October 6, 2021

Wondering How to Start Career In Software Testing? Here’s All You Need To Know.

Wondering How to Start Career In Software Testing? Here’s All You Need To Know.

Topic – How to Start Career In Software Testing? | 2021-22

Don’t we all enjoy using software which gives outstanding performance? Or at times appreciate the framework of the app we’re using?

The more efficiently the software runs for us, the more we’re likely to use it. Here, the software testing skills come into the picture.

Do you wonder how is it possible to create such fabulous interfaces without any glitches and bugs? Would you like to know how software gets refined? Or maybe make a career out of it?

We’ve brought The 7 career opportunities for you along with four must-read suggestions.

So, what are you waiting for? Read along with these answers to all the questions running in your mind!

To dive into the world of Software testing and the career opportunities in it, let’s first know what exactly is software testing and what difference it creates for the users.

How To Start A Career In Software Testing?

Wondering How to Start Career In Software Testing? Here’s All You Need To Know.
A bug in our hands is worth two in the box~ The Software Testers

What Is Software Testing?

The rigorous testing and analyzing process the software undergoes before the release for the users and stakeholders is known as software testing.

Every time a new software tries to create its space in the market, it’s going to be judged on specifics such as:

The McCall’s Factor Model

This model states the 11 factors on which software is analyzed.

  • The Product Operation Factors: Usability, Reliability, Efficiency, Integrity and Correctness.
  • The Product Revision Factors: Flexibility, Maintainability and Testability.
  • The Product Transition Factors: Reusability, Portability and Interoperability.

To make sure that the software meets all the requirements, the software undergoes multiple processing and verification. This processing is to get rid of bugs and defects.

Software testing is to refine the software till it shows impressive results and provides smooth functioning.

Let’s See The Software Testing Skills In Demand

How can I start a career in software testing?

For you to explore career opportunities in software testing, the following stated fortes are in high demand.

  • You should possess non-technical skills like Analytical skills, Communication skills, Time management and organizational skills, a good attitude and of course a strong passion.
  • When it comes to technical skills, you must be efficient at the pointers given: 
  1. Basic Knowledge of Database/SQL
  2. Knowledge and experience on the following:
  • Test management tool
  • Defect tracking tool
  • Automation tool
  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands

3. Your Academic Background Requirement

A software tester’s academic background should compulsorily be in computer science. A B Tech/B.E. Degree, MCA, BCA(Bachelors in computing applications), or BSc in Computer Science is required.

Is Software Testing Difficult? (For How To Start Career In Software Testing)

Software testing is considered a very tricky and time-consuming job. A very disciplined planning, technical sophistication, great problem-solving skills, and most important patience are known to be the qualities of a passionate software tester.

It’s considered difficult because of the extensive evaluations to be planned for respective software according to its function which it computes, the environment in which the software is going to operate, and the inputs.

Then combine it all the test is to be designed and to be executed. Hence, due to immense work and analysis software testing is considered a difficult job.

Is Coding Required For Software Testing?

Software testing has two modus operandi. Namely the Manual testing and the Automation testing. At advanced levels, the classification is as White box, Grey box, or Black box testing.

Talking about the Black box testing, it doesn’t ask the testers to write codes. Simply, the tester will provide input to the testing software and then receive the output.

White box testing asks for code knowledge and expertise. The languages like RDBMS concept, C, C#, C++ are considered very useful.

For Automation testing and white box testing even JavaScript and SQL knowledge, its implementation and experience are important.

So, it won’t do any harm if you master any of the mentioned coding languages. Since coding is essential for a good career in software testing.

Which Is Easy, Coding Or Software Testing?

Software development and software testing are two different things altogether. Hence, none is easier than the other but rather just different.

The thinking style, the approach to software development, and software testing are very unique. None of them is easier than the other. Each has its own set of plus and minuses.

Both the departments deal with various unrelated problems too. Hence, they both are considered tricky at their respective places.

Which Language Is Used In Software Testing?

These are the 5 most popular languages used for software testing worldwide. Make sure you get the hang of it. Listed as follows:

  • Java

It’s the most common language used by software testers. Almost 44% of the testing community uses Java.

  • Javascript

It is the second most popular language among software testers. Around 15% of the testers use Javascript for their test frameworks

  • C#

13% of the software testers use this language. But over the last five years, we’ve witnessed a decreasing trait in the use of C# language by the professional testers.

  • Python

Since Python is considered to be a great first language and a good beginner’s code. It’s used for Manual testing. Though only 8% of the professional testers use this language for designing their software tests.

  • Ruby

Coming to the least popular language among the software testers, Ruby catches the attention of only 7% of the testing community. It is found that only one-tenth of the professional testing community used Ruby for designing their UI tests.

Hence, this language is the least recommended to use.

The career opportunities in software testing for you.

As a software tester, you’re going to be busy understanding the required documents for respective software, generating tests, executing them, removing the bugs, preparing a final report, and so on.

Being a software tester is just like being a strict moderator in any examination.

Now we’ll explore some career opportunities in software testing together.

  • The software career path will follow a similar ladder but can differ from company to company.
  1. As a Fresher (QA Analyst)
  2. Sr. QA Analyst (Once you gain 2-3 years of experience)
  3. As a QA Team Coordinator (With 5-6 years of experience)
  4. Test Manager (Around 8-11 years of experience)
  5. Senior Test Manager (More than 14 years of experience)

Top 7 of the Alternate Career Tracks as a Software Analyst are:

  1. Business Analyst:

Software testers have an important advantage over software developers. That is, they’ve complete end-to-end business knowledge.

Becoming a Business Analyst is considered an obvious career progression for software analysts. Analyzing a company’s workflow and models of business will be your main job. Business analysts are responsible for analyzing the company’s works and merging them with technology to generate profits for the company.

2. Automation Testing

Automation Test Engineers are responsible for automating the execution of manual tests. You’ll be using the tools like IBM Rational Robot, QTP, and Silk Performer.

3. Performance Testing

As a performance tester, you’re supposed to focus on reviewing the responsiveness of the application. By responsiveness, we mean the time is taken to load, the maximum load the application can handle, etc.

WEBLoad and Loadrunner are two popular tools used by Performance Test Engineers.

4. Product Manager

In the rigorous task of analyzing software, the QA professionals develop a far better understanding of the software’s efficiency and the methodologies used to make the software better.

This makes these professional testers suitable for the role of Product Manager.

QA Analysts as Product Managers can bring a high range of improvements in the product. Hence, benefit the sector.

5. DevOps Roles

With the boon of having a holistic view of the software development and improvement, software testers are considered good release managers, product stability managers, engineers, or Automation Testers in companies with a DevOps approach towards development.

6. Customer Experience Leader

Since the software testers are focused on user experience, they become better customer experience analysts and hence help elevate the customer’s affection towards the company.

7. Enterprise Architect

Since the software testers have a reputation for detailed attention, a compilation of many parts together in a specific flow, they excel at the role of an Enterprise Architect.

Since the mentioned qualities are critical aspects of development, A QA Analyst as an Enterprise Architect will give profitable results.

The given careers give us an insight into how to start a career in software testing.

10 Certificate Courses You Can Do For Software Testing

#1 CAST (Certified Associate In Software Testing)

#2 Automation Test Engineer

#3 ISTQB Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer

#4 Lambda Test Certifications

#5 Test Automation University

#6 Mobile App Testing With Appium

#7 Rest API Automation Testing

#8 Certified Cloud Tester (Foundation Level)

#9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Software Testing

#10 UFT v15.x Certification

To Develop Your Software Testing Skills In Demand, Make Sure You Go Through The Following List Of Books That Will Help You Prepare Better.

Is Software Testing A Good Career? And Is Software Testing In Demand?

Not only the software testing skills are in demand, but they’re also skyrocketing. According to Markets and Markets, the software testing market is reaching $48 billion and $30 billion by 2023, a growth of 5.6 p.a.

Software testing is indeed a good career option that isn’t going to lose popularity anytime soon. If you find yourself with good analytical skills, determination and if you’re passionate about it, it’s going to be something you enjoy doing every day.

It’s an adventurous and challenging career, but with the right attitude, it might just be your dream job. Here’s where you can access the complete guide to Software Testing.

Concluding On The Prime Topic Of Career In Software Testing

Here we end with the information we compiled for you on the How to make a career in Software testing. Know more about how to excel in coding and developing your analytical skills. Remember that Software testing isn’t dull as it’s been stereotyped. All it needs is a little discipline and a lot of passion! This concludes the topic how to start career in software testing 2021-22

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