November 7, 2021

List of 33 BEST Engineering Startups in USA UK (2022)

Engineering Startups

Are you looking for a list of 33 hottest engineering startups in USA UK? Great, then you are welcome here! If I’m not wrong, you clicked this article due to any of the four reasons.

  • You are an investor. And, you want to invest in the top best startups.
  • You are willing to open your own engineering startup. Hence, you are looking for some engineering startup ideas from the top startups.
  • You are an engineer and want to apply for a position at the top startups.
  • You are always hunting for new information, news related to startups, and investing. 

Yes? Cool! Then read on…..

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Firstly, let me show you what you can expect from the piece. You will get 33 engineering startups list, subdivided into:

  • 11 hottest computer-based engineering startups.
  • 11 hottest civil engineering startups.
  • 11 hottest mechanical engineering startups.
  • Wrapping up section.
  • Some spicy FAQs section.

Are you with me? Let’s get started.

General FAQ’s on Engineering Startups 2022

How much does a startup engineer earn in a year?

According to Indeed, the base salary for a startup engineer is $114,27 P.A in the US.

What are the most successful startups in the world?

Uber, Airbnb, NJOY, Instagram are some of the top-rated successful startups globally.

Which country has the greatest number of startups?

The U.S has the greatest number of startups, followed by China and India respectively.

Hottest Computer-Based Engineering Startups in USA UK

Here is the list of top 11 computer-based engineering startups in USA UK

1. Beyond Identity

Founders Thomas Jermoluk, Jim Clark
Launched In April 2020
Funding $105 M
Location USA
Website Beyond Identity
Idea of this Engineering Startup –

Beyond Identity focused on removing the barrier of passwords while logging in to different sites. This reduces time wastage, workflow difficulty and makes it more secure than before. 

2. Linear

Founders Karri Saarinen, Tuomas Artman
Launched In April 2019
Funding $17.2 M
Location USA
Website Linear
The idea behind this computer-based Engineering Startup:

The linear startup helps to track the bugs that may come in the workflow. We all hate bugs in our work. Hence, they came up with such an innovative computer-based engineering startup, allowing us to improve our performances drastically.

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3. LoudCrowd

Founders Justin Papermaster, Gary Galofalo
Launched In 2019
Funding $2.7 M
Location USA
Website Loud Crowd

The idea behind this computer-based Engineering Startup:

LoudCrowd is a platform measuring the UGC (User Generated Content) for its users. This platform helps users to engage with their potential customers and generate more UGC.

4. Fylamynt

Founders Founders: David Lee & Pradeep Padala
Launched In 2019
Funding $6.5 M
Location USA
Website Fylamynt

The idea behind this Startup:

Fylamynt lets its users build, run or analyze the cloud workflows without having any coding experience. It is easy to use, very fast, and tailor-made. You can save tons of time and money with Fylamynt. 

Dear readers, I know  Fylamynt doesn’t require coding but learning to code is fun. Do you know that you can code even with your android phone? No? Read our article to know about this in-depth.

5. OctoML

Founders: Jared Roesch, Jason Knight, Luis Ceze, Theirry Moreau, Tianqi Chen

Founded on: July 24, 2019

Funding: $46.9 M

Location: USA

The idea behind this computer-based Engineering Startup:

Idea: OctoML enables the engineering teams to deploy machine learning in various hardware systems. The platform increases accuracy, leading to accelerating the performance, and decreasing the cost.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

6. Grid AI

Founders: Luis Capelo, William Falcon, 

Founded in: 2019

Funding: $18.6 M

Location: USA

The idea behind this Startup:

Idea: Businesses care a lot about proper infrastructure. Using AI, they can forget about building AI models on GPUs and TPUs on laptops. Hence, businesses can focus on other things. Grid AI will train the AI model effectively, creating a high infrastructure.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

7. Noteable

Founders: Elijah Meeks, Matthew Seal, Michelle Ufford

Founded on: April 28, 2020

Funding: $4.1 M

Location: USA


Idea: Noteable says, ‘Work with data the way you want.’ In simple words, it means using, sharing the data with the team in the way your business wants. You just need to sign up for their program and start using Noteable. 

Visit their website: WEBSITE 

8. Onfido

Founders: Eamon Jubbawy, Husayn Kassai, Ruhul Amin

Founded in: 2012

Funding: $188.8 M

Location: UK

The idea behind this computer-based Engineering Startup:

Idea: Tell me, how many times were you misguided by fake faces in the virtual world? That’s why we need Onfido. Onfido verifies the real faces behind the gadgets using AI technology. 

Visit their website: WEBSITE

9. Cleo

Founder: Barnaby Hussey-Yeo

Founded on: January 1, 2016

Funding: $57.3 M

Location: UK

The idea behind this computer-based Engineering Startup:

Idea: Most people get confused about personal finances. This leads to investing or spending money in the wrong way. Cleo makes the process easier. She is a chatbot helping around 4 million people with finance-related problems.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

10. Ravelin

Founders: Leonard Austin, Mairtin O’ Riada, Martin Sweeney, Nick Lally, Stephen Whitworth

Founded in: 2014

Funding: $36.7 M

Location: UK

The idea behind this Startup:

Another fantabulous app to detect frauds is none other than Ravelin. The investigation team of Ravelin identifies the fraud signals making users aware of them.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

11. Century Tech

Founder: Priya Lakkani

Founded on: April 13, 2015

Funding: $19.2 M

Location: UK

Idea: Century Tech makes education effortless for students and teachers. Students can learn subjects like English, Mathematics, Science through the blessing of AI. This reduces the workload of the teachers, making education super techie.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

Mechanical Engineering Startups in USA UK 2022

List of 11 best Mechanical Engineering Startups in USA UK

12. Cloud NC

Founder: Chris Emery 

Founded on: October 13, 2015

Funding: $32.8 M

Location: UK

The idea behind this Mechanical Engineering Startup:

Idea: Cloud NC builts the precision manufacturing parts. Precision manufacturing is required in every bike, car, mobile, computer. Cloud NC provides them, completely economical as well as economical.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

13. Wevolver

Founders: Bram Geenen, Richard Hulskes

Founded in: 2014

Funding: $29.1 k

Location: UK


The physical elements of gadgets are made using hardware technology. Welvover is the maker of such technology and other engineering projects. It tremendously increases innovation, further increasing social welfare as a whole. 

Visit their website: WEBSITE 

14. eFOLDi

Founder: Sumi Wang

Founded on: May 15, 2009

Funding: $4.9 M

Location: UK

Idea: eFOLDi manufactures folding scooters and wheelchairs. Don’t worry about the latest trends. They are new in the market, and fashionable as well. Enjoy your freedom with their products.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

15. MetLase Ltd.

Founder: Andrew Mather

Founded in: 2015

Funding: £400 k

Location: UK

Idea: They give the best-customized design to the high-value manufacturers. Why MetLase? Because they will help you to reduce your design time and the prototyping cost. They will give engineering solutions to complex problems in your business.

Visit their website: WEBSITE 

16. Lavelle Bikes

Founder: Paul Lavelle

Founded in: 2016

Funding: £205.4 k

Location: UK

Idea: If you are looking for super-comfy bikes, then visit them. They design bikes that are designed in a way that avoids spine pain or injury. In addition to that, there is an anti-theft feature, letting you track your missing bike.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

17. Lindhurst Engineering

Founder: Martin Rigley

Founded in: 1985

Funding: €2.1 M

Location: UK

Idea: The idea behind this engineering startup is simple. It offers solutions to complex projects in the fields of construction, foods and beverages, utilities, and much more. The solutions are mainly provided in the regions of the UK (regional startup).

Visit their website: WEBSITE

18. Swytch

Founders: Omitro Khroma, Hayley Bishop, Oliver Montague

Founded on: August 2017

Funding: $1.4 M

Location: UK

Idea: Want to hear something extraordinary? Well, Swytch does something out of the box. It converts bikes into e-bikes that are so simple and lightweight. They can convert any bike into removable e-bikes.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

19. Traptic

Founders: Lewis Anderson, Paul Vinh Phan

Founded on: August 1, 2016

Funding: $8.4 M

Location: USA

Idea: The farming industry lacks farmers every single day. But with the introduction of Traptic engineering startup, it isn’t a problem anymore. Traptic creates farming robots that work in fields. The robots are usually sent to places where the laborers are very few or none.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

20. Starship technologies

Founders: Ahti Heinla, Janus Friis

Founded on: July 1, 2014

Funding: $99.2 M

Location: USA

Idea: Don’t have people to deliver the goods? Starship Technologies develops self-delivering robots. If you reside in the US, these robots can deliver goods to your doorstep within as little as 30 minutes. This technology is quick, smart, and cost-efficient.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

21. Nuro

Founders: Dave Ferguson, Jiajun Zhu

Founded in: 2016

Funding: $1.5 B

Location: USA

Idea: Nuro creates self-driving vehicles for delivering goods to local areas. This is California’s first driverless service. It is super fast, affordable, and most importantly secured. Nuro is famous globally and has worked with known brands like Dominos, Walmart, and others.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

22. DASH systems

Founder: Joel Ifill

Founded on: June 1, 2019

Funding: $8 M

Location: USA

Idea: Situated in Los Angeles, DASH systems is a high tech that builds software and hardware for airdrop delivery. Airdrop delivery is essential for places where other forms of deliveries are not accessible. It is a newfangled idea that is making the world a better place to live in.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

Top civil engineering startups

Top 11 Civil Engineering Startups in USA UK

23. StormHarvester

Founder: Brian Moloney

Founded in: $3.1 M

Funding: 2017

Location: UK

Idea: Ever thought of combining two different areas of science? Well, StormHarvester did that. They combined civil infrastructures with a weather forecasting platform. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It means that the civil infrastructures take the required actions or steps to control or manage the heavy rainfall. Also, with their ‘smart’ drainage systems, you will forever bid goodbye to the traditional drainage. The ‘smart’ drainage is cost-effective, reduces pollution, and water demands.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

24. Exploration & Testing Associates

Chairman: Ken Marsh

Founded in: 2019

Funding: £200k

Location: UK

Idea: Exploration & Testing Associates engages with mainly four things.

  • Ground investigation
  • Material testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Geotechnical testing

Visit their website: WEBSITE

25. Carbon upcycling

Founder: Apoorv Sinha

Founded on: July 28, 2014

Funding: $25 k

Location: UK

Idea: Carbon upcycling is an amazingly creative company, changing the futures of the coming generations. They change the pollution of today into useful materials of tomorrow. Technically, they transform carbon dioxide into solid products that can be used in the future.

Visit their website: WEBSITE


Founders: Unknown

Founded in: 2018

Funding: Unknown

Location: UK

Idea: The working procedure of the construction industry is very hectic and daunting as well. Hence, is a platform that makes the process easier. It tracks man, machine, the material of the construction and mining industries. It is a mobile application, resulting in increasing profits and reducing the wastage in the whole procedure. 

Visit their website: WEBSITE

27.  Agora

Founders: Maria Rioumine, Ryan Gibson

Founded on: January 31, 2018

Funding: $44.6 M

Location: USA

Idea: The main moto of Agora – to bring construction industries to the 21st century. Accordingly, it collaborates the field, foreman, purchasing teams, together at one common platform, named Agora. This significantly increases the transparency and efficiency among the members of the industries.

Visit their website: WEBSITE 

28. Billd

Founders: Christopher Doyle, Jesse Weissburg

Founded in: 2018

Funding: $90 M

Location: USA

Idea: Sometimes, the subcontractors are ordered to purchase the materials without any such advance payments. That is why Billd is designed to provide advance payments to the subcontractors. This allows the industry to run smoothly. Also, Billd quotes, ‘We pay your supplier, you pay us.’ The coolest app, you see!

Visit their website: WEBSITE

29. Civalgo

Founders: Alexandre Champoux, Boris Germanov, Gabriel Croteau, Samuel Croteau

Founded on: October 10, 2017

Funding: Not disclosed

Location: USA

Idea: Production managers are the real heroes in the construction or production process. Therefore, Civalgo lets the production managers manage the entire process of production, starting from mere planning to the absolute execution and everything in-between.

Visit their website: WEBSITE 

30. Built Robotics

Founders: Andrew Liang, Noah Ready- Campbell

Founded in: 2016

Funding: $48 M

Location: USA

Idea: Among all the successful engineering startups, Built Robotics is a magical startup. As the name suggests, it builds robots but not in a conventional way! They transform a normal building into autonomous robots. It uses sensors like GPS, cameras, and other advanced software to make the conversion.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

31. Carbicrete

Founders: Chris Stern, Mehrdad Mahoutian

Founded in: 2016

Funding: $2.1 M

Location: USA

Idea: Carbicrete offers low-cost concrete to concrete manufacturers. The concretes are completely ecological, super high quality along with less cost, making them more suitable for manufacturers to purchase.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

32. Soil connect

Founders: Cliff Fetner, Daniel Fetner

Founded on: March 2018

Funding: $4 M

Location: USA

Idea: ‘Soil connect’ connects people working with soil. Didn’t get it? It simply means, it is a platform that connects the people who are either related to soil in any terms, need soil, or want to sell soil. This is the perfect OLX for people like excavators, contractors, builders, and other building professionals.

Visit their website: WEBSITE

33. Cloud cycle (Best Engineering Startups)

Founder: Phillip White

Founded on: March 4, 2019

Funding: $6.6 M

Location: UK

Like Carbicrete, the Cloud cycle equips high-quality, environment-friendly, concrete to the construction leaders of the industries. They massively help in controlling the quality of a product, further reaching the ECG targets of a company.

Wrapping Up Engineering Startups USA UK –

Building a successful engineering startup is tough. But, if you look closely, the above-listed startups succeeded due to mainly three reasons:

  • They focussed on problems and then found innovative solutions.
  • They had practical business and marketing plans.
  • They were more focused on societal welfare rather than profits. 

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