October 12, 2021

Top 5 Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons That You Can’t-Miss Out Reading USA UK

Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons usa uk

Are you a yoga teacher trying to figure out which yoga insurance to go for? Did you say “A BIG YES”? Well, stay with us to find out about various yoga teacher insurance comparisons to find the best fit for you!

Being a yoga teacher is a gratifying experience. 

Although it is true, still yoga teaching can be a challenging profession sometimes! Imagine you gave your best efforts to make a student learn about headstands. But in the end, your student pushed his body beyond limits resulting in injury. Now, who will be responsible for this?

If you’re a yoga teacher, you may have faced this at some point in your life. Some students do make their yoga teacher responsible for every big and small injury.

But are the teachers to be blamed? No! Never!

You are a yoga teacher. You try to make everyone physically fit. You love your profession. You make efforts to keep students happy. But who will keep you happy and protected at the time of distress?

Don’t worry. We got you. We know you deserve the BEST.

What do you do to keep your car protected? What do you do to keep your family’s health safe? What do you do to keep your home secured? Many questions but one simple answer, you go for different INSURANCES.

We take many insurances to make our property and family feel safe. You can make your yoga profession shielded through ‘yoga teacher insurance’.

Why Do Yoga Teachers Need Yoga Insurance?

Yoga insurance protects the yoga teacher during any unanticipated circumstances. Just like your mom protects you in every situation. Yoga teacher insurance is going to protect your career in any situation.  

After the insurance, you won’t have any nightmares regarding your career. You can have your peaceful sleep knowing that you have secured your profession. 

In the absence of insurance, If any student presses charges against the yoga teacher, the instructor is entitled to pay compensation for the act. Even if he is proven not to be guilty, still he’ll have to pay the required compensation if the studio loses its lawsuit. 

When Can Yoga Teacher Insurance Be Important?

A yoga teacher insurance can be beneficial in the following cases:

During students injury

Students can get injured while doing various yoga stands and poses. 

The researchers estimated that there were approximately 29,590 yoga-related injuries in emergency departments in the US between 2001 and 2014.  


In the past, there were many incidents where yoga teachers were blamed for the injury caused to the students. When a student blames their teacher, he can even be sued. In this case, yoga insurance will be the best investment made by any yoga teacher.

For joining various studios

Many studios want their yoga teachers to have security for themselves. Though studios have their general liability insurance, it does not cover the teachers personally. 

Hence, insurance is a must-have for every yoga teacher regardless of their studio. 

If student’s privacy is taken over

There are different kinds of students in the world. For instance, a yoga teacher uses a student’s picture for their promotion. Now, the student can feel that their privacy is invaded. He/She can file a case against the teacher. 

Yoga insurance will help the yoga teacher to protect himself in this situation.

The benefits of yoga teacher insurance are countless. But, choices of yoga teacher insurance are too countless. Selecting the best yoga teacher insurance is a hectic task! You surely don’t want to invest in something without proper research and comparisons.

 Thus, we have come with 5 top-rated yoga insurance plans blended according to your needs. 

Before choosing insurance, you need to keep in mind several factors relating to your profession. Let’s dive into the pinpoints!

4 Factors To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Your Yoga Insurance.

1) Your teaching area.

Firstly, your teaching area matters a lot for choosing the best insurance. If you are a teacher who teaches online, then choose a plan that covers online too. There are many insurance plans which are limited only to studios, so avoid such plans. 

If you are a yoga teacher who offers private coaching classes, choose your plan accordingly. Choose an insurance plan which covers you everywhere. You can teach anywhere, online, studio, private coaching, or even only in workshops and you need to be protected everywhere. 

2) Insurance rates of the plan.

Secondly, insurance rates are the most significant factors for deciding your insurance plan. Compare various insurance rates to conclude the best. There are many plans which are super affordable and provide great benefits. Go for them!

On average, the yoga insurance plans can range between $155 to $405. On that note, know that more expensive rates are not the best and affordable rates are not the worst. Compare different rates (comparison given below) to know the best for you!

3) The services you offer.

You might be a yoga teacher who offers packaged services. Packaged service means more than one service stacked up together. 

For instance, if you are a yoga instructor and a massage therapist as well, then choose one plan that can cover up all the modalities. 

  • Other benefits

Many insurance policies give other extra benefits as well. When you are teaching, some students may attempt to steal the equipment. A plan offering several benefits can cover stolen equipment too.

  • Customer support

These days, customer satisfaction is the only way for success in any business enterprise. Similarly, many yoga insurance plans give further support to their customers. You can get discounts, free stuff, and customer support in many plans. The customer support system makes any insurance stand out more than the rest. 

Choosing a yoga teacher insurance policy wisely is a killer task. After making the above considerations, you can now choose any of the insurance policies listed below. Listen, to choose your best we have covered every little detail regarding each policy. Go through each term and condition and choose your best!

Let’s get started.

yoga teacher insurance banner
Source – beyogi

5 Top-Rated Yoga Teacher Insurance For You!

1) beYogi (Yoga Insurance Comparisons USA UK)

beYogi is the best-priced insurance coverage. You can teach your students at home, lake, festival, studio, or anywhere you wish. beYogi will cover you ANYWHERE you teach. 

Maybe tomorrow you have a workshop. You don’t have to worry about “what if my students get hurt and I’m blamed?” Have fun while teaching!

Besides being a yoga teacher, you can also be a massage therapist, cosmetologist, reiki. This insurance is going to protect you in all terms. It offers over 490+ modalities. Also, you can be a mom plus a yoga instructor or an engineer plus a yoga instructor. beYogi will still protect you as a part-time yoga instructor. Full-time or part-time yoga instructors, you will get warm greetings from them. 

The insurance coverage includes:

  • Professional or general liability: $2 million per occurrence / $3 million annual aggregate
  • Product coverage: $2 million annual aggregate
  • Damage or Rental premises: $1,00,000
  • Identity Protection Coverage: $25,000
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: $1,000 w/ a $250 deductible

Pricing and policies:

  • Part-time: $159 (12 months)
  • Full time: $179 (12 months)
  • Full time: $327.95 (24 months)

Freebies alert! You will get a lot of freebies here. You will have your customized website, discounts on yoga software, and classes. Additionally, you will get health care facilities, dental and vision facilities at affordable rates. You can get an online guide or fill-up the form here beYogi.

2) Alternative Balance (Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons USA UK)

Alternative balance professional group
Alternative Balance

An affordable and flexible insurance policy has to be the one and only AlternativeBalance. You can get this insurance just with a click on your smartphone!

AlternativeBalance has been working for straight 25 years providing satisfaction to its users. You can have a peaceful and deep sleep after getting this insurance. 

Customers are quite satisfied with its overall performance. It has bagged 4.9 ratings out of 5 (wow!). After getting this insurance, you can build your own yoga business effortlessly. Build your business, teach students, do your stuff while investing in AlternativeBalance.

The insurance coverage includes:

  • General and professional liability Aggregate: $3 million
  • General and professional each occurrence: $2 million
  • Products-Completed Operations Aggregate: $2 million
  • Damage to premises Rented to you: $3 million
  • Third-party medical expenses: $5 thousand
  • Personal and Advertising injury: included

Oh yes! You will have additional benefits such as:

  • Sexual abuse liability: $149
  • Cyber liability: $149

Students can even give false sexual abuse allegations against their yoga and fitness teacher. But you DO NOT have to worry at all!

They will protect you from sexual abuse claims too.

Pricing and policies:

  • Trade School Student Only (currently enrolled in trade school and not getting paid): $189/yr
  • Per Diem (working less than 10 hours per week for all services combined): $239/yr
  • Professional (working more than 10 hours per week): $269/yr
  • Employer: $299/yr
  • Best Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons USA UK

They cover around 500 services including many more premium services around the globe. You can be in India today and fly to the U.S tomorrow, AlternativeBalance will be with you EVERYWHERE. 

You will get access to many free services. You can use their marketing tools, business templates, social and billing resources, discounts, and so much more! 

Also, they can add you to their “Get featured” list where they will showcase you to their other members. Still, having doubts? Check this AlternativeBalance

3) Alliant (Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons USA UK)

Alliant insurance usa uk

There is a proverb that goes like this, “old is gold”. Yes, we all know how precious old things can be! In the same way, Yoga Alliance is a very old insurance company (330 years old approx) partnered with Alliant to provide top-notch insurance coverages. 

If you are someone residing in the U.S, Alliant is the answer to all your doubts. Alliant insurance provides coverage to people living in the U.S and Canada. 

The best thing about Alliant insurance? Well, you will get access coverage through Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s is the world’s LEADING insurance market providing services to 200 countries and territories. 

Alliant is also rated ‘A+’ (strong) by ‘Standard & Poor’.It is rated ‘A’ (excellent) by an A.M best-rated insurance carrier. 

The insurance coverage includes:

  • General and professional liability
  • Host liquor liability
  • Fire/water damage legal liability
  • Medical expense payment
  • Defendants expense
  • Deposition fees and expenses
  • Damage to property of others
  • HIPAA/HITEHC fines and penalties
  • First aid expense
  • Sexual misconduct
  • License and disciplinary proceedings
  • Products completed operations

The list goes on! They offer a wide variety of coverages which can hook any person easily. Well, let’s have a look at the pricing procedures.

Pricing and policies:

         Combined general and professional liability for either:

  • $1 million each claim/ $2 million aggregate
  • $2 million each claim/ $4 million aggregate

After applying for the insurance, you may cancel the insurance. They will refund the remaining premium amount safely in your bank account. You can submit the online application and get the insurance quickly. You’ll also get a certificate approximately after 30 minutes of applying. Sounds good? Check out more Alliant. 

 4) Next Insurance (Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons USA UK)

Yoga teacher insurance comparisons Next insurance usa uk

The simple, fast, and tailored insurance is the Next Insurance. Next insurance covers general liabilities and professional liabilities separately. General liabilities include medical payments, property damage, and more. Professional liability includes professional negligence, legal defense costs, legal judgments. 

 If you are someone who either wants any of the one, then this is for you!

You can also pay the insurance amount annually or monthly as per your wish. They accept both ways. Other than yoga teacher insurance, you can also get their commercial auto insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, commercial property insurance. 

Policy and pricing:

They have three levels of payment.

  • Basic (the lowest price)

              General liability: $500k

  • Pro (most popular)

               General liability: $1 million

  • Pro Plus (best coverage)

               General liability: $2 million

From cheap to expensive, Next insurance has every level! Some people prefer to spend less on insurance. Are you that some people? Then, Next insurance is your next stop! After you go for this insurance, you can access your website for the next 30 days for FREE. Anything to ask? Visit Next insurance for more info. 

5) NACAMS (Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons USA UK)

Best Yoga teacher insurance comparisons USA UK 2021-2022
( NACAMS – Yoga teacher insurance comparisons)

Get yourself covered with less than 44 cents per day with NACAMS. NACAMS is a trusted insurance company offering insurance anywhere. You don’t need any membership fee to get the insurance. 

They also provide the occurrence form policy. Let’s understand this with a small example.

For example, you purchased the NACAMS yoga insurance. The policy started on January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020. An injury claim was reported in January 2021, but the injury took place during the policy period. In this case, NACAMS policy will cover the loss too.

This simply means, no matter when the claim is reported, if the incident took place between the period, the insurance policy will cover the losses. 

The insurance coverage includes:

  • Professional and general liability: $2 million per occurrence, $3 million annual aggregate
  • Product Coverage: $2 million annual aggregate
  • Rental Damage Insurance: $100k
  • Identity Protection Plan: $25,000
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: $1k w/ a $250 deductible

Several in-line services are also covered without any extra cost. They cover around 490+ modalities. The modalities include yoga massage, and beauty modalities like reiki, cupping, and more. 

Pricing and policy: 

  • Professional (12 months): $179
  • Pro (24 months): $279.95
  • Student (12 months): $25

Already told you that it is super-duper cheap! Moreover, you will get many FREE OFFERS. Excited? Hold on!

Firstly, you will get your easy-to-customize website. Design your website, grow your business and have fun! Secondly, you will get up to 25% off Hertz, up to 75% off office Depot, up to 50% off UPS, up to 30% off Lenovo, up to 60% off of hotels worldwide, and 40% off universal background screening. 

Let me say that again- you will get up to 60% off to hotels worldwide. Among all, this will fascinate you the most. You can travel globally, the hotel price will be 60% off exclusively for you! 

Not finished yet! Lastly, you will get access to healthcare, vision, and dental at low-price. You can also talk to doctors via smartphone, laptop, mobile apps with only a $10 copay. 

What are you even waiting for? Go and apply to NACAMS.

General FAQs On Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparisons USA UK

1. type of insurance do I need as a yoga teacher?

There are two kinds of insurance namely general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. You can go for any. But, go for insurance which offers combined versions. You never know what will happen in the future!

2.I live in the US. What will be the best yoga insurance for me?

The above-listed insurance plans are suitable for a person residing in the U.S. However, go for beYogi, Alliant, or Next insurance for the best coverages.

3. Should yoga teachers have insurance? 

chers need insurance for teaching in studios. Though the studios have their insurance, sometimes they don’t provide their employee’s coverage. If you teach yoga in your private coaching, having a yoga teacher insurance is a plus point. Go for it!

4. Is it illegal to teach yoga without a certification?

No, it is not illegal. You can teach yoga without a certificate or any degree. If you think you know yoga better than others, you can teach students and monetize your skill. 

Conclusion Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparison USA UK

Yoga teachers, like you, are making the world much more active and fit. But finding perfect yoga insurance can be a daunting task. Hence, we have come up with the yoga insurance comparison so that you can make your decision quickly as well as correctly. 

To sum up, we have listed top-rated insurance companies such as:

  1. beYogi
  2. AlternativeBalance
  3. Alliant
  4. Next insurance

We have listed all their benefits and features (scroll up to read) along with their pricing and coverage details. 

On a concluding note, make sure to know your needs, match them with the above conditions and select YOUR BEST insurance. This concludes the topic Yoga Teacher Insurance Comparison USA UK.

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