Reliance jio fiber broadband plans

Complete List of Reliance JioFiber broadband plans

Broadband and digital services will no longer be a luxury item – a scarce commodity – to be rationed amongst the privileged few.

-Mukesh Ambani
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Know everything about Reliance Jio Fiber broadband plans. After Launching mobile broadband services throughout India in September 2016Founder Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani decided to launch a new product.

Jio began to test fiber to home service tentatively known as Jio Fiber in around August 2018. Successfully celebrated its birthday by launching it on 5th September 2019. It was also the company’s third anniversary.

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What is Jio Fiber?

  • It is technology that offer best internet experience.
  • By offering ultimate broadband experience to games, entertainment, surfing and streaming it provides superior internet experience.
  • It is also called as FTTH (Fiber to the home) technology.Unlike other fibers, it will be directly connected to your home.

What are features of reliance Jio Fiber?

It is based on Fiber Optic Technology. Hence it provides completely different internet experience by offering speed ranging from 100 Mbps-1 Gbps.

It has ultra-fast download and upload speeds which enable seamless Video conferencing, variety of camera applications, Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video services and much more.

Following are the Services provided –

1) High-Speed Internet

People now require high-speed internet for almost every task.Hence data connectivity has became a necessity. As its wireless hardware is already 4G+ it can easily be upgraded to 5G with a minimal investment.

It will provide a speed of 100 MBPS at the lowest end and as high as 1Gbps.
we can give access to wi-fi without sharing our passwords.

It will have a separate Wi-fi ID for guests. Jio Wi-fi Mesh service will allow you to stay connected to the internet being in any corner of your room.

Reliance JioFiber broadband plans
Jio Fiber Setup Box

2) Free HD Voice

HD Voice technology virtually eliminates background noise. It provides a new standard for crystal clear voice calls

This services will enable us to :

  1. Use your landline or smartphone for intercom calling within your society.
  2. Free HD voice calling service.
  3. Provide home-like rates for international calling.

3)TV Video Calling

Now you can enjoy making video calling on Smart TVs. This service will allow you to do HD TV Calling and Conferencing.

Not only in India but all over the world It will provide FREE international video calls straight from your TV.

It also has its own app, JioCall, which provide a lag-free video conference on your smartphone.

4)TV Plus

This is my favorite feature! It is India’s first-ever integrated platform that brings together Movies, TV Shows, Video on Demand and your favorite Applications.

You can use your voice commands on JioRemote to control your TV. What a great feature! It will contain the library with your favorite apps, unlimited videos, and TV shows.

It will provide the first-ever 4K experience with Jio’s 4K Setup box. You can even pause, rewind, and play your favorite show whenever you want.

5)First Day First Show

Reliance Fiber will introduce “a disruptive concept” for watching new movies at home on the release day. This service will be launched in the mid 2020, but it is worth mentioning now.

6)Security and Surveillance

A surveillance system is all about watching, maybe also listening, and usually recording. It has been used in various industries for many years.

This service provides you indoor security 24/7 with Jio,s 24/7 monitoring solution. You can now keep a watch on your babies or elderly family members.

You can always stay connected to your society from anywhere using common area cameras. With Jio’s Door Camera keep a track of all your visitors from the comfort of your room or from anywhere in the world.

It also provides access to CCTV footage on the cloud.

7) Gaming

Dive into amazing gaming experience with JioFiber. It has hella cool features for gamers.

It services India’s own multi-player online gaming platform, at par with the global gaming leaders.

It provides a zero-latency gaming experience.

Mixed-reality based gaming experience will redefine your gaming experience. Jio Set Top Box supports most gaming controllers. Use your smartphone as a gaming controller.

What are reliance jio fiber broadband plans?


The base plan starts at Rs 699/month in the welcome offer of reliance jio. Speed up to 100Mbps is available with 100GB of data.

It will also be offering 50GB extra data in case your data finishes. Hence you get a total of 150GB data.


The next plan is of Rs 849/month. Here you get up to 200GB fixed data, 100Mbps speed, and 200GB bonus data.

Gets the benefit to watch LIVE IPL 2020 STREAMING on Disney+ Hotstar.

(This benefit is included for all the plans above Rs. 849)


With a little more investment there is a plan of Rs 1,299/month, which gives up to 250GB Mbps speed and 500GB data. Extra 250GB data is also applicable.

Providing a total of 750 GB data. PS: All the prices are without GST.

Below are the three Higher Side reliance Jio Fiber broadband plans :

Reliance JioFiber broadband plans also has three higher side plans. The Rs 2,499 plan offers up to 500Mbps speed, and 1,250GB data.

An extra 250GB data is also offered, meaning you get a total of 1,500GB. The next two plans are available at Rs 3,999 and Rs 8,499 and they offer speeds up to 1Gbps.

The Rs 3,999 plan offers 2,500GB data whereas the Rs 8,499 plan offers 5,000GB data.
PLEASE NOTE – These are unlimited plans.

The extra data will be offered every month for the first six months. After the monthly FUP limit is reached, speed will be reduced down to 1Mbps.

Click here to get the complete details of their official plans.

What is the process of jio fiber registration?

You can visit here to do the registration process and choosing your plan.

After completing the registration process and if Jio Fiber service is available in your area, an installation engineer will soon visit your house to install the broadband system.

Activation is done within two hours. During the initial phase, you won’t be charged for installation.

Jio said,As part of our initial rollout we are offering complimentary JioFiber installation and connection to all our customers. Other than the refundable security deposit, as of now, there are no additional installation charges.”

You will also get a free landline for making voice calls along with the Jio Fiber connection.
Two documents will be required in this process:

  1. Any original valid proof of identification like Aadhar card
  2. Address proof like Light bill, passport, PAN card etc.


The experience totally depends on your location, what is your requirement, and what other options you have.

It might be possible that there are far better options are available in your city. The service and price to it are in an affordable range as compared to your current usage.

For eg the Jio Tv service is free but only for the highest plan and it must be of one year complete. You need a 4k TV set to have a 4K setup experience.

You get all the features for the highest plan and that cost a lot of money!

As the fiber is its initial phase, there are few problems faced by user:

Reliance JioFiber broadband plans

Negative Feedback –

1)There was a delay in installation after opting for the service. Jio gave the reason for some unavoidable technical issues. The good thing is that it has a refund policy.

2)People also faced issues with a router and other hardware. Their customer care service was also not good resulting in loss of trust for the company.

Positive Feedback –

Apart from this, the positive feedback included decent speed and connectivity for most of the part. As TV Setup box includes landline association it was appreciated by many.

The company claimed that around 15 Crore people enrolled for jio Fiber which is actually a big number.

Hoping in future Jio will improve its performance and customer satisfaction to a decent level.

Queries / Complaints

In case you have any complaint regarding JIO Fiber Setup, Signal, working issues, you can contact using below information –

  • Jio provides a contact form where you can raise your query and chat with customer care. They are available 24 x 7.
  • you can call on their helpline number – 1800-890-9999. Experts are available from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • For complaints – 198
  • For queries like data balance, validity, recharge confirmation and offers call 1991 (toll-free) from your Jio number.
  • You can refer Frequently Ask Questions from their official website to get more details.

Latest Update in Plans:

  • Cost – Rs. 351 ( After adding GST – Rs 414)
  • Speed – 10 Mbps
  • After FUP Speed – 1 Mbps
  • Data – 50 GB/Month

Jio Fiber introduces a new plan for Rs. 351 providing speed of 10Mbps. With taxes, the plan will cost the subscribers Rs 414 after adding GST.

This plan is the most affordable plan provided by the company. It is basically for those people whose internet requirement is not that high.

There are also no installation charges as compared to other plans which require to pay Rs 2500 before connection.

This plan will deliver 50GB data to its user per month. Unlimited calling will be there. The after-FUP speed in this plan would be 1 Mbps.

This is the pretty best plan provided by the company.

Free IPL 2020 Live Streaming:

Jio will Offer Free IPL 2020 Live Streaming on Selected Prepaid Mobile, Fiber Broadband Plans:

It is reported by Gadgets 360, that Reliance JIO will offer free streaming of IPL 2020 to the subscribers who have Rs. 401 and Rs. 2,599 prepaid plan. It will also be available to Jio Fiber broadband plan users.

The I.P.L 2020 Live will be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar.

The subscription to Disney+ HotStar is included in both the above plans. However, the process to access them are not out yet.

For users having SIilver plan of JIO broadband or higher plans, will get this benefits of live IPL 2020.

The report from NDTV also says that those users who haven’t subscribed to Disney+ Hotstar or not having any free access will get only 5 minutes to watch IPL 2020 Streaming.

An official announcement of the matter can be expected soon.

If you’re planning to buy any one of the plans above, here is the complete information

The Rs. 401 plan, provides following benefits –

  1. Free calling in jio network
  2. 1000 minutes free calling to other networks
  3. 90 GB data
  4. Validity 28 days
  5. 3 GB/day. And an extra 6 GB on the top of the daily limit.
  6. 100 SMS /day
  7. Access to all premium JIO apps like Jio Savaan, Jio TV, etc

The Rs. 2599 annual plan, provides following benefits –

  1. Free calling in jio network
  2. 1000 minutes free calling to other networks
  3. 90 GB data
  4. Validity 28 days
  5. 2 GB/day. For 365 days. And an additional 10 GB on the top of the daily limit. (Total of 740 GB for 12 months)
  6. 100 SMS /day
  7. Access to all premium JIO apps like Jio Savaan, Jio TV, Jio News etc
  8. Complimentary one-year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar
For those who aren’t subscriber of JIO and want to watch Live IPL 2020
Disney+ Hotstar provides two plans, Premium and VIP.
Premium Plan Details –
  • Rs. 1499/year
  • Rs 299/month plan also available
  • Access to 7 multiplex blockbuster movies, Live Sports, Hotstar special, Indian latest TV shows.
  • No Advertising.
VIP Plan details –
  • Rs. 399 / year
  • Access to 7 multiplex blockbuster movies, Live Sports, Hotstar special, Indian latest TV shows

Comment down your experience in case you have used any of the plans above! Sharing is Caring! Give your feedback about Jio Fiber so that it will help other users too.

Also If you have queries regarding this post, you can write it down in the comment section below.

Feel free to contact us!


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