August 12, 2021

Best Music Schools in Canada 2021

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Amidst the swarm of myriad undergraduate programs in business, sciences, arts, music is steadily finding ground. More graduates are choosing to study music because of the diverse specializations it offers. Students can choose to pursue studies in music theory, music history, music business, and music psychology.

Not only this, many undergraduate music schools have dual degrees where a student can pursue music along with another field of their choice. With several courses to choose from, deciding the right music school for you is imperative.

With options ranging from song composition, instrumental music, and music production, one can find a curated course for themselves which aligns with their interests. We have gathered a list of the 6 best undergraduate schools for music. 

List of Best Music Schools in Canada 2021 –

1. McGill’s Schulich School of Music

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The university offers students education in Opera, Jazz, Contemporary music. It specializes in sound recording and music technology. The students have an opportunity to participate in 700 musical concerts and events a year. Students can minor in courses such as Music Entrepreneurship, Conducting, and Musical Application of Technology. B.Mus. applicants are encouraged to pursue non-music courses such as management studies, arts minor, science minors.

The university maintains a Music and Performing Arts library that gives students access to multimedia recordings and music DVDs. Music education is available to students at undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels. 

Most undergraduate courses offered by the university take four years to complete. A practice examination measures the skill of a student. Throughout the program, students appear for the three practical exams during the entire duration of their course. For the benefit of students, the university offers free elective and music electives in the winter semester. 

2. University of British Columbia

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The next on the queue is a university that specializes in music composition and production. The university course in music offers Bachelor’s degrees in music, Bachelor of Arts degrees in music, double majors degrees, dual degrees, minor music degrees, and music education diplomas. Students participate in solo and ensemble performances and get to choose liberal arts electives with their majors. The ensembles in the university vary in size- large and small ones. The Symphony Orchestra, Opera, and Choir are large ensembles with almost 110 students. 

Students of the university have access to the University of British Columbia’s performing arts concert hall Chan Centre and the Gessler Multimedia Teaching Studio. The university also offers scholarships for students of all years based on merit. Both Canadian students and International students are eligible for over 20 scholarships. The Bachelor of Arts Music program runs for a four-year-long duration. This course requires an audition and composition submission by the student for acceptance into the university.

3. University of Manitoba

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The programs offered by the university are Bachelor in Music, Music minor, and a Diploma in Performance music for undergraduate study. The Bachelor in Music program is four years long. It allows students to choose majors in music general, music history, music performance, music theory, music composition, and music education. Students must have a minimum level of musicianship that is comparable to the certification by the Royal Conservatory of Music.

The faculty to student ratio is 1:5, where students avail scholarships and bursaries worth more than $ 600,000. The university has over 20 ensembles for student performances such as Jazz Orchestra, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Voice Ensembles, and more. Participation in the ensemble is open to all students pursuing a music program. The university is well equipped with rehearsal rooms, a music library, recording studios, and labs. 

4. University of Alberta – Best Music Schools in Canada

list of  Best Music Schools in Canada in 2021
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The undergraduate study in music at the University of Alberta consists of a Bachelor of Music which specializes in general studies, performance, music theory, and music composition. The Dual Bachelor in Music and Education equips students for careers in music education in a school setting. The program lasts for a duration of five years. Bachelor of Arts is an Honours degree along with a major or minor in music. The university also offers certification in World Sound Arts. It is a diploma program that studies western music, electroacoustic music, world music, and more.

The first year of study includes English and an elective other than the Music department. Students can choose between music academic courses and performance courses. Bachelor in Music students can select a major in an instrument of their choice.

5. University of Western Ontario

list of  Best Music Schools in Canada in 2021
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The courses available for students under the music program are Bachelors in Music, Bachelors in Arts with majors in Popular Music Studies, Music Administrative Studies, Music Recording Arts, and minor in performances. The students enrolled for a Bachelors in Music study music theory, music history and enhance their music skills such as ear training, sightseeing, and keyboard harmony. The Bachelor of Arts program requires a grade 8 education in classic /pop music experience. The course includes classes in songwriting, song analysis, recording practice, and a study of musical styles and genres. The music Degree also offers specialization in Music and Politics and Music Education in Action. 

A student is required to sit for a questionnaire, music theory assessment, and an interview or audition. The university has nine large ensembles where students participate in Wind ensembles, Opera, Chorale, Symphonic Band, and more. Students participate in weekly lessons with experienced musicians and are also a part of a student-peer mentoring program.

6. McMaster University

list of  Best Music Schools in Canada in 2021
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McMaster University offers four-year-long music programs to students during which they prepare students with music instruction, general musicianship, music theory, music history, and music performance. The courses offered by the university are Honours Bachelors of Music along with majors in music cognition, combined Honours Bachelor of Arts in Music with another subject, Bachelors of Arts Music and a Minor in Music. They offer a diploma in Music Performance which a student receives along with an Honours degree. 

The university has seven ensembles. The instruments used in the ensembles are flute, chamber orchestra, jazz band, concert band, choice, percussion, and vocals. Students are required to participate in at least one of the seven ensembles. The music program offers private instruction to the student in the instruments selected by them. Students participate in public, the student concert series, and chamber groups. It is optional for students to study music along with another social science or humanities subject.

Concluding Best Music Schools in Canada

Music programs in Canada are available with various variations and can be curated to meet student interests. One can pursue a four-year Honours degree or a five-year Integrated degree or a shorter Dual degree. Above is a list of the best universities that offer undergraduate education in music. If you are planning to pursue your career and future education in music, be sure to consider these universities for your education. This concludes the topic of Best Music Schools in Canada 2021.

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