October 10, 2021

Best Law Of Attraction Apps For Android & iOS: Top 6 Apps 2022 UPDATED

Best law of attraction apps for Android and iOS: Top 6 apps

Know the Best Law Of Attraction Apps in 2022 with advanced features and these apps will definitely help you manifest your dream life.

In the 21st century, modernization is at its peak. People are way more stressed than before due to peer pressure, lack of opportunities, and wrong life decisions. These things make people think in a certain way which makes them dull and cold. Do you want to know which are the top 6 best law of attraction apps for both android and iOS?

But have you ever wondered why people are so anxious and annoyed by the fact that they are not enough?

My friends! It’s all about the ‘power of your will’.

Many people lack confidence and underestimate their talents, living their lives as if they deserve this misery.

Many questions are likely to run through your head the second you think about how willpower is involved in your decisions, behavior, and success.

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But do you know what the law of attraction is?

It states that ” your thoughts are responsible for the decisions you make in your life.”

For example, if you think optimistically and imagine yourself to be happy and comfortable with the things going around then you will ultimately attract new opportunities to make your desires come true in reality.

Laws of attraction help you to manifest your thoughts into reality. It’s not easy to learn such things in a day or two. Someone has rightly said that “where there’s a will there’s a way” because there are no great results without great willpower.

Nowadays, the law of attraction apps is of great use. One can manifest goals using these apps, but before shedding light on the best free apps for manifesting, let us know about the most significant and needed laws to follow.

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Prominent laws of Attraction

Here are some of the most important laws of attraction which will make you change your point of view-

Self-consciousness is always an option. It’s your choice to be aware of yourself of the present moment, prioritize the mandatorily important things. Being able to make your life by yourself is the initial stage of mastering this law.

1) The Law of Manifestation

But it works both ways, you would manifest bad and negative desires if your thoughts are filthy. So, to manifest the strongest desire you must have to focus on your willpower to grab positive thoughts and ideas.

The most important six steps to manifesting are-

  1. Visual
  2. Desire
  3. Belief
  4. Acceptance
  5. Intend
  6. Action

This law states that positive attracts positive which means we only attract the same sort of energy that we put out.

2) The Law of Magnetism

Everything that you have experienced till now in your life is an outcome of the energy you release out, we as humans, are the actual magnets in our lives. So, the Law of Magnetism explains that it’s the frequency of energy we put out that comes right back to us, like a magnet.

This is why it’s necessary to make sure the thoughts and energy that you put out in the world are the type of energy you are okay taking back to you.

3) The Law of Paradoxical Intent

The delicate balance in our speech and thoughts is a key in mastering the law of attraction. Showing gratitude and appreciation for what you already have makes you release high vibrational energy which is more specifically needed for the working of the Law of Attraction.

To live a copious life, you must have to shift your thoughts to an already living one. Place yourself in a situation that you will have and the appreciation you’ll get after the fruition of your goals and rejoice for what you have in your life right now. You will get what you want by knowing the fact that you don’t need it to be happy.

4) The Law of Unwavering Desire

There may be times when you feel like these laws are just not helping you, it is the time to revisit and figure out what exactly it is that you desire. 

We often get confused about the working of manifestation because it takes a lot more time than just one positive thought to reveal the real dreams of your life.

The Law of Unwavering Desire means that you have ethical intention, you want it. When you’re driven by pure intention, you are free of desperation, fear, and doubt you can be certain of a positive result.

I think now you have understood the need and the significance of the Laws of Attraction.

Guys! you have come along very far and your wait is over. I will not let you wait anymore so just get straight into some of the best free law of attraction apps for Android and iOS.

Note:- All the apps mentioned below are free which is all you need.

Here is a list of the top 6 law of attraction apps for Android and iOS:

1) ThinkUp Positive Affirmation App (Best Law Of Attraction Apps)

ThinkUp Positive Affirmation App (Best Law Of Attraction Apps)

Affirmations are a paramount tool to change old narrow-minded beliefs or to replenish new empowering beliefs that will help you to improve in every positive way.

ThinkUp Positive Affirmation App is very easy to use with your daily chores.  You just have to record about 10-15 affirmations and then play them in a random loop while doing your daily stuff like driving, housework, or going to the gym.

This app contains more than 300 affirmations in 10 different life categories. With this app you can:

  • Record numerous affirmations in your own voice.
  • You can opt for a professionally crafted list of affirmations and can use them as inspiration for your own.
  • You can add background music to make your affirmation feel more uplifting.
  • You can also check-up with your daily practice with their Mindful Minutes metrics.

2) Hay House NOW App

Hay House NOW App

Hay House NOW app is great if you are a keen listener. The app provides you with 5 free audios including Abraham-Hicks – Ask and It Is Given. Wayne Dyer – Change your thoughts, change your life, and many more audios that are worth listening to.

If you like the audios you can just subscribe to the Hay House app and can listen to ALL their audiobooks, videos, lectures, and courses for just $10/month.

Considering other audiobooks, they don’t even provide the free trial of 5 audios and on average, they charge $20-$40.

This app includes the lecture, audios, and videos from all the top metaphysical authors including-

  • Jerry and Ester hicks,
  • Wayne Dyer,
  • Joe Dispenza,
  • Sonia Choquette and many more.

3) Law of Attraction Library

Law of Attraction Library best loa apps

Law of Attraction Library is among the best free law of attraction apps. This app is 100% FREE. It has more than 50 law of attraction books.

Basically including the following books:-

  • The Science Of Getting Rich
  • As A Man Thinketh
  • The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
  • Your Word Is Your Wand
  • The Game Of Life And How To Play It
  • Best Law Of Attraction Apps.

And many more classic and free audios books.

The only drawback of this app is you will have to watch an ad for like 10 seconds or something before you read a book or listen to any audiobook, but I think that’s pretty fair compared to other law of attraction apps since it is free.

4) Simple Habit App (Another Best Law Of Attraction Apps)

Simple Habit App best law of attraction apps

The Simple habit app is a meditation app that offers a basic wheel of audio-guided five-minute meditations for different scenarios, like having a tough day, for a good night’s sleep, etc. There are other specifications also like a fuller library of amazing content-  divided into topics like stress, kindness, personal growth, relationships, and work. This app has a great law of attraction software that enhances its performance and is easy to use.

The Simple habit app has approximately 10,000 users at this stage. It is featured by Apple on the App Store this month. Its beta version has some great updates with a guided meditation on your smartphone — e.g. Calm, Headspace, and Pause to name just three.

5) Podcasts


This isn’t an app but you can listen to some great Laws of Attraction podcasts on Android and iOS.

  • The Mind Your Business Podcast
  • Law of Attraction Talk Radio
  • Journey to Manifesting with Sarah Prout
  • Flowdreaming for Meditation and Manifesting
  • The Manifesting Mum
  • Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast
  • Law of Attraction Recon with the Good Vibe Coach
  • Law of Attraction Secrets.

And there are plentiful podcasts out there that you can listen to.

One of the greatest merits of podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime you want.

If listening to podcasts fills your mind with positive thoughts then you will have naturally mastered the law of attraction to manifest your desires.

One tip could help transform your life.

6) Law of Attraction Toolbox App

Law of Attraction Toolbox App is one of the best free apps for manifesting. You can practice it anytime you want and can easily take it with you.

It has the best law of attraction software since it has numerous engaging games, tools, and exercises to help increase your vibration and attract the things that you want to manifest.

Games included in the app are:

  • The Magic – Daily Gratitude
  • Feel As If Game
  • The Magic – Daily Gratitude
  • Receive & Spend Game
  • Thank You Journal Game
  • Focus Wheel
  • Appreciation Game
  • List of Positive Aspects
  • Rampages of Appreciation
  • Daily Wants List

A lot of these games are based on the disciples of Abraham-Hicks and The Secret.

It is rightly said by Abraham-Hicks that,

17 seconds of pure thought will ignite the manifestation process and at 68 seconds you will have fully activated the law of attraction to bring about your desire.

 Have you ever tried the 68 seconds trick?

Concluding The Best law Of Attraction Apps

People need to understand the significance of their thoughts in day-to-day life. Bad thoughts allow us to do bad things and make wrong decisions in every situation. The above-mentioned apps will surely help you to create a positive environment and radiate positive energy.

By using any of these apps you will surely see the results in a month or two. Some signs which let you check the working of these laws are – Enhanced intuition, Better sleep, deeper dreams, and Increased synchronicity.

Hope you find this helpful and are satisfied with the apps mentioned above. This concludes the topic of the best law of attraction apps.

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