December 13, 2019

Complete Guide on Google Fi Sim

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Introduction to Google Fi

Also known as “Project Fi” in its beta version, “Google Fi SIM” was launched in 2015(with an invitation from Nexus 5). It is basically a telecommunication service by Google.

It provides phone calls, SMS, and internet service to its subscribers. The Mountain View, California based company describes its services as MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

MVNO is a telecommunication system not owned or administered by any wireless network infrastructure. Google approaches mobile network providers with a business agreement to obtain access to their infrastructure.

It deals at wholesale rates, then sells at retail prices independently.

In the initial phase, it was only for Nexus. Later in 2016 google expanded it and made opened to the public. In Nov 2018, it was rebranded as “Google Fi” and was made available in other smartphones including Apple.

Google Fi guarantees good signal strength, speed, and coverage area, therefore, making us stay connected to the network. It has its special sim card and we need to install its software on cellphone.

Its service works in 170+ countries.

How it works?

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Google ties up with the top three telecom companies in any country.

Suppose there is City A where Airtel has a good coverage area and City B where Jio has a good coverage area. On moving from City A to City B you might face poor network range at any one place.

What Google Fi does is that it connects you to any network depending on good signal strength and speed, coverage area. So with one Sim card, you can still connect to other operators.

This is the basic idea of Google Fi.

Features of Google FI SIM

  1. Rich Communication System(RCS) – It is improved SMS version that supports high quality photos, geo location info, videos, group chats and more. Its similar to google version of whats app.
  2. Billed Protection – It is basically a free data provided after using a certain amount of data. Its explained below in plans section.
  3. Google Hangouts – we can use google hangouts to make calls and send messages from any device with google FI.
  4. Individual/Group plan – Individual and Group plans are available where you can either use data and pay individually or you can share data and bill with your group.
  5. Pay only for used data – If you haven’t used all the data from you plan, than the cost of unused data will be credited to you again. This is one of the best feature provided by google.

Plans of Google Fi SIM

There are two types of Plans available in Google Fi –

  1. Flexible plan
  2. Unlimited plan (new)

A) Google Fi flexible plan

It has monthly flat-free based plans. you pay 20$ at the beginning of every month, for unlimited call and messaging.

A customized data plan is available here. Its cost is 10$ for 1GB. If you want to use 2GB you need to pay 20$ and so on.

On reaching 6gb data(60$), you don’t have to pay anything for any amount of data used in that month. This is called Billed Protection.

If you end using 15 GB data in one month, your speed will slow down to 256 KBPS.

Group plan:

Here also you need to pay 20$ at the beginning of every month. It has all the features of individual plans and a few more features. Here 6 people can share the same account and billing source.

Group member chooses a manager who can handle the billing part and limit the use of data to any member. The manager can add new members charging 15$ each.

B) Google Fi SIM unlimited plan

Unlike in flexible plan where you need to pay 20$ in beginning and extra for data, here you have to pay a total 70$ in the beginning.

It provides unlimited data, calling, and text service while traveling.

This plan is quite costlier compared to the flexible plan.

To know in complete detail about this plan, you can check out their plans on the official website here.

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Google FI Plans


  • It connects to any network depending on signal strength, speed, and coverage area.
  • It saves consuming data and it connects to wi-fi hot spot using a VPN. This happens without us noticing.
  • All data traffic is encrypted for our safety.
  • It has a special sim card and software installed on our cellphone. You need to have unlocked phones and signup into google Fi online. Then google will deliver sim to you at the mentioned address.
  • It can help to reduce the number of towers in an area and reduce radiations, hence improving our health. This is one of the best benefits.
  • It’s also very useful for those who travel abroad.
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Google Fi Sim card


  • It is still not popular in many countries. The most obvious reason is the cost of this service. In the coming times, its price will cut down.
  • Its also not supported by all smartphones.
  • People have complained about plan prices not being fully convenient in case you are away from wifi networks.

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Latest Updates in SIM

Google Fi brings spam call warnings and WiFi calling to non-Pixel phones.

All the existing features along with an enhanced VPN network will be now available to support Android phones and iPhones.

Spam Call Warning-

The Spam Call Warning feature warns users if an incoming call is a spam call. Users can either receive the call or reject it.

It shows a ‘Suspected Spam’ message on the call screen. Users will also be able to “block specific numbers”.

These features are available on both, supported Android devices and i Phones.

Enhanced VPN network-

Next in line is the enhanced VPN network. Google Fi VPN feature is now available for supported non-Pixel Android phones.

This feature encrypts all of the user’s cellular traffic and Wi-Fi traffic such that their data remains secure even as they travel across networks..

Google itself cannot find out what you’re browsing as the VPN is “designed so that your traffic isn’t tied to your Google account or phone number.”

Wi-Fi calling

Lastly, Google has also rolled out the Wi-Fi calling feature for Fi users.

It allows users to make voice calls using the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots in the areas where the network isn’t strong enough to make calls or where there is no cellular connectivity.

Just like the enhanced VPN network, this feature is available only to the supported Android device users.

Wi-Fi calling on Android lets you and receive make calls even when there is no cellular coverage. This is great for places without a good signal, or to conserve data.

You need to update the app from phone settings in order to get these features.

End Note

Comment down your experience in case you have used any of the plans above! Sharing is Caring! Give your feedback about it so that it will help other users too. Also If you have queries regarding this post, you can write it down in the comment section below.

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