July 22, 2021

List of 9 top smart and innovative iOT app examples in USA UK 2022

List of 9 top smart and innovative iOT app examples in USA UK 2021

About – List of some of the best iOT apps examples that can be used in 2022 | USA |UK


Before knowing about the list of the top smart and innovative iOT apps in 2022 you must be clearly aware of what iOT is.

You may not be familiar with this term. Are you wondering what iOT is? Don’t worry. We have the answer to your question.

Read through the article given below to know more about iOT app examples.

What is iOT?

iOT is an abbreviation for “Internet of things”. To define iOT in simple words it is a system of interrelated and inter-connected objects that can collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. There is a great history of iOT.

The significance of iOT is increasing day by day. No, the IT industry can survive without iOT. Therefore, we have made it a point to list down some of the iOT app examples in this article.

iOT devices and their business applications in 2022 have increased compared to the previous decades. It has become a trendsetter in this era of digitalization.

Hence it is our job to keep up with the trend and learn more about iOT app examples in 2022.

Dive right into the article to know more, as this is an ultimate guide for you to learn more about iOT.

As we have understood what iOT exactly is let us know more about some of the application examples.

List of 9 top smart and innovative iOT app examples 2022

1. iOT smart door locks

Smart iOT door locks are one of the best examples of iOT apps. These locks are enabled with a sensor.

These door locks are operated with advanced technology. The best part about these door locks is they provide a keyless entry.

These locks are usually connected through a smartphone or any other device connected through the internet.

Another feature of these locks is that you can unlock these doors anywhere and anytime. Virtual keys can be distributed to anyone you want to.

iOT smark locks

These locks are the real-time application of iOT.

Examples of some of the best smart iOT door locks:

  • Godrej ADVANTIS revolution costing Rs.29,400.
  • Yale YDM7116 costing Rs.38,616
  • Valencia Filip Smart door lock costing Rs 11,999
  • Valencia – Ajax Smart door locks costing 9,999
  • Valencia -Hola Smart door lock costing Rs 9015.00

2. Smart iOT smoke detectors

Smart iOT smoke detectors are the best examples of innovative application examples of iOT.  These smoke detectors will form an integral part of our lives shortly.

When there is a fire or smoke in your apartment it is very dangerous to rely on people for help. This may be time-consuming and can be fatal to our lives.

But you don’t have to worry anymore. These Smart iOT Smoke detectors will come to your help.

These smoke detectors have amazing features like remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. These features will help the firefighters know where the fire is and send men and other equipment to put off the fire. This iOT application will also provide the location from where the smoke is coming.

Because of all these great features, iOT smoke detectors are very famous these days.

iOT app example Smart iOT smoke detectors
iOT smoke detectors

Best Smart iOT smoke detectors:

  • OKOS WIFI smoke sensor costing Rs 2,499.
  • Qubo Smart smoke sensor costing Rs.2,900.
  • MQ2 flammable gas and smoke sensor costing Rs1250.

3. iOT sensors

iOT sensors are also one of the real-time applications of iOT. We all know that sensors are everywhere. These sensors are used for various purposes.

If you are wondering what sensors are, they are devices that detect and respond to changes in an environment. Sensors form an integral part of many business applications.

Rather than ordinary sensors iOT sensors are preferred because they increase operation efficiency, reduce costs and work safely.

iOT app examples
iOT sensors

The different types of Smart iOT sensors are:

  • Temperature sensors.
  • Humidity sensors.
  • Pressure sensors.
  • Proximity sensors.
  • Level sensors
  • Optical sensors and
  • Infrared sensors

4. Smart iOT barcodes readers

You may think that having the latest phone or T.V is the trend but you are absolutely wrong.

Having innovative iOT products like iOT barcode readers is the trend now.

Before buying any product, it is essential to scan the QR code to improve the retail environment and to know more about the product. To do so you must have a barcode reader. If it is an iOT barcode reader the results would be much better and faster.

iOT barcode readers will allow the consumers to connect to their smartphones or tablets and scan the QR codes. These work on a radio-frequency identification basis.

Some of the best Smart iOT barcode readers are:

  • NISHICA Laser Barcode Scanner, costing Rs 976
  • Microscan 600 mA Fixed Standard Bar code reader, 5 V dc costing Rs. 258,210.10
  • ADAFRUIT Barcode Reader/Scanner Module-CCD Camera costing Rs 5596

5. Smart iOT homes

After having read about iOT barcode readers, sensors, smoke detectors, and door locks you must be wondering what else iOT can provide you with.

There is a lot more to this list. You might be shocked if you knew there were smart iOT homes as well.

Yes, you heard it right. There are iOT homes as well. In such homes, you can easily control all the appliances and devices.

These homes provide you with the ability to control domestic appliances. These are usually electrically controlled.

They also include internet-connected systems. In an iOT controlled home, you can set the lighting in advance or setting alarms and security controls.

iOT app examples

Feature of Smart iOT homes:

  • Adjustable smart lighting
  • Adjustable climate control.
  • Controllable smart appliances.

Benefits of iOT homes:

  • Intelligent
  • Complete control
  • Hassle-free installations
  • Huge savings
  • Voice command
  • Best iOT examples

iOT Examples 2022

6. Smart iOT wearables

iOT wearables are also examples of real-time applications of iOT.  Like any other iOT app, these wearables are also very advanced and user-friendly.

You would look like one of those cool people if you wear these iOT wearables. They not only make you look stylish but will also help you manage your health and time.

iOT app examples

You might be wondering about the various iOT wearables. They are:

  • Smart ring
  • Smart glasses
  • Smart shirt
  • Smartwatch
  • Bluetooth key tracker
  • Smart bracelet and many more.

7. Smart iOT parking

By this time, we all are aware that iOT plays an important role in helping people accomplish tasks easily and efficiently.

One more such example of iOT real-time and innovative application is Smart iOT parking.

Smart iOT parking applications will help you organize tasks such as payment of parking fees and identifying vacant spaces for parking.

The features of Smart iOT parking:

  • Helps in optimizing the use of resources.
  • Helps in reducing operational costs.
  • Helps in reducing air pollution.
  • Helps in using your time efficiently.

8. Connected cars

Connected cars are amazing examples of innovative iOT applications. These cars represent the advancement of our technology.

Connected cars have the supreme ability to communicate with any other system outside the car. The main feature is sharing the internet and data with other devices.

Some of the best features of connected cars:

  • Availability of internet connection.
  • Earth- enabled navigation system.
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication.
  • Amazing entertainment facilities.
  • Safety features.
  • Best iOT examples

9. Air quality sensors

iOT devices and their business application in 2022 are various. Yet another amazing example of an iOT application is air quality sensors.

These devices monitor the presence of air pollution in the environment. They are adaptable for both outdoors as well as indoors.

iOT app examples 2021

Some of the best Air quality sensors:

  • Air quality sensors costing Rs995

2 Frequently asked questions about iOT examples.

1. What are the many applications of iOT?

As we have read above, there are several applications of iOT. We have read about some of the above. They are also beneficial in business. The best part about using iOT applications is they save time, increase efficiency and provide safety in many ways.

2. How big is iOT?

This seems like a difficult question to answer. The field of iOT is vast and huge. There are many applications of iOT in our daily lives as well as business fields.

Conclusion about iOT examples:

Through this article, we are sure that you now have some basic idea of what iOT is. We also have explored some of the major areas where iOT is primarily used.

In this article, we have listed iOT app examples to help you know how this technology can be implemented in your lives.

Explore the above article on iOT app examples and implement them in your lives to live a productive and efficient life. This concludes the subject of iOT examples in 2022.

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