March 29, 2021

Truth Exposed – Does the Law of attraction work for love? 2022

Want to manifest a specific person in your life but doubt whether the law of attraction will work or not? Don’t worry, my experience might answer your question “does law of attraction work for love“.

But firstly, why you should listen to me?

I have been practicing Spirituality for more than 2 years now. I share the knowledge I get from SadhGuru, Gregg Braden, Awesome AJ, and many more spiritual coaches via this website.  

Trust me Law of Attraction BUT only if done in a right way!

Coming back to original question does law of attraction work for love or not.

Does law of attraction work for love 2021 usa

Let’s understand the Law of Attraction firstly. Most people think it’s just like you ask for anything and you will get it.

Well, this might be true to some extent but there are a lot of other MAIN factors to consider before asking.

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The Law of attraction says that whatever I am thinking and whatever is my dominant thought is what I am attracting for the future.

If you are in the happy frequency you will be attracting things with the same frequency and so on.

Topic – Does law of attraction work for love

Want to know the exact cycle behind this process or magic whatever you call?

Look, We have a specific belief system for anything in the world. Our beliefs give rise to thoughts in our minds. These thoughts generate corresponding feelings. Our actions get influenced by these feelings.

Our actions then define our personality. And finally, our personality becomes our personal reality.

Here’s the chain –

Beliefs -> Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions -> Personality -> Personal Reality

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This is how your beliefs turns into your reality. You become what you believe. Your beliefs are the foundations of your thoughts. Your thoughts inspires your feelings. Feelings reflects your Actions. Action shapes your personality and finally personality becomes your personal reality. Make sure to have a belief system which is good enough for your happy life. Starting with my mindset, I invite you all in this journey of Developing and Understanding technologies with a peaceful and positive mindset. As in the end, a positive mind leads to a happy life 🙂 Follow @myblindbird @myblindbird @myblindbird #myblindbird#digitallife#techy#instatechnology #ml#newtechnology #futuretech#Technologynews #buildtheweb#positivity #affirmations#kundalini #divination#manifestyourdreams #positivityonly #positivityiskey#endlesspossibilities #enlightmentnow#new

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That’s exactly how what we believe, becomes our reality. And this is why I believe the Law of Attraction works.

All the law of attraction techniques, be it visualization, scripting, 555, etc primarily focus on changing our belief system.

Just like the law of gravity, it always works. Whether we believe it or not it’s not gonna change.

Does law of attraction work for love


Manifesting a specific person is been a very popular intention for those who believe in Law of attraction. Everyone wants to spend their life with someone they love.

How it works

The Law of attraction asks you to be happy and feel gratitude in the present moment. It asks you to BELIEVE (the first step in manifesting) that you are already living your dream life. Sounds familiar with the quote “Fake it till you make it”?  

This makes you free from all the negativities, in-securities, doubts, fears, etc regarding anything

After being in this state, you automatically create the envelope of positivity around you. This attracts everyone and makes them stay in your company.

This becomes first step in attracting your dream partner.

Now you aren’t desperate for anyone and you don’t fear losing anyone. This can be very difficult but you can try Law of attraction techniques to change your belief system.

Since now you have a different belief system regarding your love life, the next step for you is to take actions for it.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube speaking about the ways to impress someone. Try whichever suits you and most importantly, don’t think you are changing yourself for someone.

Watch the video below –

You are just becoming a better version of yourself and this does no harm to you.

Stay fit, dress well, speak confidently, have no fear of rejection, keep going good in life, confess your feelings to your partner, ask her out.

Don’t worry about the outcome, just focus on your wants.

Here’s something only experience can speak. When you do all the above things, you actually start loving yourself more than any other thing in the world.

It doesn’t matter whether you will get your specific person or not, what matters is you will be super happy about your life.

You won’t need a better half to complete yourself or to bring more happiness to your life.

With this attitude the chances to make your partner love you increases exponentially. Your frequency will be higher which will surely make you irresistible for everyone.


In a nutshell, the answer to the question Does law of attraction work for love is YES!

Just ask like a child and believe like a baby that it will get manifested. Set your intentions and forget them.

Feel free to contact me in case of any queries.

I may not give the right advice but will be definitely there with you through your journey. Thank You.

Law of Attraction

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