November 24, 2021

Love VR? Check Out 17 Best Free Gear VR Games USA UK 2022

Check Out 17 Best Free Gear VR Games USA UK 2021


What Are Gear Virtual Reality Games?

A virtual reality game, often known as a VR game, is a video game that is played using virtual reality (VR) technology. Most VR games rely on player immersion, which is achieved through the use of a head-mounted display device (HMD) or headset, as well as one or more controllers. To simulate a 3D space, the headset usually shows two stereoscopic displays in front of the user’s eyes.

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What Are The Best Free Virtual Reality Games?

Let us have a look at some of the best virtual reality games available in the market.

1-Virtual Virtual Reality (Best Free Gear VR Games)

One of the top Google Daydream games is now available for Gear VR, as well as one of its main competitors, as the amazing Virtual Virtual Reality (and Oculus Go, too). It’s a fantastically odd game in the vein of Portal, but with a completely different experience in mind.

Virtual Virtual Reality is set in a future governed by artificial intelligence, and the ruling AI minds are looking for humans to give “artisanal companionship” by donning virtual reality headsets and executing odd chores. That’s how it’s “Virtual Virtual.” Yes, it’s as strange as it sounds, yet it’s one of the best VR experiences available today on any platform.

2-Minecraft (TRENDING)

Minecraft in virtual reality? We don’t know what will make Gear VRs fly off shop shelves if this doesn’t. The Gear VR version offers the same survival and creative modes as the other versions, as well as multiplayer action… Now you’re completely immersed in the blocky realms.

Playing in first-person is thrilling, but it can also be overpowering – which is why you can switch to a windowed view, where the game is shown on a TV within a pixelated lodge, with a tap on the touchpad.

In any event, if you enjoy Minecraft, you’ll want to have it all around you in virtual reality. And if you haven’t tried Minecraft yet, this is the moment.

3-Zombie Gunship Raptor

Not keen on the prospect of getting up and personal with the living dead? Why not take them off one by one — or pulverize them all at once? That’s the pitch made by Zombie Gunship Raptor, which transforms the fun smartphone game into a virtual reality shooter.

Using machine guns and rockets, you’ll shoot down the shambling invaders from your floating perch in the sky. It’s not the most immersive experience on the Gear VR, but the appeal of pouring damnation down from above is hard to ignore.

4-Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay (TRENDING)

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay is here to enable us to immerse ourselves in a little section of the film’s universe, thanks to The Last Jedi, which rekindled Star Wars passion in (some of) its many, many ardent fans.

It’s a simple game, but one that’s appealing: you’ll work in the titular repair center, repairing BB-8 and other roly-poly droids as they arrive with flaws. You’ll open the droids, mess with their internals, and send them off. Droid Repair Bay isn’t the most important component of The Last Jedi’s marketing campaign, but it’s free and well worth checking out if you own a Gear VR headset.

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5-Augmented Empire

The Gear VR-exclusive Augmented Empire, like Hitman Go, doesn’t really need to exist in virtual reality. After all, you’ll be looking down at a grid board for the majority of the game, moving characters around and fighting turn-based combat.

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic game that can only be played on Gear VR, and it may satisfy your desire to utilize the headset for something more serious. This cyberpunk-meets-steampunk tactics game has amazing graphics, Kate Mulgrew and Nick Frost as voice actors, and roughly 10 hours of gameplay to enjoy.

6-They Suspect Nothing

Coatsink is responsible for some of the most memorable and enjoyable Gear VR titles, like the recently released Augmented Empire and the Esper series, and now They Suspect Nothing can be added to that list.

They have suspicions Nothing happens in a futuristic society governed by robots, and you’re attempting to blend in as a human dressed in improvised Robo-gear. However, you’ll have to pass a series of exams to establish your android origins to the robot leaders. It is the humor and atmosphere that make it stand out.

Best Free Gear VR Games USA UK 2022

7-Oculus Rooms

Do you have any friends who have the Gear VR? If that’s the case, you’ll want to download Oculus Rooms right immediately — and if your friends have a new Samsung phone but not the headset, perhaps this app can persuade them to try Gear VR.

As the name implies, this program allows you and your friends to enter a virtual room together, where you may chat, play a few board games, watch videos, and play multiplayer games. It’s the ultimate virtual reality lounge and a great place to hang out, with support for your customized, cartoonish Oculus avatar.

8-Smash Hit

Smash Hit VR is based on a fantastic mobile game, but it’s even better when you’re engaged in this fantastically destructive environment.

You must toss balls to break the glass panes and sculptures sprinkled along the way while you’re automatically nudged through chambers packed with limited geometry.

It’s really an arcade game: sustained play necessitates precise aim and the crushing of every single piece of glass, which rewards you with more balls with each toss. It’s a stunning experience in virtual reality, full of thrilling thrills and breathtaking sights.

9-Hitman Go: VR Edition (Best Free Gear VR Games)

Hitman Go scaled down the stealth assassination series for mobile, but it also works well in virtual reality.

The basic principle remains the same: each strike is presented as a puzzle on a gaming board, forcing you to navigate your way past threats and hazards in order to complete the level.

In VR, the game’s flawless faux-plastic aesthetic makes it feel like you’re playing with small little figurines on a tangible surface.

10-Land’s End (Best Free Gear VR Games USA UK 2022)

Although Land’s End shares some visual similarities with Monument Valley, the gorgeous mobile puzzler, ustwo’s first VR effort is far more straightforward in its approach.

Rather than twisting your way through the landscape to solve brain teasers, you’ll be able to glance freely about the sparse, gorgeous countryside and utilize your sight to solve breezy riddles.

While not particularly difficult, Land’s End is a joy to experience since it provides a true sense of atmosphere in the peaceful, natural landscape – and has just enough intrigue to keep you pressing forward to each new marker.

Best Free Gear VR Games USA UK 2022

11-EVE Gunjack

With a simpler arcade spaceship-blasting concept, if you spend a few minutes shooting opposing spaceships, you’ll find it rather enjoyable.

It’s a simple arcade shooter: glance around to aim the mouse and blast the waves of zippy adversaries that appear. Gunjack’s stages get tougher as you continue, adding more strategy and challenge along the way, and it looks fantastic in mobile VR. It’s enjoyable despite its simplicity.

12-Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Although virtual reality might isolate you from the outside world, it does not have to be a wholly alone experience. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, in fact, maybe the most amusing illustration yet of how to brilliantly use that embarrassing predicament.

With the headset on, you’ll be staring at a randomly generated bomb covered in wires and buttons, while your nearby friends (who don’t have headsets) are staring at a manual, either printed out or on another screen and must guide you through the disarming process as you describe a bomb they can’t see. Who thought a single virtual reality headset could power such a fun communal party game?

13-Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears is now being promoted via a Stranger Things experience. It’s unsurprisingly creepy. You’ll visit a few locations from the Netflix hit, with creatures striking through the walls and lurking in the shadows. Other creepy non-licensed levels are available from Face Your Fears, but if you like the notion of being horrified while wearing a phone attached to your face, Stranger Things is a major attraction.


Within (previously VRSE) is establishing the standard in VR filmmaking in these early days, generating experimental short films, music videos, and fascinating mini-documentaries that benefit from and drive the 360-degree format. If you download the Within the app, you’ll find a wealth of free, fascinating video content to enjoy.

15-End Space

End Space is a deep-space dogfighter that pits you against the stars, directing your spaceship in head-to-head shootouts. The action is fast-paced – and sometimes dizzying; use caution! – and the scenery is stunning.

16-Paint VR

Paint VR lets you use your virtual brush to paint in the 360-degree area around you and not confined to just walls or canvasses. You will paint directly on the air. You can play around with your brush strokes to create the 3D masterpiece of your dreams.


Rangi is a first-person puzzle game in which you must explore locations that are full of switches and moving objects. The game has a genuinely intriguing mystical air to it, with surreal situations like riding in the palm of a giant or being surrounded by chanting guardians, all inspired by African culture.

Other notable games include Star Chart, Melita: A Human Journey, The Well, Drop Dead, Skylight, and Ocean Rift.

Concluding Free Gear VR Games USA UK 2022

In its current use, “virtual reality” refers to the use of new visual stimuli (such as a VR headset) to create immersion and presence with the player by obscuring the real-world perspective.

This distinction is made between virtual reality and augmented reality, in which additional visual information is overlayed on top of the real-world perspective. A broader definition of virtual reality is any application that uses a virtual sense to replace one or more of the human senses.

With this, we conclude the topic of Free Gear VR Games USA UK 2022.

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