best fit’ for today’s customers. Why would you choose GEICO? GEICO offers insurances that are completely customizable according to your needs. You say your requirements, they will get you covered 100%. They have plenty of choices when it comes to GEICO’s car insurance for international drivers in USA

Let’s see what they can provide you:

  • Bodily injury coverage
  • Property damage coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Medical coverage
  • And any coverage you want!
  • Best Car Insurance For International Drivers in USA UK

Wait, it didn’t end here! You can manage your policy seamlessly with their GEICO app and get support 24×7. Also, GEICO secured a 97% customer rating, which means you do not have to worry about your satisfaction.

Free advice: You will get super-duper discounts like military discounts, senior driver discounts, students driver discounts, and a lot more! If I were you, I would have never missed this opportunity. So, go and jump to their website.

4. Dial Direct

While helping 1 million customers, Dial Direct became the leading market for car insurance in the UK. Dial Direct will provide you with tailored insurance that is perfect for you and your family. They are serving people with insurance needs, packing a rating of 4.9 out of 5. 

They offer three kinds of coverages. Such as:

  • Comprehensive coverage

Under comprehensive coverage, they cover:

  •  Damage to your car during accidents.
  •  Damage to your glass.
  •  Uninsured motorist.
  • Third-party and theft, fire

Under this, Dial Direct covers:

  •   Car damaged by fire, theft, or any other vandalism.
  •   Any other third party got injured or died.
  •    Damage to any other third-party’s property.
  • Third-party only

Under third-party only, they will cover:

  •    Death or damage caused to third-party.
  •   Damage caused to any third-party’s property.

Quick question: Do you need a claim? Cool! Land on their website.

5. Nationwide

An insurance ensuring your peace of mind and body is Nationwide, hands down. Nationwide is massive car insurance for international drivers in USA. With its smart ride and smartMiles, you can easily save your penny after having the insurance. 

It covers the following:

  • Comprehensive coverages
  • Collision coverages
  • Uninsured motorist coverages

Along with these, Nationwide also provides:

  • Gap coverage: This denotes that they will cover the extra cost that lies between the depreciated value of the car and the value that you owe to your car. 
  • Roadside assistance: During any emergency, you will get them anytime. Furthermore, if you or your family members travel in another’s car, roadside assistance will still be there for you all. 

Secret: If you wish to take auto insurance and other insurances like homeowners, rental, or life insurance, you will get a discount of 20%. So what are you even waiting for? Check their website. You may call +1-877-669-6877 to get your claim. 

6. Hastings Direct

Defaqto rated 5 stars to the cheapest car insurance, Hastings Direct. Well, do you know about Defaqto? Defaqto is a fintech business helping people invest their pennies wisely. Coming to the point, Hastings Direct provides single car insurance as well as multi-car insurance based in the UK. Additionally, they provide numerous benefits and lots and lots of extras. 

The coverages are listed below:

  • Third-party
  • Third-party, fire, and theft
  • Comprehensive

More benefits: Sign up for Hastings Direct to get other options like telematics insurance and other business call policies. Click here to get access to their website. 

This was the last one in our list of best Car Insurance For International Drivers in USA UK.

General FAQs on Car Insurance For International Drivers in USA UK 2022

Can I get car insurance if I’m a non-resident of the U.S?

If you are a non-resident, it will be difficult for you to get car insurance. This is simply because car insurance companies require a U.S license before offering insurance. You have two solutions for this: 1)

  • If you go to the U.S for vacation, you can go for rented cars. 2) If you stay in the U.S for a long time, there are some insurance companies(like Zebra) that offer car insurance for non-residents. Hope it helps!
  • Can I get car insurance with a visa?

    The best thing to do in this situation is to get a rented car that has car insurance. You can easily get a rented car with your visa. Yes, some additional charges may be added on but the whole process will get easier and less complex. 

    What is the cost of car insurance in the U.S?

    Varies. But as per Bankrate data, on average, the cost of car insurance is $1674 per month which is approx $139.50 per month.
    The data also reveals that Louisiana is the most expensive state for car insurance, with an average of $2,724/year.
    On the other hand, Maine offers the cheapest insurance rates, at only $965/year.

    Concluding Car Insurance For International Drivers in USA UK 2022

    In this tech-crazy world, we are evolving every single day. Hence, we are left with bunches of options for each and everything. Due to various options, choosing worthy car insurance may seem like a daunting task. For this, I’ve gathered the top 6 car insurance for international drivers in USA UK. 

    The list starts with State Farm insurance company followed by Aviva, GEICO, Dial Direct, Nationwide, and ends with Hastings Direct.

    Among all the others, companies like State Farm, GEICO, and Nationwide are solely based in the USA and are also recommended by Forbes. Whereas, Aviva, Dial Direct, and Hastings Direct are based in the UK.

    I hope this article cleared all your doubts regarding car insurance for international drivers in USA and UK. Don’t forget to like the article, comment, and also share the article with someone struggling with car insurance.

    Thank you for making it to the end! This concludes the topic of best Car Insurance For International Drivers in the USA and UK in 2022.

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