My Blind bird Spirituality


“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”
― Joseph Murphy

Heart and mind connection 2020

The secret (2021) of heart and brain connection nobody wants to tell!

Learn to Open Your Heart and mind to the infinite wonder that exists for you in life - Steven Redhead ...
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HEART INTELLIGENCE – Harmony between Heart and Mind 2020

Heart Intelligence (Gregg Braden) – Harmony between Heart and Mind 2021

In the previous article, we read about the definition of spirituality. Also, there was a little introduction to other mystics ...
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What is Spirituality definition

Definition of Spirituality (2019-20) with the true inner meaning! (From my experience)

In our previous article, we saw a basic introduction to spirituality and the journey towards it. In this article we ...
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A journey towards spirituality

How I began my journey (2018) towards spirituality at the age of 22

I think we can all agree that having goals in life is very important, right? And the process also seems ...
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