December 21, 2021

TOP 11 Clinical Trial Management Software FREE DEMO USA UK 2022

Clinical Trial Management Software (FREE DEMO) USA UK 2022

Best & Top 11 Clinical Trial Management Software Free DEMO | 2022 USA UK | What is Clinical Trial Management Software | Explore the top software

Come on, managing and keeping a tab about all the clinical trials in today’s ceaseless evolution isn’t a duck soup. Don’t you agree?

All the recruitments, the appointments we tend to forget, the crucial things and the tasks which are not.

Yes, you need something you can rely on to boost your everyday efficiency in this complex workflow of clinical research. To help you out and to get your management running smooth, we’ve compiled the top 11 Clinical Trial Management software.

Clear out your doubts and pick the right software for your organization by comparing the pros and cons so that you find the right software tailored to your needs. Happy management!

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What is a Clinical Trial Management Software Free?

Primarily used in pharmaceuticals and biotech industries, the centralized, single, web-based enterprise resource software which supports regulates all types of clinical research studies within or across institutions is a clinical trial management system software (CTMS). It is used to manage trials in clinical research programs. An extensive range of functionality to strengthen the conduct of oncology and non-oncology clinical trials is provided by CTMS.

Which software is used in Clinical Trials?

Softwares called Clinical Trial Management System or CTMS are used in clinical trials. This is a revolutionary feat achieved that has brought technology and Life sciences together. With the help of Automation technology, it has become easier to look after the patients, study their clinical conditions and find patterns and detect any serious conditions and hence avoid them. 

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Also, this software help in regulating the clinical study management and boosts efficiency, and reduces the error factor and hence leading to more development and advancement in clinical research and studies.  Hence the growing demand.

How much does a Clinical Trial Management Software cost?

Every efficient medical practiser requires a reliable clinical trial management software system. These systems come in two types –

  • Hosted Software
  • Cloud-based Software

Hosted and Cloud-based software are priced very differently.  Because hosted software requires a weightier funds investment up-front. Cloud-based software merely requires you to sign up for a subscription and pay on a monthly or annual basis.

Cloud-based medical billing software will hence be more affordable than hosted software. The number of software providers charges by a fixed monthly fee. The basic starting cost ranges between $30-$100 per user per month for the benefit itself, excluding the set-up fees and other fees.

Higher tier pricing schemes can run as high as $200-$500 per month. For example, Kareo (one of the more prominent software providers in the industry) has its most commonly purchased plan priced at $250 per month. You can choose the pricing plan that best works your needs and funding from your provider.

Know-How to choose the Best Clinical Trial Management Software

Following are the pointers you must consider whenever choosing the best Clinical Trial Management software for your practice –

1) Integration of Staffing Details

Make sure that the software you are pining for, gives you customized service as per the skill set level you require.  Make sure you understand the staff who is supposed to use the respective software for the coming times. Then only you can pick the best user-friendly, staff-friendly system for your organization.

2) Integration with Payment Gateways

Since different site locations have their respective payment gateways, the clinical trial management software you are looking for must be efficient to accommodate all the payment taxes, splitting, ratio, and other payment features and capabilities.

3) Integration with Cloud Hosting Services

Due to the rapid increase in the accessibility of healthcare and the rising population the clinical trials generated are huge. Hence the data generated needs to be stored and studied. Since devices and data storage facilities cannot handle the amount of data that is in need to be stored; make sure that your software can integrate with the cloud services to deploy scale and use the data.

4) Mobile Adaptability

Even the clinical workforce has increased in multi-folds. Hence, it’s the age of technology going mobile for quick and easy workflow. The workforce uses assorted devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, notepads, etc, to
access clinical work and data. Hence, you need to select such software which can integrate with these digital devices across all spectrums as mentioned to make sure there’s efficient functioning and flexibility.

Top 11 Clinical Trial Management Software

Here is a detailed summary of the top 11 clinical trial management software along with their
plus and minuses and their prices.  All compiled right at this place just so that you can pick the right software and make your clinical study more effective.

#1 Halemind (Best Clinical Trial Management Software Free Demo)

One of the most innovative, cutting-edge Hospital Management Systems with connected Electronic Health Records is Halemind software.  This system assists you with insightful, useful, and committed data to free you from your day
to day manual operations to automatic.

You don’t need to constantly look for updated downloads and run them, also you can get this software on any of the devices you want to and you are also spared from the constant maintenance mess.

Pros of Clinical Trial Management Software Cons of Clinical Trial Management Software
Helps you to minimize the mess of
complicated schedules of doctors by the
use of smart calendars.
Some of the features here are repetitive,
very time consuming and at times
Effortless charting and analysis help the
administrator to function more smoothly
and efficiently.
The integration of all the features together
needs to be more proper.
Halemind presents features like E-
Prescribing, a Self-service portal and is
HIPAA Compliant.
The Compliance tracking and the user-
the friendly interface helps you move and find
data around in the database quite easily and
There’s a need for small changes and

#2 MasterControl

If you are looking for such a clinical trial management software that not only helps you regulate your operations uniformly but also accelerates them at every possible level; MasterControl is the right system for you.

This software maintains the complete life cycle of your under-trial products and assists you to achieve results accurately and fast.

The company states,

“MasterControl helps you orchestrate the management of site protocols, SOPs, and reporting
across sites to accelerate trials while improving alignment across clinical operations and
quality teams.”

Across sites provides patient study
They have to improve their customer
support because most of their staff doesn’t
help out very well.
The research process- deliverables,
milestones and taking curative actions if
required is managed smoothly.
Impressive vendor management.
Smooth transfer of information and
documents happen between CROs, donors
and patients.

#3 BioClinica Express

For experimenting with new clinical methods and coming up with corrective therapies, you need the help of BioClinica Express. Programs like drug safety programs, patient safety, and scientific medical expertise are offered, at reasonable costing with this clinical data management software. This software also supports four different languages, ie. English, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Yes, another easy to read system interface
for the end-user, along with a streamlined
process for uploading the images and the
Even after responding to the same image
query, still, the clinical trial site puts up the
same query multiple times.
Smart capability to centrally read the CT
scans by the internal radiologist for
consistency objectives.
The website to upload data and images is
good but can be more user-friendly.
Also, BioClinica Express provides good
customer service and a helpline.
The generation of reports is needed to be
more robust and up to date.

#4 OpenClinica (Best Clinical Trial Management Software Free Demo)

Fancy one of the most compressive CTMS software for your clinical trial management?
You’re at the right spot. OpenClinica is right at your service to reduce your data management efforts by providing you
with a centralized data storage system on the cloud. This very software also enables you to do your eCRFs edit checks.

Open Clinica is a supportive and quick
responsive software with leading-edge
The compatibility with browsers other than
IE is considered to be a major problem
when it comes to the flexibility of CRF
version changing and updates.
It is known to be user friendly, for both the
users and the administrators.
This program is frustrating and difficult
program at times till you get used to it.
Since the build is straightforward, powerful
eCRFs are allowed to be designed, validated
and developed easily.
The CRF is not that intuitive.
Since it provides the comfort of ease,
countless working hours are saved.

#5 Ennov CTMS

The data safety and security giving you a hard time? Here’s a top-class clinical data management software, the Ennov CTMS.

This CTMS allows the end-to-end management of clinical trials. This software lets sponsors be more efficient, to make profitable and better decisions just to ensure compliance, and to select investigators to monitor the patient recruitment-related work and also to manage finances.

This clinical trial management system provides powerful security encryption and allows safe
passage for data transmission.

The entire patient database is centralized
through the CTMS.
Does not support Chromebook, Andriod,
iPhone or iPad.
Workflow is made more cost-effective and
Does not organize webinars to introduce the
new features to the users.
Provides an intuitive software interface.For customer support, a chat facility is not
available so you can’t reach out to them
with text.
This CTMS is a completely web-based
software system.
In various fields like financial management,
tracking and reporting, this software proves

#6 RealTime-CTMS

If you are looking for leveraged, time-bound, and reliable software, RealTime-CTMS is the
software you need. This clinical trial assists with remarkable flexibility, electronic data collection ability and
CTMS, eDOCs, and PAY integrations.

With this CTMS you can Operate at top performance by using just simple navigation and
comprehensive solutions for all of your necessities like recruitment, finances, CRC activities, site management, etc.
Hence, reducing your overall workload.

RealTime CTMS effectively tracks
accounts, prices, and profitability, this way,
it helps to control invoice administration.
Some features are not at all configurable
and make things frustrating.
It also assists in running exhaustive
searches into the patients’ database to help
you make sense of the data.
Also needs an undo button to make sure that
the complete data is not deleted and the user
doesn’t need to start over again if made a mistake.
This CTMS provides a calendar feature to help you
schedule appointments and schedules for your patients.
The generation of reports is needed to be
more robust and up to date.
This software also helps in automated reporting
into the databases of finance, patient, and research.

#7 DatStat

All your important clinical data resources such as the daily diary maintenance, EPRO/ ECOA/ ECRF are brought over to a single platform and help you function smoothly with your clinical trials at every turn. 

 You just have to log in using any web browser, to get full access to the management and status of your clinical study irrespective of your location. By involving study participants in your trial directly, you can also keep a tab on their related work on a real-time basis, and get more insight quickly into the data that is most crucial to your clinical trial.

A Mobile Interface is offered by this clinical trial management software.

The delivery of patient-specific information and
data at the right time to the right
people are automated for better research.
Since a sales-driven company, the custom
projects are mostly included in the product sale.
The manual reduction in errors and the process itself
are extinguished as DatStat captures data
straight from the patients. 
Does not support old product versions/ tech
like the WebForms, WinForms ASP.NET.
DatStat CTMS is based on 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA
acquiescent cloud fora, Hence making it attainable
from anywhere in the world.

#8 Clinical Research IO

Clinical Research IO is known to save up to 32% of your operational time with the assistance of various automated clinical trial steps.  It is a feature-rich clinical trial management software. 

This CTMS integrates efficiently and saves your clinical research site’s resources like time and money in patient recruiting, financial management, stipends, scheduling, custom reporting, etc. It allows you to eliminate manual data entry by 100%, that’s pretty great, right?

The company keeps upgrading and adding features to the software and hence is a total solution and renowned.Can be a little frustrating to use till you get used to it because it is a tedious program till you get acquainted to it.
A clean user-friendly software that helps in every step of managing a clinical study.Routine and frequent updates are not that regular.
Their every module is fantastic and so well that it is considered as their strongest suit.The eConsent feature is still awaited.
The dedicated customer service and the quality enhancement is very much appreciated.

#9 Intrinsic CTMS

For experimenting with new clinical methods and coming up with corrective therapies, you.

A cloud-native clinical trial management software; Intrinsic CTMS imports all the necessary information from clinical trial systems like EDC and IRT smoothly. 

This software has been designed with the end-user in mind – hence there’s very little data entry and focus on active study management.  Cloud-based and a streamlined interface, along with the ability to manage studies at any level, and a task-oriented design, Intrinsic makes its way in a new dawn of trial management tools.

This clinical trial management software is also known to come with a highly configurable interface and swift reporting.

One of the globe’s first CTMS, Intrinsic® has inbuilt integration
of all Microsoft applications like Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, and Power BI. 
Does not support Mac, Windows, Linux,
Chromebook desktops. 
Users can handle analyses at the study, nation, or site level,
with the tiniest data entry and opportunely checklists,
dashboards, and reminders for smooth clinical trial
Training videos for the administrators is not available
Also, Intrinsic CTMS allows users to keep a tab on all
site communications, supervise issues, and store
documents. All with the help of a built-in investigator database.
The generation of reports is needed to be
more robust and up to date.

#10 IBM Clinical Development

This clinical data management system easily gathers, organizes, and analyzes your data with just one single click. 

This software easily creates a password as a protected single sign-in interface for your business. By doing so it protects your crucial clinical data. 

This clinical suite is a complete suite of customizable modules that can be cropped to the specifics of your clinical trial.

IBM Clinical development has provided businesses and companies with quick CTMS and also a protected one. 

Provides the user with impressive and easy features to manage and organise the data effectively without errors and too long working hours.
It does not have omnichannel communication.
Menus can be confusing at times till you are used to the software.
The data is kept secure in their software system as this is one of the top priorities considered during the manufacturing of this software.

Alerts and notification feature is not there, hence setting reminders is not possible.
It is easy to share information and keep a track of the database and manage it smoothly.No Mobile access is available.

#11 Dacima Clinical Suit

If you are looking to increase the reliability of your clinical trials; Dacima Clinical Suit will let you create your customized questionnaires. 

This clinical data management software helps you get complete control over your query and research management effectively.

The following are the features included in the clinical suit.

  • Randomized Clinical Trials,
  • Case-control studies
  • Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes 
  • Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment 
  • Administrative clinical databases
  • Cross-sectional studies
  • Patient and physician web surveys
  • Best Clinical Trial Management Software Free
Considered as one the excellent affordable and fully featured software systems.Does not support Operating systems like Mac, Linux, or even the Chromebook.
A one-step solution is provided for clinical data collection and management.Also doesn’t support Andriod, iPad, or iPhone.
Ease of use and control has helped the users and administrators to reduce the expected errors and reduce working hours.
Training videos aren’t provided for the users or administrators.
The eCRF design is sophisticated, easy to use and has multiple functions for any type of study.

Concluding Best Clinical Trial Management Software Free

So we have summed up what exactly is clinical trial management software and what role it plays in your organization.

We know that the life science organizations persist to forge processes necessary to drug development, the applicability of CTMS has advanced in volume. 

Hence, software developers have constantly come up with more powerful solutions of this kind to assist this growing organization.

Now that you know about its important functioning in managing your business effectively, we hope this analysis of the Top 11 Clinical Trial Management Software has helped you.  

Now you are all set to pick the right CTMS for your organization. So, what are you waiting for! With this, we conclude the topic for Best Clinical Trial Management Software Free USA UK 2022

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