Why (2020) Facebook halted the idea of WhatsApp ads?

Does WhatsApp have ads?

You must have wondered sometimes like what can be the monetization strategy in WhatsApp and from where does this widely successful messaging app make money from, right?

A major change was going to happen in 2020 after which WhatsApp fans might have got irritated.

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Facebook planned to monetize its child company WhatsApp by showing ads. Yes! You read it right.

WhatsApp has a user base of nearly 1.5 billion. It is the most loved app all over the globe. This might be because it’s clean and ads free.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, it doesn’t show ads and people here can connect us only via our personal number.

Before coming to the main part of why Facebook halted the idea of WhatsApp ads, let’s see how and why it got started.

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It’s was official until then that WhatsApp ads will be coming in 2020. Facebook officials announced that status ads are going to come in WhatsApp this year.

They were already available for Instagram and Facebook but they are going to be launched within WhatsApp now.

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So, as you look through your WhatsApp statuses you will be seeing advertising with graphics text and a swipe up button after it’s implementation.

Judging from the images leaked from their official event, ads would take up your entire screen as you click through your friends’ statuses.

They showed how it’s going to look like and it was offensive for many users.

Facebook decided to open WhatsApp to advertisers. You can run Facebook ads from Instagram and now from Facebook into WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp Business is a very powerful tool and once these ad features get integrated with it you can have access to them.

Benefits one would have got from WhatsApp ads –

WhatsApp ads concept was great for all types of consulting business, e-commerce business, and also B2C business as well.

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Facebook has a wealth of targeting and wealth of data about each and every single person within their platform and cost per click on Facebook is much lower as compared to google.

And with these new features if you become an early adapter you will have a massive competitive advantage.

Following were the steps to run WhatsApp ads 2019 in Facebook (this feature was probably launched for iPhone users) –

  • Open the Facebook Ads page.
  • In settings, click on WhatsApp.
  • You need to connect WhatsApp to Facebook either by your personal account number or business account number. It is suggested to connect it with the business account number as Facebook will soon remove the functionality of personal numbers.
  • Fill in the details. Verify and proceed to the Facebook ads manager screen.
  • Click on create. Fill in the details like campaign name, buying type, and other details and you are ready to go.

Why Facebook halts Controversial Plan about WhatsApp Ads?

Why the heck Facebook think it’s a good idea” this was people’s reaction to this decision by Facebook. They said, “People use WhatsApp for professional contacts and Facebook for pleasure”.

If you check out twitter you will find people very angry and upset about this. Some of them said they might switch to telegram.

Whatsapp Ads 2020
WhatsApp audience after knowing about WhatsApp Ads | Tenor.com

Even The pair, founders of WhatsApp (2009), John Co hon and Brain Acton were against this and hence left Facebook after some conflicts.

They previously promised to never show ads in this application.

It’s pretty insignificant, right?

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s plans to bring ads to WhatsApp aren’t completely dead though, they’re just on pause.

Talk of integrating ads in WhatsApp was been going for over a year, with the service’s VP confirming that in October of 2018. But those plans seem to be paused, at least for now.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014. It has since been on a mission to monetize the hugely popular service.

But WhatsApp is having end-to-end encryption feature, right? So, for advertising purposes, Facebook might have to remove this feature to harvest the user’s data.

This might not be a good move as it throws questions on its security.  Probably that’s why the plan is on pause right now.  

Instead, the focus will be on monetizing WhatsApp Business and hoping to gain back some of the $19 billion paid for the messaging service back in 2014.


We can’t really blame Facebook as everybody got to find monetization strategy but anyhow people were not super happy about it. WhatsApp is an important utility for a lot of people.

This seems to be part of the maturation process of any app with such a big userbase.

People are ready to pay a few bucks for things they like but the majority of online audiences are still paying through their attention in the form of ads.

What are your views regarding this update? Are you ready to put up with these ads?  Will it improve your experience or leave you’re irritated?

Anyways these ads are going to come to your WhatsApp soon as Facebook didn’t completely drop this idea. So, get ready for Ads on WhatsApp in 2020.

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