March 26, 2021

What is Sound Healing – Ultimate Guide (USA – 2021)

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In sound we are born, in sound we are healed

Want to discover your true & formless nature? Try these below steps immediately after knowing What is Sound Healing and how to use it

But do you know how to use it to heal yourself?

It’s super effective and easy too.

Well, I have a solution for you.

Here’s the entire guide about what is sound healing & how this can heal us.

ultimate guide on what is sound healing

To be honest, I practiced sound healing every morning for a month and have shared my experience below.

This therapy creates a better life for you and it turns you into a better person. With proper tools and techniques, this therapy aligns your mind, body, and soul to the tune of your deepest desires

So, is it worth giving time?

Here’s the thing: There’s no scientific evidence that Sound can actually heal anything.

However, some studies suggest that it might be beneficial to general well-being.

Follow it, and trust me it really works well if done in the right way!

What is Sound Healing 2021

What is Sound Healing

what is sound healing

Many questions are likely to run through your head the moment you think about Sound Healing. But, first, what is Sound Healing?

If you are a newbie into Spirituality and not aware of the term, this article will answer some of the basic questions on Sound healing therapy.

What is sound healing? In short, it’s a practice that uses vibrations in order to relax your mind and body. Some proponents also believe it can relieve certain ailments, including anxiety and insomnia.

It uses the aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.

Also in this process you use sound healing tools to heal yourself/manifest your desires.

You select a specific sound healing instrument and generate the frequency you need to resonate with.


Sound Healing isn’t something newly discovered concept. It has it’s roots back to ancient Greece.

For many centuries it’s been used as a therapy to cure mental disorders.

Throughout history, music has been used to boost morale in the military, motivate people, and also kill evil spirits by chanting mantras.

Science And Sound Healing

Researchers and scientists have been studying sound healing & therapy for a long time.

They have also found solid evidence showing the impact of music on the brain.

A lot of research has resulted in documenting more than 400 scientific articles on music as medicines.

A study in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine found that spending an hour on sound meditation help reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.

Sound meditation can be done using various sound healing tools like crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bells, etc.

Shifts can happen in our brain states with the help of sounds. Sound facilitates this by using entrainment.

Entrainment provides a stable frequency to our brain which resonates with brainwave.

Our brain can be in 5 states mentioned below –

  • GAMMA STATE – State with intense concentration & learning
  • BETA STATE – Normal conscious state.
  • ALPHA STATE – Relax & Recharging state
  • THETA STATE – Dreaming and Recharging state
  • DELTA STATE – Deep dreamless sleep.

With the help of proper rhythm and frequency, we can shift our brain state from the beta state (conscious and engaging) to the alpha (relaxing and recharging) state, or even it can reach theta (Dreaming, meditative) state.

Sound has the capacity to lower down our brain states.

Refer the pictorial form of states in our brain below –

Sound healing brain states
Image – Alpha8origin

How Sound Heals

We all know that sound is all about vibrations. The source producing sound vibrates and this results in wave formation. These waves travel through the air to the eardrum. These are transmitted to the brain triggering a response within us.

As the waves pass through our body, it also triggers the release of hormones and affects our emotions as well.

We all have experienced that simply listening to music can boosts dopamine in our brains. This gives a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. A natural painkiller named Oxytocin is also released when we listen to music.

Waves sound healing information

Furthermore, music also has the power to trigger old memories thus affecting our overall mood/feeling/emotion.

Next thing is that music promotes emotion regulation. Since people listen to music to achieve certain goals, such as to balance the focus.

Elevate your mood just by mindful listening to the right frequencies. Get your Sacred Sound Healing System today

Health benefits of Sound Healing

This added therapy will take your everyday life to a different, next level. There a lot of pros of using Sound Healing therapy, a few are listed below:

health benefits of sound healing
  • Knowing what is sound healing and how to use it can be an opportunity to discover your true nature!
  • Sound can down-shift our brainwave state by using entrainment. It can take us from Beta to Alpha or even to Delta state.
  • We know that everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves. This makes sense that sound frequencies affect us.
  • Sound Therapy has been found to have many mental health benefits like stress reduction, feeling jolly, relaxation, etc.
  • It is known that rhythm can provide physical pain relief.
  • When we enjoy music, it impacts the pleasure center in the brain by targeting the dopamine systems. That is, how we enjoy music is a result of our human emotional brain.
  • Furthermore, listening to music involves many regions of the brain. This triggers connections and links to memories, which, later affects our overall mood.

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Can Sound Healing Help With Depression

Research says that vibrational sound healing has been a powerful accessory in treating Anxiety, sleep, pain, depression, etc to name a few.

Nowadays more and more people are trying out sound healing because of its powerful benefits.

ALl about sound healing cureing depression

A simple 30-40 minutes session of sound bath has a tremendous effect on emotional, physical, and mental states.

Sound healing can help reduce symptoms of depression. Sound with high-frequency generates more energy and this in return helps to boost vitality.

It also has the capacity to activate neurons. You must have experienced this when you listen to some motivational/energetic music.

We feel completely different after listening to motivational music

The healing sounds in animals

Can animals heal you? The healing powers in animals aren’t new anymore. There are very well-documented papers talking about their healing powers.

healing sounds in birds

Sounds made by animals & birds provide a lot of information about the environment which we can consciously access if we want to.

The sound of whales, chirping of birds, cat’s purr, etc have sound healing effects on Humans. The sound of birds (Mostly in the early morning or evening) can help to bring mental clarity.

Also, you must have experienced the peace of mind while sitting near the seashore.

Tools in Sound Healing

(PS – Please use the tools with proper research and permission from your Doctors. The article is only for information purpose)

In Sound Healing, energy healing practitioners use various devices & instruments to create different healing frequencies. These frequencies connect with our energy body (via chakras, auras, cells) and assists in balancing life force energy(prana).

There are various tools and instruments available for Sound Healing. These are made up of metal bronze aluminum and help to create an ambiance for emotional calming & healing.

Some of the tools for sound healing are mentioned below –

1) Meditation Sound bowls

Tools for Sound Healing in 2021
Tools for Sound Healing

It’s a powerful mindfulness tool and is mostly used by striking a mallet or running the mallet around the rim of the Tibetan bowl to create vibrations.

It brings a sense of connectedness to something beyond our sense.

2)Tuning Fork

Sound healing tuning fork

This restores the balance in our chakras and keeps the organs in perfect harmony. It creates Frequencies: 128Hz and 256Hz. They have super pain-relieving powers

3) Crystal singing bowls

sound healing bowls crystal singing 2021

This bowl is made from a quartz crystal whose vibrations help align us with a single chakra for the balance of specific energy. Vibrations are produced through striking or singing.

These were some of the most popular tools used in sound healing.

Now, let’s head towards using sounds and tools to boost the manifestation process.

Sound & manifestation

Have you ever tried manifesting through sound?

Manifesting with sounds is just like going into a meditation state. The difference here is, you manifest your intentions with the use of sound healing tools.

Sounds are the substance of creation. Today modern science proves that the whole existence is just vibrations.

Where there is vibration, there has to be a sound. So we are not just a vibration, we are a sound, maybe a noise!

It is said that sound is the vocabulary of nature.

The universe communicates us through the language of sound. Just like other manifesting techniques (Scripting, Visualization, water shift, etc), Sound healing can also be used to manifest our desires.

It can boost our feelings and level us up towards higher vibration.

The process is very simple. First, be crystal clear in mind with what you want(similar step as in other manifestation techniques).

And then simply be in resonance with what you want to achieve.

what are the steps for sound healing

Follow the mentioned steps –

  1. Take your Sound Healing Tool.
  2. Find a quiet place. Sit calmly and align yourself.
  3. Hold your intentions in mind while and play your sound healing tool.
  4. After sometime when you find yourself completely relaxed, let your heart expand and accept your life completely as it is. Feel immense gratitude.
  5. Imagine yourself living the dream life you desire. Feel the emotions, and live them in the current moment.
  6. Be in a state of gratitude. Feel Thanks for the life you currently have. Remove all negativities. You can play or sing in gratitude to boost your gratefulness.
  7. If possible make this a habit. You can practice this Sound healing session every morning or before bed, whichever is convenient for you.

Making this a component of your everyday routine will manifest your desires into reality. Along with this, you will also feel peace.

By staying in sync with the correct sound frequency, you can change your life.

This will create a peaceful life for you and it transforms you into a better person.

May all that you need in life come to you!

Depending upon your goals, you can use following frequencies –

aw of attraction frequency bands
Image – Apower3
  • 396 HZ – Healing with this frequency will end the pain in your life. Manifest using this and you’ll be happy.
  • 417 HZ – Want to manifest changes in your life? this frequency helps getting rid of unwanted experiences and initiate change.
  • 528 HZ – This is the frequency at which nature vibrates to repair DNA.
  • 638 HZ – If you want to become a better version of yourself, use this frequency to promote empathy and release anger.
  • 741 HZ – if you want to manifest creativity in your life, this is the right frequency for you. It will help develop your power of self-expression and creativity.
  • 852 HZ – If you are on a spiritual path, this will help you manifest a stronger spiritual state.
  • 963 HZ – This is the frequency of God. It will boost your inner child which will bring positivity and laughter to your life.

Manifesting with sounds is just like going into a meditation state. The difference here is, you’ll manifest your wantings with the use of sound healing tools.

The music accompanying the visuals adds depth to the story and persuades one to follow their dreams and heart.

What are the side effects of Sound healing

Must research isn’t carried out about the potential side effects of Sound Healing.

However, it is thought that vibrations created by the bowls may cause the movement of certain metallic components within a person’s body. But there’s no evidence yet

There’s very little risk to listening to music.


Sound is part of us — it was never discovered. It’s innate. We use it to express, celebrate, entertain, etc.

The growing craze for sound healing therapy nowadays makes it worth exploring.

Modern-day lifestyle is pretty damn stressful. If you have tried other ways to relax with no results, this might help.

Since it just about calmly listening to music, it’s quite easy to practice. (Sound helps to keep your mind occupied as well hence giving better results)

So what’s next? Close your eyes & listen to the magic that the below sound brings.

432 Hz – Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul – DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

So this was all about what is sound healing. Feel free to contacts us in case of any queries. Thank You
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