September 13, 2021

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Best Yoga Blocks And Straps USA 2021

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Yoga Blocks often prove to be a great asset to cater to your comfort and flexibility while sitting in those composite postures that may lead to physical injuries or serious health issues if not done at your optimal level.

No more worrying about the pain or the discomfort in sitting for long hours with these latest Yoga Blocks. Read on to pick out the one that suits you the most! 

Yoga is a noble practice that not only benefits you physically but it also offers a lot of spiritual benefits as well. It can help you discover the harmony between the heart and mind and keep you physically and mentally at peace.

However, a beginner in the world of yoga usually has a hard time getting comfortable with the different poses and exercises that require immense stability.

The essential skills in yoga include flexibility, grace, and sheer balance, which come with time. It is a pious result of dedication and of course a little help from different yoga accessories!

There are a lot of accessories in the market that can help you to elevate your yoga skills. They help not just as a beginner but also as an advanced yogi.

Yoga blocks and straps are such props that help you progress in the fundamental areas no matter what type of yoga you practice.

Let us dive and find out more about these yoga blocks and straps and list out some of the best ones you can buy for yourself in 2022.

What are Yoga Blocks and why do beginners need to use them?

Yoga blocks are simply the props used to facilitate the yogi’s poses. They help with the proper alignment and release tension to let you remain calm easily while you exercise.

When you read the word “Yoga Block”, you might envision a hard lump or a thick cushion but that’s not the case at all!

Most of the yoga blocks are made of materials such as foam, bamboo, or cork in order to provide a very smooth and comfortable experience for the user. 

As a beginner, you might not be able to flex your muscles to the extent that is considered optimal. Any degree of stretching more than your body can take can lead to serious health issues.

That’s when yoga blocks come to your rescue, to help you to match your level of flexibility as a beginner. They help you to perform the poses easily while minimizing injury.

How to use Yoga Blocks and straps? (3 Easy poses you can try at home today)

Having known what yoga blocks actually are, you’d want to know how one can use these blocks and straps to maximize the benefit from your yoga sessions.

The key to using yoga blocks efficiently is by avoiding the huge stress of your whole weight on the block. 

Instead, the major percentage of your weight should be used to stretch the muscles you are trying to elongate and then use the block to prevent straining and thus act as a support. Some of the poses you can try are:

  • Pigeon Pose – In this pose, you can position your yoga block underneath the sit bone of the leg that is across your body. This will help you take the pressure off your knees.
  • Bridge Pose – In this pose, the yoga block will help you keep your thighs shoulder distance apart and keep your knees aligned.
  • The Side Stretch – While stretching your arms and shoulders, the grasp of the yoga strap will help you to stretch optimally at your level.

Are Yoga Blocks and Straps even worth it?

Yes! There are ample reasons that make yoga blocks and straps a perfect addition to your yoga routine!

  • Add Length

One of the most significant operations of a yoga block is to decrease the distance between you and the ground in order to facilitate and modify yoga poses to match your level of flexibility.

With the help of a yoga block, you can easily modify a challenging pose to your own limitations to free your body from stress and pain.

  • Build Good Alignment Habits

If you can’t breathe properly in a specific pose and eventually feel uncomfortable, then it won’t be of any benefit for you. Again, yoga blocks will come to your rescue by helping you with the proper body alignment.

  • Add Support

Yoga blocks are the essential props for improving your balance and developing significant strength for more advanced positions.

With the help of yoga blocks, you can easily learn at your own pace and advance to complex asanas when you’re ready.

What to look for in the best yoga blocks?

All of the yoga blocks out there, may all look the same but subtle variations in shape, size and material can greatly impact its key features like heaviness, working life, and portability. 

Some of the factors to look out for when buying the best yoga blocks for yourself have been listed here:

  • Material

Wooden blocks:

Originally Yoga blocks were made of wood, such as pine or bamboo. Wooden yoga blocks are perhaps the most durable option available on the market.

Yoga blocks made of wood are sturdy and are perfect for building strength and helpful in various balancing exercises. They offer a very pleasant and natural look. 

However, the wood yoga blocks can be costly, somewhat heavy, and have limited portability.

Foam blocks:

They are affordable, super lightweight, and ideal for beginner yogis. Foam blocks tend to be softer and squishier when compared to wooden yoga blocks. 

Owing to their lightweight, some of the foam yoga blocks may not be able to support your body weight, and may even collapse

Cork blocks:

Cork yoga blocks are less expensive than wooden blocks and are made of a natural and eco-friendly material. They are very durable and sturdy and don’t easily break when squeezed.

Although, these blocks are not as smooth and possess a flaky kind of texture, and are a little harder to clean due to their porous surface.

  • Shape

A conventional yoga block is usually in the form of a rectangular cube or a brick. However, some other shaped blocks are also available based on their specific usages

Egg-shaped blocks are used for reclining postures due to the curved design.

Hollow semi-circle blocks are greatly helpful for arm balancing.

Yoga wedges are used as additional support for sore wrists.

Let us now straight go to the list of the 11 most demanding yoga blocks and straps that are available for you to buy:

#11 GYSPOR Yoga Blocks 2 Pack Set with Strap

yoga blocks and straps

Kickstart your yoga journey with this yoga prop that helps you to gain the beginner’s confidence in your exercises. Made with safe and natural materials and tailored by the most professional craftsmen, it is the perfect addition to your yoga accessories.


Each yoga block measures 9(W) x 6(H) x 3(D) (inches) which is an ideal size to support, balance, and deepen poses.

These yoga blocks are made of smooth foam that is very resilient to impression marks. 

The material is non-stick, non-toxic, latex-free, and also with no smell. It doesn’t absorb sweat and is easy to clean.


The blocks may not be wide enough for some users.

The strap is not that thicker and may break for heavy loads.

#10 Arltb Yoga Block 2 Pack with Yoga Strap

yoga blocks and straps

Do you want to be more energetic and younger? Start feeling younger than ever with these yoga blocks as your helpful hand during your yoga sessions. They enhance stability and balance to reach your fitness goals faster.


Eco-Friendly and Durable – The blocks are made from durable, high density, and eco-friendly EVA foam.

The blocks can shorten the distance between the body and the ground in order to make your moves and poses easier and more comfortable.

Ideal for yoga students of all levels 


Straps are very thin and flimsy and may cause difficulties in certain poses.

#9 URBNFit Yoga Block

URBNFit Yoga Block 2021

Achieve the optimal body alignment with your ally in advanced performance, designed by UrbnFit, this yoga block can help you deepen the stretches and gain strength.


Made from high-density EVA foam that doesn’t crack easily under pressure. 

It offers a slip-proof surface and also lets you forget about injuries with its moisture-resistant materials.

Offers cutting-edge comfort with contours so as to provide a soft and secure grip.


The blocks are a little bit softer and don’t provide immense stability.

The strap is a bit short but can be used in many positions.

#8 Syntus Yoga Set

yoga blocks and straps

One set of equipment to meet all your fitness demands. This set includes two EVA foam non-slip yoga blocks, one yoga strap with 12 loops, four resistance bands, and one carrying bag, and an instruction book. 


Suitable for all types of yoga poses, stretching exercises, toning workouts, and pilates.

A versatile strap made from a durable and long-lasting nylon material to provide a great stretching experience.

The yoga blocks feature beveled edges for soft and firm gripping.


The blocks can prove to be less firm for tall people.

Resistance bands are sub-par.

#7 Tumaz Yoga Blocks 2 Pack with Strap Set

Yoga Blocks 2 Pack with Strap Set

Get the Best-Selling yoga strap (8 feet) on the market along with two premium yoga blocks in one set! Lighten your mood with the adorable colors on this one and enhance your stability while adding fun to your sessions.


The surface matte treatment strengthens the resistance of the yoga block surface making it slip-resistant.

The yoga blocks are quite durable and safe. Each piece of yoga blocks is tested by professional density testing equipment, 

The yoga blocks weigh only 280 grams, so it wouldn’t be a burden while traveling with them or carrying them to your yoga class! 


Not suitable for people with long arms.

The surface is a bit fragile and can attract a few dents after some usage.

#6 BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set

BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set

This set includes one yoga mat with a carrying strap, two marque yoga blocks, one yoga mat towel, one yoga hand towel, one stretch strap, one yoga knee pad. It is the perfect setting to make the most of your yoga routine.


With double-sided non-slip surfaces, both of the mats come with an excellent slip-resistant ability to prevent injuries.

The moisture-resistant feature makes the washing of the mat easy.

The mat is made of thick material in order to comfortably cushion the spine, hips, knees, and elbows against hard floors.


The mat may start delaminating after some time.

The blocks are too squishy and bulky.

#5 Arltb Yoga Block 2 Pack for Pilates, Meditation, etc

Arltb Yoga Block 2 Pack for Pilates, Meditation, etc

Ensure proper alignment during poses, deepen your stretches and poses, help improve balance and flexibility with this yoga block designed by Arltb. The set includes a yoga block and a soft towel, with a yoga strap.


The strap provides great assistance for holding the poses for a longer period of time.

The Yoga towel is soft and is big enough to keep yourself dry.

The yoga block consists of EVA foam, thus providing a smooth experience.


The strap is made of a somewhat thin material.

The block can feel sturdy and firm to some.

#2 Syntus Yoga Block and Yoga Strap Set

Syntus Yoga Block and Yoga Strap Set

Burn your calories and shape your body with this all-purpose yoga set. It consists of two high-quality yoga blocks and one yoga strap. A detailed instructional booklet with anatomical illustrations is also included in the set.


The blocks are made of environmental EVA foam which is free from toxins. 

The blocks have 3D stereoscopic cutting technology for comfort as well as a pleasant and soft feel.

The strap is 8 feet in length, which helps a lot in physical therapy for rehabilitation, recovery, and stretching.


The strap is a bit flimsy and twists easily.

It may not be suitable for people with long limbs

#1 Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Set Of 2)

yoga blocks and straps

Designed by Gaiam, this set of yoga blocks provides the best bet for you! One of the best in the business, these yoga blocks act as your companion to guide and help you develop stability and flexibility as you progress through your yoga journey.


Stability and Balance on the go! These yoga blocks provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to provide you with the optimal alignment for different poses.

Durable supportive foam: These lightweight yoga blocks are made from durable foam with a non-slip surface.

Modify and align according to your requirement: Use under your hands, feet, or seat (meditation) to ensure your safety and modify poses to suit your level of flexibility  


Being quite soft, they don’t provide much support if you lean on them. 

The Takeaway – 11 best Yoga Blocks and Straps

That concludes our list of the 11 best Yoga Blocks and Straps that are up for grabs. Every single one of them is superlative to any other ordinary yoga block in the market.

Hope it helps you to choose the best yoga block and strap for yourself and feel free to contact us if you have any queries!

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